Dekpor Basic School

Tribute Gifting

Tribute gifts are a great thing to give.

Why? They are guaranteed to put smiles on faces around the globe!

Karen Burke of Whitby, Ontario celebrated her birthday July 16th and several of her friends made tribute donations in her honour.

Many of the donations were designated to our food programme, so we decided to use some of it to have a 'We Love Karen' lunch day at Dekpor Basic School to celebrate the end of a successful school year.

And, just to make it more meaningful, we held the special lunch ON July 16th so that celebrations were happening around the globe!

Karen was thrilled that there were 800 students and staff at Dekpor Basic School who were celebrating happily, enjoying a special lunch together-- because of HER!

What an incredible way to celebrate a birthday, knowing that YOU are feeding 800 needy children!

See We Love Karen in our blog and our Tribute Gifting album.

Tribute gifts can be allocated as you wish. Want to buy a pile of shoes? pay for exams? equip a classroom with furniture or supplies? We can help match the donation amount to an appropriate area.

What a GREAT way to mark an important occasion!