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September & October 2020

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At a Glance

We work in Dekpor, Ghana where all residents live below the poverty level and face a daily struggle to survive.

Our Areas of Focus:

  • Education
  • Water
  • Nutrition
  • Health care
  • Sanitation
  • Business Start-Ups
  • Sponsorships (children and educators)

One of our directors lives in Dekpor—we are able to work with the residents of Dekpor to best service their needs. Our overhead is minimal (our only expenses are maintaining our domain status, annual financial statements, and foreign exchange costs), so your donation goes exactly where you allocate it! We are volunteers who work hard to make the most of every dollar donated.

Dekpor School Development Organisation is a registered Canadian charity and recognized NGO in Ghana. (Since 2011)

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Aurora Rotary Club helps rural village in Ghana

2019 Accomplishments (video; 3:23)

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Latest News

August 31, 2020 Item 1

Thanks to the following people who contributed to the August 13th shipment:

  • Carla Alcantara - clothing
  • Natasha Adzic - vehicle play mat, car track
  • Lillie Kwok - magnetic letters
  • Cheryl and Benny Bacon - shoes, clothes, soccer balls, backpack with school goods
  • Sharon Quyn - books, several bags of children's clothing, shoes, and toothpaste for many students! (Thanks for rallying friends and multiple visits!)
  • Nadell FH - 3 canes
  • Jennifer Francis-Smikle - 4 canes (with fond thoughts of Grandad)
  • Michelle Campbell - shoes, clothing
  • Tom and Linda Edwards - newly purchased text books for one of the high school students and 6 laptops!
  • Michelle Helene - crutches, cane, dictionary, shoes
  • Margaret Skelly Keenan - hard hat, new children's clothing
  • Barb Porter - fabric
  • Shirley Hockin - sewing machine
  • Amanda Longshaw - a barrel full+ of clothing, soccer balls, baby items, hockey bag
  • Sigma Promotions - clothing and bags
  • Stephanie Mae Valiquette - suitcases, variety of luggage bags, laptop case, clothing
  • Vukicevic family - shoes, clothing
  • Kims Kaur - shopping excursion of brand new shoes
  • Rachel Good - clothing, fabric
  • Kirsten Stuart - shoes, clothing, backpack
  • Amanda DeFrancesco - Megablocks, water containers
  • Victoria LaRocque - loads of Hotwheels, books, backpacks (Shaelyn, thanks for deflating the soccer balls!)
  • Addy and Cam Johnson - shoes
  • Kelly, Reed and Crosby Schad - shoes, clothing and soccer balls (Thanks for making 2 trips, Crosby!)
  • Christina Marie Jevez - clothing
  • Marta McConnell - assorted goodies
  • Aurora Neighbours - shoes, clothing, containers for use at school

All of the above left in the August 13th shipment. All of the below will be shipped at a later date.

  • Grace Bauman - reusable cloth diapers
  • Jorien Berg - children's shoes
  • Michelle Helene - clothing, shoes, computer mouse
  • Janinne Gaspari - clothing, soccer goods
  • Krystal Elle - medical books, computer books, DVD player and DVDs
  • Mona Mirshahi - 18 pairs of shoes
  • Mystie Phillips - large container of DVDs
  • Ron Sheardown - clothing
  • Sandee Sharpe - GoPro, cables
  • Jessica W - safety shoes
  • Jennifer - kids' clothing and footwear
  • Alexandra Noel French - shoes, clothing

August 31, 2020 Item 2

Secondary students have finished their exams and JHS 3 are prepping for exams. Library books are still being borrowed via Linda and Ab's house — thank goodness Linda thought ahead on this!

August 31, 2020 Item 3

Wisdom opened up his shop and has had business already!
Wisdom choosing items from a store in Accra to purchase and use in his own shop in Dekpor.

August 29, 2020

Work has started on the next shops — the masonry students are cutting the blocks!

