Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon - October 2016

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon 2016 Album Cover

This was our fourth year in the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon and we blew the top off our goal! We had 13 participants signed up, and of that, nine were actively raising funds. Online $15,240 added to $2,945 direct made a grand total of $18,185! Wow!

Always doing her best to get her friends to sponsor until the magical $6000 is reached, Carol may have stooped to new lows by going dressed as ‘Captain Crapper’. The butt end of many jokes and comments, it didn’t matter one bit--the whole motive was ‘to get our name noticed’ ... and it worked!

Absolutely all of the funds raised go to maintaining our food programme (125 students right now) and to pay the wages of our three DSDO-hired educators. Without this event, we wouldn’t be able to proceed with either vital initiative.

Marty (of Busch Systems) and Jenny took on the marathon; Giovanna, Danielle, Valerie and Rebecca were signed up for the half. The rest participated in the 5 k event. We were pleased that a couple of our most recent outreach volunteer teachers, Ziya and Craig, joined us. Carol and Linda enjoyed their time with Michele (4th year) and Sonya (2nd year). Krista, was unable to attend, but she had trained and raised funds for us.

We are very grateful to all of our participants and each and every person who sponsored someone! STWM 2016 was a huge success!

Our top fundraisers were:

  • Carol Sheardown: $6250
  • Marty Pepper: $2500
  • Ziya Shah: $2395
  • Linda Kordze: $1100
  • Giovanna Panzera: $750
  • Craig Moore: $740
  • Sonya McFarlane: $645
  • Michele Ernst: $445
  • Krista Scaldwell: $100

Barrie Dragon Boat Festival - August 2016

Busch Buccaneers Team 2016

The Barrie Dragon Boat Festival was held on August 27, 2016 and for the fourth year running, the Busch Buccaneers have chosen to support us in their fundraising efforts! They are a force to be reckoned with on the water and came home with the Moore Packaging Corporate Challenge Cup.

Thanks to Busch Systems International, Sal , Elaine , Joe , and Mike for raising $1175 to go towards water projects this year!

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon - October 2015

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon 2015 Album Cover

We were 'Raising Awareness' in our third year participating in this wonderful event and with 11 mighty fundraising participants, we raised a whopping $15,872!!! The funds are used for maintaining our food programme and for paying the wages of the four librarian/educators we've hired this year.

Carol was dressed as a toilet, and the jokes were flowing--ANYTHING to get some attention for DSDO. (One of these years, we're going to win the costume prize.) Just like last year, it was great for the three directors to get to do this event together.

With threats of snow, it was a cold morning, but 8 people did the 5 km and 3 took on the full marathon! A big shout out to Marty, Jenny and Carl of Busch Systems for their fundraising and commitment to training for the full marathon. This is the third year that the 3 of them have joined us at the STWM.

We thank Pat, Sonya, Lucy and Ken for joining us for their first time this year and for their determination to help us meet our goal. A big thank you again to Michele, who, in her third year with us, celebrated her birthday by walking 5k beside a toilet!

We're grateful to all of our friends and family for helping us beat our 2015 goal!!!

Our top fundraisers were:

  • Carol Sheardown
  • Pat O'Connell
  • Andrew Sanderson
  • Linda Kordze
  • Sonya MacFarlaneMarty & Jenny Pepper
  • Lucy Troisi
  • Carl Wright
  • Ken Glance
  • Michele Ernst

Barrie Dragon Boat Festival - August 2015

Barrie Dragon Boat Festival 2015 Album Cover

On August 22, 2015, Busch Systems and friends took part in the Barrie Dragon Boat Festival and totally rocked the waters! They placed second out of all the teams entered and picked up a couple of prizes.

We'd like to thank Busch Systems, Elaine and coach Ian for raising $2875 that is being used for our latest water projects. We have purchased equipment to have on hand for when repairs are needed at our boreholes, water tower and reverse osmosis unit.

We are very grateful to Busch Systems for their support for three years in a row!

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon - October 2014

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon 2014 Album Cover

It was chilly but sunny. In our second year participating, we had 17 enthusiastic supporters registered to run, and together we raised a fantastic $11,367 to go toward our food programme!

Just like last year, Carol and Andrew got dressed up, this time as water fairies, to draw attention to DSDO. It was extra special to have Linda participating with us--we had fun doing the 5 k with Michele and Nikki.

A huge thanks to one of our original teacher volunteers, Giovanna, who gave her Summer of 2010 to teach at Dekpor and help set up the library. She raised $705 and ran the half. Thank you, Giovanna!

A big congratulations to Carl Wright who despite all odds, ran his very first marathon with an injured ankle! Read his blog; the full story is inspiring.

Busch Systems, lead by wonderful team captain Marty Pepper, had 12 runners and together they raised $3264.10! We love having the support of Busch Systems!

Our top fundraisers were:

  • Carol Sheardown
  • Andrew Sanderson
  • Linda Kordze
  • Giovanna Panzera
  • Michele Ernst
  • Carl Wright
  • Brooke Squires
  • Steph Doupe
  • Marty Pepper
  • Jenny Pepper
  • Mandy Bortolussi

Barrie Dragon Boat Festival - August 2014

Barrie Dragon Boat Festival 2014 Album Cover

On August 23rd, 2014, Busch Systems and BDO, two wonderful Barrie companies, competed in the Barrie Dragon Boat Festival and raised funds for DSDO.

A grand total of $5714.10 was raised to go toward our borehole project.

We are so grateful that while having fun ON the water, these companies are helping PROVIDE water! Thanks especially to the crew captains, Shannon Taylor and Deanna Lancaster.

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon - October 2013

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon 2013 Album Cover

We decided to try something new! In our first year participating in the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, we had 18 people join our team and raise money to help fund our food programme and pay for our sponsored teachers. We managed to raise a whopping $15,671!!!

Barrie Dragon Boat Festival - August 2013

Barrie Dragon Boat Festival 2013 Album Cover

August 2013 saw Busch Systems, BDO and Barriston Law, three wonderful Barrie companies, taking part in the Barrie Dragon Boat Festival and raising funds for DSDO.

They took part in a friendly competition both on the water for final times and in the fundraising.

A grand total of $9325.50 was raised to go toward our water initiatives which include our two filtered water stations, the Busch/BDO/Barriston Water Reservoir, and some left over to go towards a borehole for the village!

May 2010 Fundraiser

May 2010 Fundraiser Album Cover

In May of 2010, our first group of eight teacher volunteers to Dekpor organized a fundraiser in Toronto. Linda's Ghanaian drumming group provided entertainment, and there were draws, a silent auction with wonderful items, and the opportunity to buy books for the Dekpor library.

A big thanks to everyone who made the evening such a success!