Dekpor Basic School

At a Glance

We work in Dekpor, Ghana where all residents live below the poverty level and face a daily struggle to survive.

Our Areas of Focus:

  • Education
  • Water
  • Nutrition
  • Health care
  • Sanitation
  • Sponsorships (children and educators)

One of our directors lives in Dekpor—we are able to work with the residents of Dekpor to best service their needs. Our overhead is minimal (our only expenses are maintaining our domain status, annual financial statements, and foreign exchange costs), so your donation goes exactly where you allocate it! We are volunteers who work hard to make the most of every dollar donated.

Dekpor School Development Organisation is a registered Canadian charity and recognized NGO in Ghana. (Since 2011)

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Aurora Rotary Club helps rural village in Ghana

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We're making a difference!

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Latest News

December 31, 2019

Thanks to the following for donations this month:

  • Jodie MacDearmid - clothing
  • Karen Kramer - clothing
  • Jyoti and Anil Sanwalka - suitcases, glasses, and shoes
  • Dr. Myrna Wong - 5 boxes of glasses

Glasses: Dr. Myrna Wong (5 boxes, including an entire case of eyeglasses cases!), Eva and Pam Perreira, Laura Wideman, Julie Robertson, Sandee Sharpe and friends, Jyoti Sanwalka, Barb Bulloch and friends, Jyoti and Anil Sanwalka, Aruna Duggal, Melissa Yarmus, Highview Public School, Busch Systems (thanks Mandy), Spectrum (thanks Suzanne), Dublin Heights (thanks Rochelle)

December 31, 2019

Helen Rochon is on her way to Ghana for her third visit to volunteer!

December 31, 2019

What a great way to end the year with designated giving! We are grateful for the $690 raised for the town tool fund by Bill, Steve, and Donatella. Jim and Shelley made a donation in memory of Myrtle Rout so that 12 adults will be given a national health insurance card. And then Ana, Lauren, and Shari and David have raised $800 for us to purchase farming tools for women!

December 30, 2019

The shoes from the 4 shoe drives done at Windfields Middle School, Aurora Preparatory Academy, Minesing Central Public School, and Moraine Hills Public School have been carefully displayed in the library hall, and the distribution began today. It will continue when school starts back next week.
Hundreds of pairs of shoes are displayed on the floor, benches, and tables inside the library hall.

December 27, 2019

Another shipment has arrived! This one holds the $$$$ worth of science goods that Emajjin Children's Foundation has covered!
The hatch is open on Abraham and Linda's van, revealing a full load of shipping bags and suitcases.

December 23, 2019

Linda and Abraham pick up another shipment! Stay tuned for photos. Since Carol sent 5 van-loads from Ontario in late September/October, Linda and Abraham chose to wait for them all to arrive to do the distribution. Check the Shipping 2019 albums.

December 22, 2019

The Dekpor Central Shops have opened! We are so wildly excited about this! Dekpor Central Cafe is being run by Jessica and Lawrencia, the stationery shop is run by Michael A., and the electrical supplies shop is being run by Michael K.!
Many people milling outside the Dekpor Central Cafe.
Electrical supplies shop and stationery shop.

December 18, 2019

Preparations for the shops continue!

December 16, 2019

Last shipment of the year leaves Aurora. A special thanks to Trevor Martin for helping Carol get the goods to the shipper. (9 shipping bags, 3 suitcases) What is included? Hundreds of toothbrushes, hundreds of eyeglasses, 2045 pairs of underwear, clothing, and assorted goods for the students and school.
Shipping bags and suitcases being filled with goods.

December 15, 2019

The girls' underwear campaign was a total success! Thanks to the following for helping us reach our goal: Sandy (in honour of Betty, Kit, and Laura) , Ian, Rita (in honour of Altaya), Diane, Becky (in honour of Mom), Patricia, Jo-Anne (in honour of Linda), Ana (in honour of the Niculae and Nikolic families), Nancy, Julie, and Amanda, Jon and Nolan (in honour of Liz).