August 27, 2020 Item 1

The seamstresses have started sewing the uniforms for the elementary sponsored students!
A seamstress is sitting in front of her sewing machine, holding a piece of fabric for a student's uniform.

August 27, 2020 Item 2

The shipment Carol sent on June 12th is being distributed by Abraham and Linda in Dekpor starting today. Check the shipping albums to see if you can find the goodies you donated!
Many people looking at and choosing clothing from piles on ground.
Headmasters look donated learning materials and teaching supplies.

August 24, 2020

We are very proud of Wisdom and Saviour for writing their final exams and completing their ICT studies! On to an exciting future!

August 13 , 2020

Carol is off to the shipper with a van of goodies. This time, 7 shipping bags, 1 barrel, 1 hockey bag, 1 wheelchair, 1 bag with crutches, and 2 boxes! A hearty thank you to all who contributed to this load — see the list above. See the Shipping Album for more photos.
Back of a van loaded with bags, suitcases, and a wheelchair.

August 11, 2020

Carol was interviewed by Kate van Buskirk of Canada Running Series! We are hoping to turn the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon into a global affair! If you are interested in participating, please contact!
Zoom meeting showing three people; Carol pictured at bottom.

August 9, 2020

We appreciate everyone who donates goods, but sometimes there is a donation that is just rather mind-blowing! Today, Tom and Linda Edwards, former outreach volunteers who spent the summer of 2016 in Dekpor, donated a set of required texts for one of our high school boys AND an incredible 6 laptops! We are so grateful!
Several donated text books.
6 laptops given by Tom and Linda Edwards spread on floor.

August 5, 2020

The May 29th shipment arrived yesterday, and the distribution of clothing, shoes, suitcases and a few other items will be done within the next couple of days. See the Shipment Distribution albums… all FIVE of them!
A little girl happily holds a bunch of clothing.
Piles of clothing fill space on floor of Linda and Ab's house.

July 31, 2020

Thanks to those who gave to our shipment for this month:

  • Zero20kids - huge bags of beautiful new pajamas (night shirts and pants), fabric
  • Maristella Salvi - 2 bags of clothing
  • Laurie Wilson - dictionary
  • Rafeek Baksh - many suitcases filled with goods, a walker, clothing, shoes, school needs, dry erase markers, pens, and more! Wow!
  • Ron Sheardown - water bottles, men's clothing
  • Annette Gray - laptop bag, clothing, suitcase, toothbrushes, hard hat, sewing goods, and more!
  • Melodie Robar - shoes
  • Shanice Brown - shoes
  • Shelley Bertini - women's clothing
  • Nasrin Parvin - baby boy clothing
  • Marta McConnell - sewing machine, 2 bags of clothing
  • Barb Bulloch - digital camera, USB memory sticks, sewing goods, toothbrushes, clothes, crutches, running shoes (thanks for shopping!)
  • Jacine Harrington - Hooked on Phonics, cassette player, art goods, women's clothing
  • Jodie McDearmid - shoes, clothing
  • Cheryl Bacon - suitcase, clothing, linens, school materials, shoes, children's dishes
  • Alison Fair - cane, new clothing for boys
  • Jessica W - steel toe shoes, shoes, women's clothing
  • Mary Beth Kelly - 2 suitcases, clothing, shoes, and an incredible shopping spree of red pens, dry erase markers, sharpeners, toothbrushes
  • Margaret Skelly Keenan - 3 iPhones (WOW!), 3 suitcases, clothing, shoes
  • Paula Lemyre Kalfon - shoes, clothing, art goods, fabric
  • Natalie Cameron - soccer ball, cleats, shin pads, sewing goods, lots of clothing
  • Barbie Harris - women's clothing
  • Adriana Garcia De Lokbik - shoes, children's clothing, women's clothing
  • Melissa Anne - loads of shoes, clothing, soccer balls, and educational goods
  • Lillie Kwok - toy vehicles, school goods, clothing, shoes
  • Melanie Chocron Abalos - loads and loads and loads of clothing, shoes, and educational games and goods
  • Charlotte Sargent - soccer balls
  • Annabelle Berger - shoes, hats
  • Ivana Di Placido - shoes, clothing
  • Suzy Binstock - shoes, pencils
  • Victoria Heaslip - suitcase
  • Brenna Wiedrick - a special Linda request
  • Christine Salama - clinic goods, clothing, books, shoes, and more
  • Michelle Helene - clothes, hats, dictionary
  • Laura Bondi - women's clothing
  • Clarissa Mahnkopf - women's clothing
  • Tanya Fletcher Mathurin - clothing, suitcase
  • Sasha Reznik - shoes, clothing
  • Luisa Lloyd and friends - loads of clothing, books, shoes
  • Karen Kramer - several digital cameras, clothing
  • Mary Kramer - brand new children's clothing
  • Paula Lamanna - crutches, shoes, balls
  • Christine Romas - soccer balls, clothing
  • Charleson family - 3 well-timed hockey bags
  • Mavis Burnham - fabric, soap, toothbrushes
  • Staples Newmarket - approximately 300 backpacks

