Dekpor Basic School

At a Glance

We work in Dekpor, Ghana where all residents live below the poverty level and face a daily struggle to survive.

Our Areas of Focus:

  • Education
  • Water
  • Nutrition
  • Health care
  • Sanitation
  • Sponsorships (children and educators)

One of our directors lives in Dekpor—we are able to work with the residents of Dekpor to best service their needs. Our overhead is minimal (our only expenses are maintaining our domain status, annual financial statements, and foreign exchange costs), so your donation goes exactly where you allocate it! We are volunteers who work hard to make the most of every dollar donated.

Dekpor School Development Organisation is a registered Canadian charity and recognized NGO in Ghana. (Since 2011)

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Aurora Rotary Club helps rural village in Ghana

2018 Accomplishments (video; 3:46)

We're making a difference!

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Latest News

April 30, 2019

Thanks to the following people for donations this month:

  • Marta and Gerry McConnell - lots of clothing, soccer balls, drawstring bags
  • Hope Harwood - clothing
  • Parisi family - suitcases
  • Ridd family - suitcases, soccer cleats, glasses
  • C & B - shoes (many pairs were brand new!)
  • Isabel Barcena and Dynamix friends - suitcase and sewing goods
  • Julie, Neilly, and Kim Robertson - clothing and sewing goods
  • Tracey Martin - soccer goods, clothing, soaps, shampoos
  • Wendy and Linda MacDonald - pop tabs to be used as math counters
  • Ramya Ragahavan - soccer cleats, clothes, baby goods, drawstring bags, thermometers, baby blankets, and more
  • Karen and Byron Urquart - assorted paper goods
  • Jyoti and Anil Sanwalka - clothing

April 30, 2019

Linda, Helen, and some high school students are spending a lot of time in the 6 kindergarten rooms, improving the walls and updating the inventory lists!
High school students painting shapes on the wall of the kindergarten room.
Linda up on a ladder painting the alphabet on the wall of the kindergarten room.

April 29, 2019

Our library gets used at night for study hall for the oldest students. It has tables, benches, and light! It's really important that the windows are mosquito-proof, because malaria makes plenty of people in Dekpor ill. We are grateful that Susan and Tony's donation has allowed us to replace all of the window screens in the library to keep our students safe!
A man hammering a new screen to the window frame.

April 25, 2019

We are so grateful to the children at Uxbridge Montessori School for holding fundraisers to raise $335!! They have determined that the funds will purchase exercise books for our kindergarten students and the balance will go toward the food programme!
Front door and signage for Uxbridge Montessori School.

April 24, 2019

The second Emajjin Children's Foundation board meeting for Carol to attend. Planning is well underway for the November 3, 2019 event! Save the date!
Emajjin Logo

April 24, 2019

Carol got 9 suitcases and 1 shipping bag off to the shipper today! Linda and Abraham will be receiving it all in approximately 2 months. Thanks to everyone who contributed!
A pile of suitcases and a shipping bag ready to be sent to the shipper.

April 22, 2019

The high school students have a three week break from classes, and so Linda and Abraham have worked very hard to find them work placements, or odd jobs that will help them in their chosen fields. Some students helped translate beginner books into Ewe so that our youngest students can grasp the English words quicker. A couple of students are doing carpentry work to repair broken desks, some are painting, and others are posted with professionals.
High school student writing the translation into a primary book.
High school student writing translation.
Wisdom is working at a computer.
Wisdom working at computer.

April 21, 2019

Tony and Susan's donation is allowing DSDO to pay high school students to do repairs of the desks and to repaint!
A high school student is replacing a broken piece of wood on a desk.
Lots of desks are being painted outside.

April 20 , 2019

Michael, Wonder, Eric and Benjamin were busy during the Easter holidays, as they worked together to bring electricity to what will eventually become our science room. They have put in lights and a ceiling fan! Another thanks to Tony and Susan Anderson for financing this!
Benjamin is on a ladder reaching to the roof to run wires.
Wonder is working at the electrical box.

April 19, 2019

Four of our electricals students, Michael, Wonder, Eric and Benjamin, had the chance to use their skills. They worked with a trained electrician in Dekpor to replace 3 street lights around town — 2 at the school, 1 at a toilet facility, and install 2 new ones at a water tower and a water standpipe! Thanks to Tony and Susan Anderson for this! See Step by Step - 2019 for more photos.
Four electricals students carry a replacement light.
The electrician has climbed up the post to install a new street light.

April 17, 2019

After 3.5 grueling hours of extreme heat and negotiating with umpteen vendors at market, Abraham was able to purchase ALL of the goods for the 116 Basics Kits! Way to go, Ab! Our students are going to be so excited to receive socks, underwear/knickers, and singlets!