December 12, 2019

Carol was invited to speak at the Sandbox CEO CNNX meeting to introduce Dekpor School Development Organisation--a nice opportunity!
Sandbox logo

December 11, 2019

Linda and Abraham picked up a load from the shipper. And, they have spent some time in Accra shopping for the necessities to open up our first shops! Totally exciting!

December 9, 2019

Dr. Myrna Wong of Aurora Family Eyecare donated FIVE BOXES of eyeglasses! Incredible!
Five boxes of eyeglasses and glass cases that were donated by Doctor Wong of Aurora.
Aurora Family Eyecare logo

December 7, 2019

After two shopping sprees at Walmart, and a stop at Bargains Group today, we now have 2045 pairs of girls' underwear to send to Ghana!
12 cartons of girls' underwear from Bargains Group.
Packages of girls' underwear.

December 3, 2019

The solar lights were ordered from Solight today. They generously gave us an incredible deal, and then threw in an extra 8 lights! Can't wait to get these to Dekpor. Thanks again to everyone who helped us surpass our campaign goal: Donna and Ron (in honour of Carl, George and Ai, Jonathon, Ken, Mary and Shawn, and Neil and Lorraine), Diane and Clive, Joyce, Jo-Anne (in honour of Linda), Ann (in honour of Cynthia), Barbara, Kim (in honour of Mom and Dad, Claire, Grace, and Auntie Ev), Helmi, Pat (in honour of Millie, Bri, Caitlin, Justine, and Tylor), Darlene, Ines (in honour of Anthony and Christophe), Carol (in honour of Corinne and Malcolm), Joan, Gerard, Val (in honour of her daughters' teachers), Rita (in honour of Tristan).

November 30, 2019

Thanks to the following for donations this month:

  • Sigma Promotions - aprons, hats, pens, notepads, puzzles, tools
  • Aurora FC - 6 bags of soccer clothes, balls
  • Lydia Ridd - laptop
  • Marta McConnell - clothing and shoes
  • Rita Forte - shoes
  • Sandee Sharpe and friends - laptop case, suitcase, glasses
  • Laura Fedirchuk Brecht - eyeglasses

November 29, 2019

We are thrilled to announce that our solar light campaign surpassed the goal with $2190 raised! Thanks to the following people who are giving the gift of light to the students of Dekpor: Donna and Ron Jamieson, Diane and Clive Bourke, Joyce Reves, Jo-Anne Brady, Ann Macoun, Barbara Christ, Kim Nelson, Helmi Fingernagel, Pat O'Connell, Darlene Cann, Joan Ross, Gerard Baribeau, Val Bartlett, and Rita Forte. The photo album will be available in 2020.

November 17, 2019

There are 60 students who are mighty happy about the brand new uniforms that are being tailored for them, thanks to our friends at BG/Klosterneuburg International School!
A young girl excited to model her new school uniform.

November 9, 2019

Carol was off to the shipper with the goods received from Sigma and Aurora FC! Stay tuned. 2 months. You know the drill!
Bright yellow boxes and other goods in the back of the van en route to the shipper.

November 8, 2019

Sigma Promotions, thank you for the aprons, hats, pens, notepads, puzzles, and tools!
Boxes of items in the back of the van.
Sigma's logo.

November 7, 2019

Linda and Abraham have been delivering the letters to all of the sponsored students! Facebook has the album. Thanks to so many of you who took the time to make your sponsored child feel special! What a great display of caring this was!
A happy student holds her envelope.
Young girl proudly holds her letter.

November 7, 2019

Thanks to Aurora FC for the 6 huge bags of goodies!
6 huge bags full of assorted soccer goods, mainly clothing.
Aurora FC's logo.

November 5, 2019

Linda and Abraham picked up 19 items from the shipper! Check the shipping albums to see if you can find the items you donated!
Back of DSDO van, filled with a shipment from Aurora.

