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We work in Dekpor, Ghana where all residents live below the poverty level and face a daily struggle to survive.

Our Areas of Focus:

  • Education
  • Water
  • Nutrition
  • Health care
  • Sanitation
  • Sponsorships (children and educators)

One of our directors lives in Dekpor—we are able to work with the residents of Dekpor to best service their needs. Our overhead is minimal (our only expenses are maintaining our domain status, annual financial statements, and foreign exchange costs), so your donation goes exactly where you allocate it! We are volunteers who work hard to make the most of every dollar donated.

Dekpor School Development Organisation is a registered Canadian charity and recognized NGO in Ghana. (Since 2011)

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Read the Samaritan Magazine article Two Toronto School Teachers Take On A Village.

Aurora Rotary Club helps rural village in Ghana

We're making a difference!

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Latest News

February 21, 2017Linda and Abraham welcome Conny and Edi Schmickl for their annual visit, and this time they brought their friends Ulrike and Andreas!
Andreas and Ulrike get a drumming lesson from Patrick
Andreas and Ulrike get a drumming lesson from Patrick
Conny and Edi present us with a cheque for 2000 euros, from Austrian friends
Conny and Edi present us with a cheque for 2000 euros, from Austrian friends
February 15, 2017All of the blocks have been laid for our latest water reservoir!
Reservoir blocks laid
Reservoir blocks laid
February 13, 2017More bicycles and clothing were distributed today.
February 10, 2017The next 50 women received a farming tool and we are so grateful to the 17 donors who made this possible! We've now been able to help 102 women!
Now 102 women have farming tools!
Now 102 women have farming tools!
February 7, 2017Digging at the reservoir site continues.
February 2, 2017Thanks to Kim Nelson honouring Grace, Claire, Patricia and Evelyn, the staff and students enjoyed a school luncheon.
So happy to have a special lunch!
So happy to have a special lunch!
January 28, 2017Farming Tools were distributed to the first 42 of 102 women.
Farming tools.
Farming tools.
January 25, 2017Thanks to the Rotary District 7010 Conference for pairing up with Kids Against Hunger Canada -- we received 24 boxes of food! 144 students received 6 bags each! See our Feeding Hungry Students Album.
Kids excited to have food!
Excited to have food!
January 25, 2017The construction of our 5th and final rain harvesting system has begun thanks to Busch Systems of Barrie!
Digging the hole for the reservoir.
Digging the hole for the reservoir.
January 22, 2017Bikes from Ontario are making a big difference in Dekpor. Eleven more just arrived!
January 10, 2017Study hall is a huge success!
January 7, 2017The grand opening of the Dekpor Dome water tower and stand pipes!
Linda at Grand Opening!
Linda at Grand Opening!
January 4, 2017Thanks to Busch Systems, we now have teacher furniture for our new block of classrooms! 6 new desks, 6 chairs, and 6 cabinets!
New furniture
Thanks to Busch Systems for the new furniture!
December 31, 2016Check out all of our 2016 Accomplishments!
December 21, 2016Students in Dekpor are on vacation from school, and so have helped put in some time doing community service--things like digging, cleaning out gutters, weeding, etc.
Students helping with community service
Students helping with community service.
December 17, 2016Carol and Phil Sawula take the second load of Ghana Gift Bags to James the shipper. That's the last 416 GGBs and many extra teaching and student supplies that will be on their way shortly! Thanks to managers: Rita Forte and friends (100), Heather Lanning and Windfields Junior High School (60), Moraine Hills P.S. (40), Karen Burke and friends (35), Meher Panthaky and friends (60), Denise Bilodeau and friends (15), Louise Dyer and friends (9), Lydia Ridd and friends (19), Carol (12), Gillian Anderson (10), Debbie Halinaty (5), Tanya Spasic and Church Street P.S. (20), Mapleview Heights P.S. lead by Linda Motta (31). We are so grateful to the hundreds of people who have made this initiative such a success! (Ghana Gift Bag album coming soon.)
December 3, 2016The first load of 370 Ghana Gift Bags are delivered to the shipper by Carol and Phil Sawula! A huge thanks to managers: Darlene Cann (120), Minesing Central P.S. lead by Danielle Naccarato (100), Highview Public School lead by Kim Nelson (60), Donna Jamieson (21), Susan Anderson (18), Valerie Anderson Bartlett (9), Lydia Ridd and friends (10), Tine Muir and friends (26), Wendy Emerson (4), Rita Goverde, Kate Lemaire, and Tracey Pamenter Martin for their participation in this great initiative!
Carol's garage
Carol's garage.
Phil Sawula helps with transportation!
Phil Sawula helps with transportation!
Ghana Gift Bags
Ghana Gift Bags
November 28, 2016The polytank is hoisted up to the top of the Dome water tower! See Water Distribution Pipes Phase 2 album.
November 21, 2016After weeks of the cement curing, the forms were taken off the Dome water's built! The people of Dekpor are so excited!
Framing taken off the water tower in Dome
Framing taken off the water tower in Dome.
November 20, 2016We are very grateful to EcoSmart for donating 408 nontoxic, refillable dry erase markers and refill ink!
EcoSmart Logo
November 18, 2016In anticipation of future funds, we have put in foundations for 4 of 6 kindergarten/nursery school classrooms. Students will be moving sand over the next couple of weeks for the support/floors.
Students help with kindergarten foundations
Students help with kindergarten foundations.
November 11, 2016A huge thank you to Sigma Promotions! Twice now, they have donated a van FULL to the ceiling of wonderful new items for our Ghana Gift Bags -- padfolios; notebooks; baseball caps; t-shirts; travel mugs; pens; water bottles; and the list goes on. We are so grateful for their generosity!
Sigma Promotions Logo
Crew at Sigma Promotions

