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Thank you for considering a donation!

We are a registered Canadian charity (81867 3006 RR0001).

Donations of $25 or more will receive a Canadian tax receipt.

Payment Mehtods

E-Transfer (Preferred — Canada only)

If you're in Canada, you can pay by electronic (email) transfer. This is the preferred method of payment as it means that DSDO gets 100% of the funds donated. Please send your funds to the following email address using your bank's e-transfer feature:

Please be sure to indicate your email and mailing address in the e-transfer comments or a separate email so that we can send you your tax receipt!

PayPal or Credit Card (Outside Canada)

To pay with PayPal or credit card, please select the "PayPal" button and follow the instructions presented.

There are several areas needing your support.

Any dollar amount can be designated toward the area of your choosing.

Tribute Gifting

What is a tribute gift? It is a donation made in order to honor or remember someone. You can make a tribute gift for a special occasion for any of the following, and we will prepare a personalised eCard for you to send to the recipient:

  • special occasions
  • in memoriam
  • birthday
  • thank you
  • wedding
  • graduation
  • retirement
  • anniversary
  • Christmas, Hanukah, Easter, etc.

It's a way of giving a gift that puts smiles on faces around the globe. See our Tribute Gifting examples.

Recognizing someone through a gift in honour is a thoughtful way to celebrate the milestones in someone's life, while making a difference to students at Dekpor Basic School in Ghana.

Food Programme

This is our greatest priority. The vast majority of Dekpor students are undernourished and go to school without breakfast and sometimes without any lunch either. Malnutrition is the leading cause of death in children in Dekpor, and not having proper nourishment leaves children highly susceptible to illness. Extreme hunger often causes school absence and certainly affects the ability to concentrate and learn effectively.

YOU can ensure that a Dekpor child receives a nutritious breakfast and lunch that include protein.

When a child is put on our food programme, we also cover the fees so they can attend 'summer' vacation school and pay for any emergency medical needs.

To provide breakfast and lunch to a child for a year: $165/child

Waiting for breakfast.
Waiting for breakfast

Educational Assistant Sponsorships

Dekpor Basic school currently has 22 classrooms, and the only computer lab and the only library in the region. We've worked very hard since 2010 to repair, construct, renovate, and maintain all of the buildings on campus. DSDO has been covering the wages of the librarians since the library was built. These same dedicated individuals also oversee study hall in the evenings. In addition, we have tutors who help some of our students with special needs. We would love to provide some classroom assistants, especially in the kindergarten classrooms where the enrollment is particularly high.

Schools in Ghana are seriously underfunded, leading to massive class sizes. No classroom has a student-teacher ratio that would be considered appropriate compared to Canadian standards. Given the lack of supplies, teaching materials, and children who show up without paper and pencils, it is clearly a challenge for teachers to effectively instruct such large groups of children.

One educator touches the lives of many. We need your help.

Any amount helps!

Kindergarten Class under tree.
Kindergarten class under tree

Water, Building, and Maintenance Fund

Since 2010, DSDO has worked very hard to make Dekpor Basic School a safe and attractive environment for our students. We renovated and extensively repaired all existing buildings on school campus. We have subsequently built 5 rain harvesting systems, a huge library, 6 junior high school classrooms, 6 kindergarten classrooms in a separate courtyard, and lobbied for the building of the 6 classroom block.

Our work extended beyond the school campus as we've mechanized 3 boreholes, put in 2 reverse osmosis units, built 3 water towers, have run water distribution pipes throughout the three villages, built 5 town toilet facilities, and put in street lights.

Maintenance and upkeep are vital. Paint is expensive; repairs add up. Classroom furniture is still required.

Donations of any amount help us achieve our goals.

Students carrying chalkboard.
Students carrying chalkboard

Child Sponsorships

Most Dekpor families are struggling to provide food and shelter for their children. Although the value of education is clearly recognized, it is often financially impossible for children to attend school.

A child’s dignity is important to us, so we do not show labeled photos of available children to sponsor on our website. Students on our list have been chosen by a committee of town representatives and are placed in order of urgency. Right now, our priority is to ensure all currently-sponsored children have the opportunity to further their education beyond Dekpor Basic School, which means we need to find co-sponsors to assist with the increased high school fees.

Your donation provides a lot!

  • Food programme
  • National health insurance
  • Emergency medical supplies
  • Mosquito net
  • Vacation school in August
  • School uniform
  • Backpack
  • Math set
  • Ruler
  • Notebooks and exercise books
  • Pens, pencils, erasers, pencil crayons, and any other necessary items
  • Exam fees
  • PTA fees
  • Toothpaste, toothbrush
  • Text books, workbooks
  • Guidance, counselling
  • After school classes

Elementary school and high school needs differ, and the costs widely vary. We strive to make sure that each student receives all that they require in order to be successful.

Upon receipt of your donation, we send you a student profile and photo.

Personalized updates are provided in March and July.

Read our Child Sponsorship FAQ PDF File.

Email for further information.

Child in need of clothes.
Child in need of clothes

For further information or to donate to a specific area of need, please contact for more information.