July 29, 2020 Item 1

What? Another shipment? Thanks to the help of Liz Gilpin and Luisa and Ewan Lloyd, there were extra hands on deck to prep more than half of the goodies from Staples. Five hours after backing the length of Staples' loading dock to empty the skids at Staples, Carol's van was full and the contents were ready to be delivered to the shipper! Three hours later, and it was a fait accompli!
Luisa and Ewan stand in a sea of boxes and backpacks from Staples.
Carol's van is loaded with 11 shipping bags full of shoes from Luisa and backpacks from Staples.

July 29, 2020 Item 2

A team effort by Adrien Lear, her mom Lee-Ann, Luisa Lloyd, her son Ewan, Liz Gilpin, and Caroline and Sayed of Staples Newmarket -- Staples made a donation of approximately 300 new backpacks a beautiful reality! We are so grateful to all who helped make this happen!
Staples Logo
Two skids of boxes filled with backpacks for Dekpor.
Carol, Adrien, Liz, Luisa,Lee-Ann, standing in front of loaded vehicle on loading dock at Staples.

July 23, 2020

Oh, what a day! Another 34 suitcases/shipping bags/hockey bags were loaded into Carol's van for TWO trips to the shipper in one day! So many new DSDO supporters donated goods! We are very grateful! This shipment should arrive late September. (See the Shipping - 2020, July 23 Shipment)
Garage full of containers to be loaded into van.
Carol's van with doors open and bags and items reaching roof.
Carol in the foreground in the driver's seat, and a blissfully empty van behind her.

July 22, 2020

The Halogbe house was finished and we truly are bursting with pride for the wonderful work done by OUR sponsored young men! Please read how so many donors contributed to fund this and how quickly and efficiently the team of boys worked to complete the job!
The walls have been repaired and painted two tones of blue.
Family photo of the mom, dad, and seven children.

July 19, 2020

The past week in Aurora, Ontario has been spent collecting, sorting, and preparing goods for a BIG shipment!

July 10, 2020

Construction has begun on our beloved Mr. Halogbe's house, thanks to Dekpor Construction Company. Moses, Mawuko, Emmanuel, Ben and Wonder have been hired and this is all possible because Jessy de Haan sprang into action and asked her friends and family to help finance this incredible make over! See the album!
The mud house has many cracks in walls.
Moses, Mawuko, Wonder, Benjamin, and Emmanuel crouched in front of new block walls enclosing porch.
Jessy de Haan holding hands with Dekpor children on school campus.

July 9, 2020

Sponsor updates were emailed to all of the wonderful people who support a student! We are so incredibly grateful to all of these real-life heroes who are changing the futures for so many Dekpor kids!

July 4, 2020

The dilapidated house has been fixed up! Please see the story and photos in Raise the Roof. What a jaw-dropping change!
The house is painted white with blue trim.