The Crew at Sigma Promotions:

Kristen, Nikki, Amanda, Lisa, Sami, Evan

November 11, 2016AYSC does it again! More backpacks, soccer clothes including brand new track suits and shorts! Bill and Sandy, we thank you for always thinking of us and sharing our wish to help others!
Sandy and Bill
Sandy and Bill
November 3, 2016Thanks to Susan and Tony Anderson, we were able to do some much needed upgrading to the government-built block of classrooms. Design blocks and security bars were installed in the windows and all of the rooms were painted inside and out!
Design blocks going in.
Design blocks going in.
November 2, 2016Thanks to Dr. Najwa Shasha of Smiles Dental Aurora for the donation of 576 toothbrushes! They will be used in the Ghana Gift Bags!
Carol with Dr. Shasha
Carol with Dr. Shasha
November 1, 2016So many people have helped us by donating new baseball caps for our Ghana Gift Bags! The list is extensive...the following are those who gave 10 or more: Peter and Gisela Guissi (57); Jim Sheardown (31); Bren and Grace Marsh (22); and Sharon Quyn (10). See our Facebook page for all donors.
October 31, 2016Linda was able to return to Ghana with several laptops, thanks to the following people: Tracey and Trevor Martin (3), Tine and Dave Muir (2), David Nguyen (1), Justin Sharpe and Dori Tarjan (2), Susan Heagy (1), and Kirsten Wright (1).
October 29, 2016Another 2 loads go to our shipper! This time it’s 5 bicycles, 1 bag of soccer balls, eyeglasses and shoes, and 24 boxes of Kids Against Hunger food. Thanks again to Mike Selva for picking it up in Rosseau and delivering to North York!
Mike Selva
Mike Selva is a great guy!
October 28, 2016We are so grateful that the Rotary District 7010 Conference chose us as the recipients of 24 boxes of Kids Against Hunger food! Thanks also to Mike Selva for providing transportation.
Rotary District 7010 Logo
October 20, 2016A huge thanks to Spoke O'Motion for getting 8 bicycles fixed up and ready for use in Dekpor! Myles Cullen, Steve, and the rest of the crew, you rock!
Spoke O'Motion logo
October 16, 2016The Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon is our one big fundraiser. We raised $15,160 online and $2,945 offline for a grand total of $18,105. The funds are used for 2 things:
  • to pay the wages of our three DSDO-hired educators
  • to maintain our food programme for the school year
Thanks to everyone who participated or donated!
Ziya, Craig, Linda, Michele, Carol, and Sonya
Ziya, Craig, Linda, Michele, Carol, and Sonya
October 15, 2016Carol and Andrew took a trip to the shipper with 11 bikes, a shipping bag of soccer balls and eye glasses, and a container of medical supplies. Seven barrels were brought back to Aurora to be used for shipping Ghana Gift Bags.
October 2016We've had several companies help with our collection of drawstring bags for our Ghana Gift Bag project. We'd like to thank the following:
  • Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon (308)
  • 4imprint (228)
  • A & M Custom Printing (200)
  • Sara (65)
  • Judy McLeod (15)
  • Canuck Stuff (12)
  • Barb Bulloch (12)
  • many other smaller donations!
Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon logo
4Imprint logo
A&M Custom Printing logo
September & October 2016We've had an amazing number of bicycle donations! Thanks to:
  • the Dorie family (4 bicycles)
  • Gerard Baribeau (1)
  • Donna Tinker and Dom Molinaro (1)
  • Ruth White (1)
  • Tiffany Wilson (1)
  • Rick Harris (1)
  • Susan, Gillian, and Tony Anderson (2)
  • Michele and Nikki Ernst (1)
  • the Muir family (2)
  • the Barber family (2) with Joanne and Pete