April 15, 2019

Right now there is actually a three week holiday from school. So Helen Rochon got innovative! Since regular school classes are not running, she is holding a small group learning sessions at Linda and Abraham's house with some keen students. Basics such as numbers, colours, animal names, and general conversation skills in English are being learned.
A young student proudly displays her printing.
A young student displays her printing.
Helen and a group of young students.
Helen with young students.
Students work at a table outside of Abraham and Linda's house.
Students work outside Abraham and Linda's house.

April 10, 2019

John is continuing to improve! We are so excited to see such wonderful improvement as the swelling in his face and neck continues to decrease.
Abraham is pictured with a very smiley John, and it is obvious that the swelling has decreased in his face and neck.

April 9, 2019

Amazing people have just made our Dental Care a reality! Linda can now book the dentists to visit Dekpor! A massive thanks to: Ledgir House, Dave and Jackie, Windfields Middle School, North Barrie Dental, Susan, Shari and Dave, Kim, Steve, Lucy, Krista, Nat, Orianna, Ellie, and Lauren!
Two dentists are filling a cavity for one of our students.

April 5, 2019

The second Moringa meeting took place! The farmers are really excited to get their fields planted!

April 3, 2019

Helen Rochon is back in Dekpor and she's making a difference!
Helen reads to an eager group of students.

April 2, 2019

We just found out that we'll be receiving 33 boxes of Kids Against Hunger food from the Milton food packing event on May 11th! Yippee!

April 2, 2019

It's revolving door day in Ghana! Amanda Begin is on her way back to Ontario after doing a three week placement (Thank you so much, Amanda! We're sure teaching in Ontario will be easy after your experience here!); Ian, Jennifer, Aowyn, and Lorelei continue their world adventure (Wow, did the 4 of you ever pack a lot of meaningful educational opportunities for our teachers and students!); Semester at Sea students are on their way (Amazing that so many of you got to experience Dekpor—please come back again some day!); and Helen Rochon arrives for her 2019 Dekpor visit!

We are very grateful when people choose to visit and work with our students and teachers! You have no idea how immense your impact is and how long it is felt after you leave. We appreciate ALL of you!

Amanda Begin is wearing a special piece of kente.
Aowyn, Ian, Jennifer, and Lorelei pose for a family photo on their last day.

March 31, 2019

Holy moly, 40 Semester at Sea students have arrived for a very quick visit in Dekpor! Their time will be jam-packed with tours, lessons, and making connections with our students!
40 Semester at Sea students are dressed in traditional wraps.

March 31, 2019

We are excited about the results of the Basics Kit campaign — $2990 was raised! So many of the students at Dekpor Basic do not own underwear, undershirts, or socks...and we want to try to help change that. Check the Basic Kits album to find out who helped make this happen and to enjoy all the happy faces!

March 29, 2019

Ian and Jennifer ran a fantastic workshop for the Dekpor teachers, demonstrating how to use the many math manipulatives that we were able to purchase last summer! What a success! The local teachers were so grateful for this special learning experience.
Jennifer and Ian are standing at the front of the room by the whiteboard, speaking to all of the seated teachers.
Teachers trying out an assortment of math materials.
All of the Ghanaian teachers are gathered around Jennifer and Ian and the tables full of math tools.

March 28, 2019

In Ontario, Carol attended her first Emajjin board meeting to start planning for the November 3rd gala. DSDO friends in the GTA, keep the date!
Emajjin logo

March 27, 2019

We are so excited about all of the water system purchases made with the $10,000 donation from Busch Systems. We got a variety of pumps, filters, resin, housings, an RO unit stand, cables, hoses, pipes, sockets, tape, and a host of other water-related items. We were also able to purchase 5 replacement street lights to trade out the ones that were hit by lightning. See Step-by-Step - 2019 for this photos from this job and more!
New equipment at the water tower, a peak inside the reverse osmosis and control room.
Sorting some of the new pieces of equipment.
Electrician has climbed the  post and is installing a new light.

March 21, 2019

Moringa seeds need to be counted out for each farmer. What a task!
A huge bag of moringa seeds, just waiting to be counted.
Amanda and Linda are carefully counting moringa seeds.

March 21, 2019

What a great learning experience! Jennifer put on a very special math workshop for the JHS 1 and 2 girls!
Female students are using pattern blocks to make designs.
Jennifer is standing at the board, instructing the room full of female students.
Several older female students using 100s boards to learn math concepts.

March 16, 2019

Ian Marshall, Jennifer McLaren, and their daughters, Aowyn and Lorelei, have arrived in Dekpor to volunteer at the school! All four of them are working hard to make a difference in their classrooms!
Aowyn reads with Dekpor students.
Ian models how to use dominoes for an older student.
Lorelei shows the kindergarten students how to match the math puzzles.
Jennifer reading with students.