July 2, 2020

Zero20kids has done it again! This time a van load of beautiful new nightshirts and sleep pants, along with lovely fabric for our seamstresses to use. We are so very grateful. See Shipping - 2020, July 23 Shipment
4 different night shirts.
Many large bags filled with sleepwear.
Zero 20 Kids Logo

June 30, 2020

Thanks to those who gave to our shipment for this month:

  • Sonya Kos - clothing, shoes, play mat, educational materials
  • Sharleen McAuley - sewing machine
  • Jon Moffat - shoes
  • Shannon Clark - phone, cane
  • Dianne Lotto - hard hats
  • Lydia Ridd - sand toys, blocks, clothing
  • Anne Marie - suitcase, shoes, clothing
  • Nicole Huang - crutches, children's shoes, clothing, fabric, brand new steel toed shoes
  • Shirley, Xuan, Lan - clothing, toys, shoes
  • Shameela Shakeel - suitcase, clothing, shoes, DVDs, boots
  • Charlotte Sargent - clothing, school goods, easel
  • Katie Donnan - hockey bag, clothing and shoes
  • Ainsley Sanderson - clothing, shoes, hockey bag
  • Tracey Ratcliffe - clothing, several pairs of keeper gloves
  • Michelle Helene - 2 cameras, shoes, clothes
  • Barb Bulloch - case, and needed school items: red pens, dry erase markers, pencil crayons
  • DesRochers family - shoes, clothes, school goods, backpacks
  • Laura Mateyak - hygiene items x 30! (toothbrushes, paste, soap), clothing, cleats
  • Heather Sheardown - sewing machine
  • Carol Takagi - cell phones and cases, suitcase, shoes, memory sticks, hard drive
  • Laura Bondi - hard hats, steel toed work shoes, running shoes, clothing, pencils
  • Janine Woodfield - cleats
  • Jori Berg - children's clothing
  • Kirsten Stuart - clothing, shoes
  • KS's friend - laptop, school goods, and assorted goodies
  • Wendy Carvalho - suitcases
  • Stephanie Conway - clothes, shoes
  • Brenda Hillaby - shoes, memory sticks
  • Camila Machado Rodello - clothing, toys
  • Michelle Jones - a huge donation of sand toys, shoes, clothing, fabric, canes
  • Melodie Robar - shoes, fabric
  • Friends from York Region - clothing

All of the above left in the June 12th shipment.

  • Amanda Longshaw - loads of girl's clothing
  • Zero20kids - 39 pairs of new shoes
  • Sara Prince - assorted clothing
  • Michelle Helene - women's clothing
  • Kims Kaur - 4 suitcases, a walker, a wheel chair
  • Tony and Susan Anderson - laptop
  • Charlene Ramnares - puppets, children's clothing
  • Shaheen Kassim Moledina - school goods
  • Ron Sheardown - clothing

These goods will leave Ontario in July.

June 26, 2020

Many of our high school students headed back to the dorms today because classes are about to resume.

June 20, 2020

Another day of community service done by the students!

June 16, 2020

It was lovely to meet the owners of Zero 20 Kids, Anna and Santina, as they donated 39 pairs of brand-new beautiful shoes!
Zero 20 Kids Logo
39 shoe boxes with a couple of pairs of white shoes shown.

June 15, 2020

Basics Kits are almost all handed out now. In all, we were able to outfit 161 students with a few pairs of socks, knickers/underwear, and undershirts/camisoles.
Teenage boy happily holds up his new socks, boxers, and undershirts.
Young girl holds up her new knickers, undershirts and socks.

June 14, 2020

WOW! In less than 3 days, our incredible supporters gave generously to allow us to Raise the Roof!

June 13, 2020

It was time for another school campus clean-up day. The grass and weeds had taken over, there were many trees and branches that had fallen, the eaves troughs needed emptying, and 125 students showed up to help.
Three students in foreground working on chopping up a tree that had fallen during a storm.

June 12, 2020

With a van filled to the roof, Carol drove to visit the shipper today. A huge thanks to the many people who contributed this time! See Shipping - 2020 for more photos.
Carol's van loaded to the roof with shipping bags, suitcases, and containers.