September 30, 2016WOW, WOW, WOW!!! Today the commissioning was held for our 6 completed classrooms. The headmaster, teachers, and students are absolutely thrilled! Susan and Tony Anderson, you have given a gift like no other!
Six new classrooms!
Six new classrooms!
September 22 & 23, 2016More National Health Insurance renewals have been done! Thanks to Busch Systems for saving lives!
September 16, 2016Thanks to Janice and John Lennie, we've given a boost to our Hen project! This is eggsciting!
Hens galore!
Hens galore!
September 3, 2016The students' toilets at the school have had the pits all cleaned out, just in time for the new school year.
August 31, 2016Thanks to Ledgir House Ltd., we installed security systems in our library and computer lab. We want to keep our valuables safe!
August 27, 2016The Busch Buccaneers paddled for us at the Barrie Dragon Boat Festival and raised $1175 this year! As always, the funds raised go toward our water-related initiatives!
August 26, 2016Thanks to Richmond Rose Public School, Aurora Preparatory Academy, and Brigitte Baumgartner, we have a rain harvesting system utilizing the library roof!
August 22, 2016Carol was off to the baler and shipper with Ann and Ben Barber. This time 5 bags of soccer balls, 2 bags of shoes, 2 bales of clothing and a wheel chair were sent on their way!
Ann and Ben help with the transportation
Ann and Ben help with the transportation
August 21, 2016We are so proud of Janet and Mawuenyo who graduated from their three-year seamstress apprenticeship!
Janet and Mawuenyo
Janet and Mawuenyo
August 18, 2016Our 6 outreach teachers from Toronto bid farewell to Dekpor. Their impact was huge! Our thanks to Tom and Linda, Alvarine, Alan, Ziya, and Craig!
August 17, 2016A sad day for Dekpor. There was a robbery at our computer lab. 5 laptops were stolen, 18 taken and dropped in the woods with several of those being broken beyond repair. We know our followers will help us rally to replace the laptops!
August 16, 2016Carol was welcomed as the guest speaker at the Rotary Club of Scarborough today. The president, Gerard Baribeau even donated a bike!
Harley, Gerard and a bike for Dekpor
Harley, Gerard
and a bike for Dekpor
Gerard Baribeau and Carol Sheardown
Gerard Baribeau
and Carol Sheardown
August 11, 2016We are beyond excited to announce that two generous donors are financing the Water Distribution Pipes, Phase 2. Pipes will run from our boreholes in Yia throughout Dekpor Yia, Dekpor Dome and Dekpor Horme! A dream come true!
August 10, 2016Our outreach volunteers held a workshop for parents and a remarkable 125 people show up! It was a highly successful evening!
Parents listening
Parents listening
Parents were eager to learn!
Parents were eager to learn!
August 7, 2016Pavilions 2 & 3 are complete! A big thanks to our shy donor!
August 4, 2016We are overwhelmed by our single largest donation ever, thanks to Susan and Tony! Three new classrooms will be built from scratch, the three pavilions will be completed to classroom level, design block windows will be installed in the whole primary block of classrooms as well as repainting all of the classrooms inside and out, and the students' toilets will have the chamber pits emptied and the cubicles repainted also. WOW! Stay tuned for the albums.
August 2, 2016A workshop was held for all the students with bicycles. Thanks to Tom Edwards, one of our outreach volunteers, and Kwamegah!
August 1, 2016Our Toronto outreach volunteers have jumped right in and started teaching today! Thank you to Alvarine, Alan, Craig, Linda, Tom, and Ziya who will spend their next three weeks volunteering at Dekpor Basic School!
Toronto outreach volunteers
Back Row: Linda, Tom, Abraham, Alan, Craig;
Front Row: Ziya, Alvarine

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