March 12, 2019

Amanda Begin, Queen's University B.Ed. student, arrives to do a three week placement! Ringette has been played in Dekpor, thanks to Amanda!
Amanda stands at the front of her grade 6 class, delivering a math lesson about fractions.
Amanda's class is outside playing ringette.
Grade 6 students posed for a photo while holding their ringette sticks.

March 11, 2019

The first Moringa information meeting was held in Dekpor with the farmers who are wanting to participate.
Farmers interested in growing moringa are gathered for the first meeting.
People seated in a circle for the moringa meeting.

March 9, 2019

Linda and Abraham took 5 farmers and toured moringa farms.
Close up of a moringa tree.
Linda, Abraham, 5 local farmers, and the moringa experts gathered for a group photo.

March 7, 2019

No sooner do we learn about moringa, then the funding becomes a reality! A massive thank you to Susan Mikulecky for starting the fund, and then to Sonya MacFarlane for ensuring we had the entire goal amount! We have more than 50 farmers who are ready to give this a whirl! See the Moringa Album for more info!

March 4, 2019

The shipment sent from Ontario in January was ready for pick up. Check the shipping albums for photos! Betha is just one of the lucky people to have received something from one of our supporters!
Betha pictured with essential oils for soap making from Dianne Lotto.
Betha with essential oils for soap making from Dianne Lotto

March 3, 2019

Midyear student update letters were issued today. Our child sponsors are truly heroes!
Saviour pictured with his sponsor, Conny.
Saviour with sponsor, Conny

February 28, 2019

We got some mighty amazing news this month! Turns out the pitch in January was successful — DSDO has been chosen as the recipient charity for Emajjin Children's Foundation gala that will be held November 3, 2019!!! Save the date; we'd love to see you there!
Emajjin logo.

February 28, 2019

Thanks to the following people for donating to us this month!

  • Isabel Barcena and her friends at Dynamix - 4 suitcases, shoes, French work books
  • Mona Mirshahi - clothing
  • David Kangas - clothing
  • Diane Young - sewing notions, supplies, and fabric
  • Cheryl Simpkin - large bag of fabric
  • Carol and Gillian McCreesh - suitcase, iPad, clothing
  • Tracey Ratcliffe - suitcase, first aid kit supplies, assorted goods

February 26, 2019

Spreading the word about all of the great work we've accomplished! Carol was back at St. Andrew's College to do two more sessions with their students.

February 24, 2019

WOW! DSDO friends, you truly are amazing! Over $4000 raised! Thanks to the following people who quickly gave to help John, our Dekpor student diagnosed with Langherans Cell Histiocytosis:

  • Rita Forte
  • Lynne Brown
  • Jackie and Dave Montgomery
  • Chris Fitzgerald
  • Liz Rivers
  • Carol Sheardown
  • Liz Clarke
  • Paula Lamanna
  • Lucy Romyn
  • Erich Forler
  • Tony Gariepy
  • El Goy
  • Sue Walters
  • Joan Ross
  • Riaz Mohammed
  • Claudia Da Silva
  • Nina Forte
  • Helen Rochon
  • Gerard Baribeau
  • Marissa Lee
  • Paul Jenkins
  • Julia Fingernagel
  • Julie Robertson
  • Donna and Ron Jamieson
  • Steve Howell
John looks very sick.
Profile of John showing very swollen neck.

February 13-15, 2019

Dekpor Basic School hosted the circuit team games competition. There were 8 schools competing in volleyball, soccer, and handball. Our teams won the girls' volleyball, boys' volleyball, and placed second in boys' handball.

February 9, 2019

Thanks to Setter, we were able to get 15 more multi-purpose bowls for the women of Dekpor!
Three young children standing beside a seated woman who is holding a bowl purchased with a donation by Setter.
Setter's logo

February 5, 2019

More of the holiday tribute gift money has been used to purchase goods and has been distributed. Please check Our Projects to see all that has happened!
Young girl holding a mosquito net.
Woman balancing a massive metal bowl on her head.
One of our librarians happlily showing the African-authored library books.

February 4, 2019

We are extremely proud of our sponsored student, Michael, who was recently chosen to be a senior school prefect at Atorkor Vocational Training Institute! He will act as a liaison beteween the students and staff, helping with any issues or concerns. It is a HUGE honour to be selected! He was chosen because he is a hard worker, shows excellent leadership and communication skills, and is respectful to everyone. His study habits and academics enter into the selection process also. He's basically a well-rounded kid who has genuinely shown vast improvement in all areas!
Michael, the new senior prefect, is smiling.