June 10, 2020

A sad discovery that one of our sponsored students was living in a dangerously run-down home. See Raise the Roof to hear how many people jumped in to help and the incredible transformation!
Back view of the house covered in mould and in run-down condition.
Front view of very run-down home that has much of roof missing.

May 31, 2020

Thank you to the following people who contributed to the goods shipped this month:

  • Dagmara Kwiecinski - hundreds of shoes (with a big thanks to King George Jr. Public School kindergarten division) and loads of clothing
  • Sharon Quyn - walker, shoes, clothing, children's cases
  • Barb Porter - ribbon, tote bags
  • Jen Turla - clothing
  • Brenna Wiedrick - clothing
  • Michelle Helene - suitcases, clothing, cane
  • Naomi Attar-Nry - clothing
  • Jean Fedrigoni Robertson - sewing machine
  • Christine Salama - suitcases, soccer clothes
  • Michele Rauh - suitcases, clothing
  • Livy Chan - suitcases
  • Rikki Chojnacki-Pennacchio - suitcase
  • Sara Prince - children's clothing
  • Barb and Dana Bulloch - volleyball uniforms, eyeglasses
  • Ali Afshari and mom - backpacks
  • Dianne Lotto - toothbrushes and assorted goodies
  • Marta McConnell - 6 huge bags of clothing and more
  • Marianne Willcock - suitcase
  • Kim Bilous - clothing, 6 suitcases
  • Lenore G - suitcases and clothing
  • Carrie McLucas - clothing and shoes
  • Marina Moir - hockey bag
  • Ginan Fadel - children's medicine, clothing
  • Rebecca Prins - suitcase
  • Dean Stuart - 2 suitcases
  • Kirsten Stuart - 2 suitcases and clothing
  • Wendy Grecht - clothing
  • Mavis Burnham - 2 phones, fabric, crutches
  • Rita Forte - 2 sets of crutches, suitcase, clothing
  • Christine Montgomery - 3 cell phones, markers, toothbrushes
  • Judy Maclachlan-Dow - 3 pairs of crutches
  • Sara Prince - clothing
  • Sonya McFarlane - 2 canes
  • Karen Kramer - clothing
  • Golou Naderi - cane
  • Laura Bondi - 3 suitcases
  • Nadell FH - shoes and clothing
  • Sue MacPherson - crutches
  • Carol Montgomery - cell phone

Laptops donated by: Donna Jamieson, Julie Robertson, and Milla Yurman are being shipped this time since they can not go directly on a flight.

And 'shy' friends and neighbours from York Region - assortment of goodies!

May 28, 2020

Carol has been busy for the past week and a half with what may be the quickest accumulation of goods in the shortest amount of time! Today was a shipping day! Included: purchased solar lights for the town toilet facilities, purchased laptops (3) for ICT students, 130 solar lights that we got in the fall campaign! (The personal solar lights came from Florida, but then stayed in Ontario longer than expected.) Laptops, clothing, shoes, fabric, crutches, canes, and many other goods were sent on their way in 32 different suitcases, bags, and boxes. A very grateful thanks to Trevor Martin for also helping by driving a vehicle-full of these goods to the shipper!
Trevor Martin's vehicle showing interior filled with shipping bags and suitcases.
Carol's van, revealing suitcases stacked to the roof.

May 25, 2020

Thanks to the Rotary Club of Aurora for having Carol as their guest speaker tonight -- via Zoom!

May 20, 2020

Thank you to every single person who contributed to the Basics Kits fund! This year, $4500 was raised so we can purchase socks, underwear/knickers, and undershirts/camisoles. Stay tuned for the album!

May 2, 2020

The second lot of masks have been completed and distributed. That is an incredible 2129 face masks cut by Linda, sewn by Linda and a few of our sponsored girls, and then threaded by Abraham and some of the boys. In about a month, you will see the photos in the Combat COVID photo album.

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