November 3, 2019

Emajjin Children's Foundation held their Pink Tie Affair gala for us and, wow, what a night it was! We are beyond grateful for the incredible amount of time that they put into planning and for giving Carol the honour of being the evening's keynote speaker! We are over the moon to announce that they have given us $40,000! Please see the album for more details and photos of the evening!
A portion of the crowd seated at their tables at the Pink Tie Affair.
Jyoti Sanwalka presents Carol with $40,000 cheque.
Emajjin logo.

November 1, 2019

Our amazing Austrian friends at BG/BRB Klosterneuburg International School raised 2000 euros which has allowed us to purchase: SD cards, an AV system for the library hall, an electric drill, dry erase markers, and teacher notebooks, and to repair a secure window and cover 4 students on the food programme. They also donated more Raspberry Pi units! Incredible! See the Austrian Friends album for details! (photos)
One of the librarians pictured with a stack of dry erase markers.
Linda presents the drill to Mr. Halogbe.

October 31, 2019

Thanks to the following people for donations this month:

  • Donna Jamieson - shoes and clothing
  • Laura Wideman - children's clothing and shoes
  • Dr. Ruth Baumal Muskat and Dr. J. Malowany - toothbrushes
  • Aruna Duggal - suitcase, clothing
  • Tine Muir - suitcase, shoes, and sewing notions
  • Marta McConnell - water bottles
  • Heather Williams - eyeglasses
  • Margaret Quigley - sewing goods and loads of fabric
  • Melody Schindelheim and Jean Anderson - shoes
  • Sophie Graszat - sports clothing
  • Jurgen and Anja Brecht (delivered by Laura Fedirchuk Brecht) - 2 hard shell suitcases (all the way from Germany!)
  • Toni Chahley - sewing goods
  • Mrs. Pecile - 5 big containers full of sewing goods and fabric
  • Moraine Hills Public School - 12 huge bags of backpacks, shoes
  • Christina Girardi D'Souza - clothing, shoes
  • Susan Heagy - 3 suitcases full of fabric and towels
  • Friend named HawkEye - 4 filing cabinets
  • Aurora Preparatory Academy - 42 backpacks, over 200 pairs of shoes

October 28, 2019

Our incredible friends at Keilor Views Primary School in Australia held their annual Kids Feeding Kids fundraising event and raised $2425 AUD ($2168 CAD) — that is enough to pay for 13 students on our food programme for an entire year! Awesome!
Part of the display that the leadership team posted for the students to view.

October 25, 2019

We are extremely grateful to the Rotary Club of Klosterneuburg for their generous donation of 1000 euros! The funds were directed to our food programme so children can receive a nutritious breakfast and lunch while at school.

October 23, 2019

Linda and Abraham welcomed our friend, Edi Schmickl of Austria, for a quick visit. Edi brought some donations and goods for DSDO! Check out the photos in our Austrian Friends Album.
Edi Schmickl presents Dekpor Basic School's headmasters with funds from Austria.

October 23, 2019

Another Emajjin Children's Foundation meeting… the Pink Tie Affair is going to be a great night!

October 16, 2019

Linda has headed back to Dekpor after a brief Canada visit. Inside her suitcase are 4 laptops for our new ICT students! Check our Tech Album for more.
Laptops purchased for ICT students.
3 of the students receiving their new laptop for school.

October 14, 2019

Oh, the joy this will bring! There is a letter for every single sponsored student! Bound to bring smiles and a glimmer of hope. We are grateful to all of our amazing sponsors who participated! (See the Child Sponsorship Album for a photo of every currently-sponsored child with their letter(s).)
A pile of envelopes addressed to all of the sponsored students.

October 8, 2019

Carol headed to the shipper yet again! This time there were 9 shipping bags and 1 suitcase. Sewing goods from Diane, Susan, and Toni, clothes and shoes from Christina, and Moraine Hills Public School's entire goods drive donations.
9 shipping bags, 1 suitcase, all crammed into the van on the way to the shipper.

