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To support Dekpor Basic School's students, teachers and community through providing a food programme; sponsoring individual students and educators; improving water, sanitation and health resources; funding building and maintenance of school structures; providing educational supplies and materials; and supporting other projects that benefit Dekpor residents.

About Dekpor


Ghana, a country in West Africa with a population of almost 30 million, is proud of its reputation as the most peaceful country in Africa. Formerly known as the Gold Coast, Ghana was colonized by the British. Ghana achieved independence over 60 years ago, but maintains close ties with Great Britain, other European countries, and China.

The Volta Region, part of German Togoland until World War I, is in the eastern part of the country, bordering on Togo. It is divided from the Greater Accra Region by the Volta River.

This area is primarily inhabited by people of the Ewe tribe. This tribe traces its roots from Nigeria, through Benin and Togo where many Ewe still reside. The tribe has a proud history of maintaining its cultural roots through its traditional dancing, drumming and drama.

Dekpor is a small area consisting of three interconnecting villages: Dekpor Horme, Dekpor Dome and Dekpor Yia. It is governed by councils of elders, their chiefs (torgbi) and queen mothers. The local economy is based on growing rice, maize and cassava as the principal crops, as most of the residents are subsistence farmers. The people of Dekpor and the surrounding Volta Region live well below the poverty line.

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