February 3, 2019

$10,000 was donated by Busch Systems to let us purchase water supplies and equipment! Because of this incredible donation, we are able to sell our sparkling clean water at a discounted price so that more Dekpor residents will choose it over the contaminated stream water!
Woman with bowl on her head, getting clean water from a standpipe.
Busch Systems logo.
A line of bowls and people waiting to get their clean water.

February 1, 2019

Linda and Abraham visited Atorkor Vocational Training Institute and surprised all of the girls in the seamstress strand by delivering a really large suitcase stuffed full of sewing goods! Most of the items were donated by Susan Heagy and Dianne Lotto.
6 girls in seamstress program showing sewing goods from Dianne Lotto and Susan Heagy.

February 1, 2019

This morning at Dekpor Basic School, there was an in-depth session held for the JHS 2 and 3 students by the local nurses from the clinic (see Hygiene 2019). The 120 students were given a hygiene kit that was made possible by: Quality Integrators Corporation, Ana Vegega, Windfields Middle School, Murray Bowser and Sandra Hartman, Rahuma Panthaky (in honour of Meher), Sogut Bulec and Derin (in honour of Ms Dufour and Mr. Peters), and Elidia Marraccini. At the end of the meeting, students who had previously volunteered to help with some community service were further rewarded with an article of clothing from the goods that arrived in Dekpor in December and January.
Nurses standing in front of the room full of junior high school students.
A happy girl holding her new bag and hygiene items.
Junior High students who volunteered showing articles of clothing.

January 31, 2019

Thanks to the following people for donating items this month:

  • Max Mayer - clothing
  • Dianne Lotto - clothing, running shoes, iPad, soap making goods, beads, DVDs and player, toys, and more
  • Deb Uden - suitcases, dictionaries, pens, pencils
  • Khalili Zambri and Associates - shoes, bike seat
  • Marta McConnell - clothing, running shoes, sheets
  • Tracey Ratcliffe - sewing goods, lots of soccer clothes, gym bag, suitcase, first aid supplies, clothing, staplers, and more
  • Julie Robertson - running shoes, laptop
  • Melodie Robar - cell phone
  • Donna and Ron Jamieson - laptop, 2 cell phones
  • Dale Smith - medical texts
  • Barb Bulloch - iPad
  • Lydia Ridd - running shoes
  • Ruth White - clothing
  • Children's Forest and Ridley Orchard School - assortment of new items from their December holiday drive

January 31, 2019

The Yia Town Toilet #1 facility had the holding tank pumped out. A dirty job, but a necessary one. We're grateful that Tony and Susan Anderson financed this important maintenance! See Step-by-Step - 2019.
Dekpor Yia Town Toilet #1 is pumped out.

January 29, 2019

Carol was invited to speak to a couple of classes at St. Andrew's College in Aurora. Great audiences with thoughtful questions.
St. Andrew's College logo.

January 28, 2019

A big shopping day in Accra market for Linda and Abraham as they searched for many of the items that were chosen by donors in December.

January 24, 2019

Carol was given the opportunity to do a presentation for Emajjin, (a foundation that chooses one registered Canadian charity and holds a fundraiser each fall). It was wonderful to meet other volunteers who give their time and energy to help disadvantaged children!

January 22, 2019

The repairs in the library were finished. The sag in the roof was noticed and we wasted no time in putting in the necessary reinforcements! See our Step-by-Step - 2019 album.
The library roof is going to get reinforced. Work in progress.
The library roof now has support beams and everything is back to normal!

January 21, 2019

Some of our Atorkor Vocational High School students were in for a mighty surprise! Several students received donated phones from Ontario, and 5 students were given NEW laptops! See the Laptops and Tech Items album for some happy faces!
Wisdom, Joy, Saviour, Tity, and Zinabu are thrilled to be holding their new laptops.

January 17, 2019

Carol took another van load of goods to the shipper. This time it was 5 shipping bags, 2 suitcases, 7 boxes, and 1 tote/container. Included in the shipment was all of the underwear that has been purchased for our girls at Dekpor Basic School. In two months, we'll be seeing them arrive in Ghana and getting distributed at the school!
Rear view of Carol's van loaded with goods to be shipped.
Side view of Carol's van full of goods to be shipped.

January 16, 2019

Linda headed back to Ghana today and had 2 suitcases full of goods for Dekpor.

January 10, 2019

Exciting! We just bought 5 brand new laptops! Thanks to the Best Buy crew in Aurora because they helped make the most of our donated dollars. We currently have five students studying ICT at Atorkor Vocational High School, and truly they need the necessary tools to succeed. Stay tuned for photos of the students with their new laptops!
Pile of 5 laptops purchased for students.
Best Buy logo.

January 6, 2019

Packing has begun and Carol's house is a mess! Two things on the go: prepping suitcases for Linda to take back to Dekpor, and also lots of bags, boxes and containers for a very large shipment!

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