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About Dekpor

Ghana, a country in West Africa with a population of almost 30 million, is proud of its reputation as the most peaceful country in Africa. Formerly known as the Gold Coast, Ghana was colonized by the British. Ghana achieved independence over 60 years ago, but maintains close ties with Great Britain, other European countries, and China.

The Volta Region, part of German Togoland until World War I, is in the eastern part of the country, bordering on Togo. It is divided from the Greater Accra Region by the Volta River.

This area is primarily inhabited by people of the Ewe tribe. This tribe traces its roots from Nigeria, through Benin and Togo where many Ewe still reside. The tribe has a proud history of maintaining its cultural roots through its traditional dancing, drumming and drama.

Dekpor is a small area consisting of three interconnecting villages: Dekpor Horme, Dekpor Dome and Dekpor Yia. It is governed by councils of elders, their chiefs (torgbi) and queen mothers. The local economy is based on growing rice, maize and cassava as the principal crops, as most of the residents are subsistence farmers. The people of Dekpor and the surrounding Volta Region live well below the poverty line.

Our Crew


Linda Chow Kordze
Linda Chow Kordze
Abraham Kordze
Abraham Kordze
Carol Sheardown
Carol Sheardown
Andrew Sanderson
Andrew Sanderson

Linda Chow Kordze is the founder of Dekpor School Development Organisation and it is her vision that has lead the growth and development of DSDO. Linda coordinates the efforts between the countries, is the liaison with Ghanaian government officials (such as the Director of Education, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Social Welfare), hosts the volunteer teachers, and facilitates the sponsorship programme.

Born and raised in downtown Toronto, Linda graduated from Riverdale Collegiate and the University of Toronto. She retired after more than 25 years of teaching elementary school.  The last nine years were spent teaching music in the Toronto District School Board, and it was during this time that Linda developed an interest in Ghanaian music.

She is the author of Kpanlogo Songs of Ghana. Linda's two daughters are very supportive of this project and have both been to Dekpor.  Linda is currently living in Ghana.

More on Linda’s story in Ghana.

Abraham Kordze, together with his wife, Linda, runs the Ghana side of Dekpor School Development Organisation. They make a formidable team! Abraham is the head of the huge Kordze family which originated in Dekpor Yia. His extensive knowledge of Ghanaian history, local rituals, and customs is a huge asset. He is an acknowledged leader with an amiable manner, whose tireless negotiations help DSDO attain the best possible prices and deals. His interpreting skills are vital to ensuring Linda can communicate with others. Abraham speaks nine Ghanaian languages as well as fluent English! He undertakes countless hours of driving to purchase goods, attend meetings, and keep our business affairs running smoothly.

Born in Accra, Ghana’s capital, Abraham holds a certificate in Travel and Tourism, is an accomplished cultural drummer and performer, and has years of experience as a dealer in local handicrafts, musical instruments, and antique carvings. He is dedicated to making profound improvements in the village.

Carol Sheardown runs the Canada side of Dekpor School Development Organisation. Carol was instrumental in starting the charity in 2009, and, with Andrew Sanderson in 2010, submitted a successful application which granted charitable status to DSDO. Her daily duties include operations, communication, administration, marketing, fundraising, recruiting and managing volunteers, collecting and preparing items for shipping, and any other job that requires her boundless energy.

Carol's enthusiasm and passion create opportunities for others to get involved. Whether it's speaking to groups about DSDO or sorting hundreds of donated running shoes, she jumps right in to lead by example. Making meaningful connections and communicating with integrity are of paramount importance to Carol. Extraordinarily dedicated to the cause, she fully realises that her time committed and volunteered in Ontario directly impacts what can be achieved in Dekpor - a fact that is simultaneously daunting and exhilarating!

With a BA from the University of Toronto, and B.Ed. from York University, Carol is currently an educator with the York Region District School Board. Carol was previously employed by both the TDSB and The Metropolitan Toronto School Board. Prior to obtaining her B.Ed., she worked in both the marketing and corporate finance departments for a large developer in Toronto.

Carol's Back Story

Andrew Sanderson is a Chartered Accountant and a retired partner of Morley, Sanderson, Millard & Foster PC. His involvement with DSDO started late 2010 when Linda and Carol came to inquire about auditing services. His interest was immediate! Andrew worked with Carol to have DSDO registered as a charity, serves as one of the Canadian Directors, and kept the financial records from 2011 - 2017.

Andrew is currently active in management consulting positions for several small businesses. He graduated from York University in 1974, obtained his Chartered Accountant designation in 1980, and became a partner of MSM+F in 1982. Andrew served four years on the Practice Inspection Committee of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario. He has extensive experience in financial planning and management of owner managed businesses.

The Rest of Our Team

Bill Dagg
Bill Dagg
Glen Eplett
Glen Eplett

Bill Dagg has been the DSDO webmaster since January 2011. In this role, he looks after all website content updates and, when time permits, works on site design improvements in collaboration with Carol. He is a professional software developer and specializes in web development and user experience (UX) (with an emphasis on usability). His professional software development career spans more than 30 years.

Bill is married to Linda's daughter, Jessica. They were married in Accra in February 2010 and visited Dekpor at that time (Jessica had been there previously as a nursing student). They live in Vancouver with their two young daughters. Bill also has a son from a previous marriage -- also in Vancouver.

When not doing software development, Bill spends as much time as he can in the outdoors. Both he and Jessica are trail ultra-marathon runners, peak baggers, and general outdoors enthusiasts. Bill is also an avid genealogist.

Glen Eplett came on board at the beginning of 2018 when Carol put out the call for a bookkeeper/accountant. He had been following our work via social media and was impressed with all that DSDO accomplishes. It seemed a perfect fit to volunteer his skills to contribute to such a worthy cause.

Glen achieved his CGA designation in 2001. With over 30 years of financial experience, he has worked in a variety of industries from package manufacturing to software development, to his current role with a large Canadian media company.

When not pounding numbers, you may find Glen sweeping stones as he enjoys a good game of curling in his spare time.

Our Mission

To support Dekpor Basic School's students, teachers and community through providing a food programme; sponsoring individual students and educators; improving water, sanitation and health resources; funding building and maintenance of school structures; providing educational supplies and materials; and supporting other projects that benefit Dekpor residents.