Carol Sheardown

Carol Sheardown

Carol Sheardown runs the Canada side of Dekpor School Development Organisation. Carol was instrumental in starting the charity in 2009, and, with Andrew Sanderson in 2010, submitted a successful application which granted charitable status to DSDO. Her daily duties include operations, communication, administration, marketing, social media, fundraising, recruiting and managing volunteers, collecting and preparing items for shipping, and any other job that requires her boundless energy.

Carol's enthusiasm and passion create opportunities for others to get involved. Whether it's speaking to groups about DSDO or sorting hundreds of donated running shoes, she jumps right in to lead by example. Making meaningful connections and communicating with integrity are of paramount importance to Carol. Extraordinarily dedicated to the cause, she fully realises that her time committed and volunteered in Ontario directly impacts what can be achieved in Dekpor--a fact that is simultaneously daunting and exhilarating!

With a BA from the University of Toronto, and B.Ed. from York University, Carol is currently an educator with the York Region District School Board. Carol was previously employed by both the TDSB and The Metropolitan Toronto School Board. Prior to obtaining her B.Ed., she worked in both the marketing and corporate finance departments for a large developer in Toronto.

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