October 8, 2019

Our 4th amazing school to finish a back pack and shoe drive this fall is Windfields Middle School. Unbelievable response! This is their 3rd annual drive for us and they knocked it out of the park! A big thanks to Madeleine Harvey-Raymond for her leadership!
Windfields Middle School collects the goods right in front of their Mustang mascot.
Windfields students are working on the sorting of shoes.

October 4, 2019

Moraine Hills Public School finished their 2nd annual backpack and shoe drive today and they showed their kindness in a big way. Just take a look! 12 huge bags of backpacks and shoes!
Carol's van full of the Moraine Hills collection of shoes and backpacks.
Moraine Hills has their collection of goods right in the front foyer.

October 2, 2019

With 4 filing cabinets and all of the goods from Aurora Prep's drive, Carol headed to the shipper again!
Carol's van stuffed with 4 filing cabinets and shoes and backpacks filling up the crevices.

October 2, 2019

Aurora Preparatory Academy jumped right in to make an impact… and their 3rd annual drive was a big success! 42 backpacks, over 200 pairs of great shoes, and $350 to pay for the shipping! We are so grateful!
Aurora Prep Students happily pose with collected goods.

September 30, 2019

Thanks to the following people for donations this month:

  • Marta McConnell - clothing and fabric, and other goodies
  • Julie Robertson - pencil crayons and the connection to Ryerson's volleyball team
  • Dustin Reid/ Ryerson University - volleyballs and carrying case
  • Neilly Robertson - shoes
  • Carol and Michael McCreesh - 2 massive bins of clothing
  • Sigma Promotions - notebooks, totebags
  • Leila Molavi - suitcase full of running shoes
  • Aurora FC - 4 big bags of soccer clothing, water bottles
  • Susan Heagy - 4 suitcases packed with fabric
  • Tracey Martin - glasses
  • Vivian Wulle - clothing
  • Olisa Adekayode - shoes
  • Rita Forte - clothing
  • Aruna Duggal - clothing
  • Tracey Ratcliffe - back pack full of clothing
  • AJ and Ainsley Sanderson - 3 bags of shoes

September 26, 2019

Another meeting in Ontario for the Emajjin Children's Foundation's Pink Tie Affair! Get your tickets now at
Emajjin logo.

September 25, 2019

School cooking pavilion is finished! (Well, it still needs to be painted, but we have to wait at least a month for that.) We are so grateful to the donor, who prefers to remain anonymous, for making this wonderful addition possible!
Exterior view of the cooking shelter.

September 10, 2019

Carol's van was filled to the roof with a shipment this afternoon. 19 shipping bags/boxes/containers/suitcases are on their way to Dekpor.
Back of a van, filled to the roof with suitcases, boxes and shipping bags.

September 10, 2019

Today was the first day of classes for the new school year at Dekpor Basic!

September 9, 2019

Thanks to Aurora FC (formerly Aurora Youth Soccer Club) for the 4 huge bags of soccer clothing!
4 big bags full of soccer clothing from Aurora FC.

September 6, 2019

We have some extremely amazing news to share! Thanks to an incredible donation from Tony and Susan Anderson, we will be able to start building a central market area in Dekpor! Today the foundations were started and the light posts were put in. This is going to be an exciting endeavor.

September 3, 2019

All donation receipts for this quarter were sent out today. Thanks to everyone who gave!

September 3, 2019

Dekpor Basic School campus clean up was done by high school students before they leave for their new school year. They washed the classrooms, planted the flower beds, trimmed trees, and cleared the eaves troughs.
Using a mop to reach up high to clean the classroom walls.
A teenager is up on a ladder, cleaning out the classroom's eavestroughs.
Students working together to trim the branches off trees on the school campus.

September 3, 2019

Thanks to Marta McConnell and her fine eye for finding things for us! Much appreciated!

September 3, 2019

The shipment from July 4th has arrived! Check the Shipping Albums for photos!

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