Aurora Preparatory Academy

Carol was invited to speak at an assembly for the staff, students, and parents. Aurora Preparatory Academy jumped right on board to help us make a difference! Throughout the school year, APA hosted two bake sales, held a 'Date Night for Dekpor' (where the staff babysat students and siblings while parents had a night out), and also enjoyed a French Café. The school then supplemented the undraising total. An incredible $3000 was donated and these funds are being used to build our next rain harvesting system.

APA also donated clothing (including shorts, pants, kilts, sportswear and blazers) that was no longer of use at the school, but in excellent condition. A very special thanks to Jessica Buckley who was the original person to 'find us' and a big thank you to everyone else for such incredible support!!!

Thanks to everyone for the enthusiastic response to Carol's visit and slideshow presentation! APA's shoe drive was a resounding success--3 HUGE bags of new and gently used running shoes and soccer cleats on their way to Ghana on November 4th!

They've done it again! This time, APA students collected 59 backpacks, 100 pairs of running shoes, and 16 pairs of cleats! What fantastic spirit! All of the items were prepped and then dropped off to the shipper on October 3rd. See the Shoe album in 2018 for more photos!

Aurora Prep just finished their 3rd Annual DSDO Backpack and Shoe drive and they pulled in more donations than ever before! There were 42 backpacks, and to be honest, there were too many shoes to count! Carol drove straight to the shipper and prepped it all in the parking lot so that it could be on its way as quickly as possible. And, to make things even more impressive, APA donated $350 to cover the cost of shipping! We are so grateful to the incredible students, staff, and parents who made this happen!


Aurora Preparatory Academy hosted their infamous Date Nite in January, where their staff spends from 7 - 11 p.m. with the students on a Friday, and the parents have a night out! Little did we know that they had decided to make this a fundraiser and the school matched the donations!

Hold on to your hats, astounding $3300 cheque was given to Carol on Thursday!

We decided that helping the students of Dekpor Basic by providing uniforms was a great way to improve morale. This magnitude of assistance is unprecedented. 

Brand new elementary school uniforms: 213, JHS new uniforms: 63, and repaired uniforms: 187!


Thank you to the generous parents and staff of Aurora Prep--you are changing lives!

Wow! With a mere 5 days to collect, APA just proves that us small and mighty organisations are the BEST!

133 pairs of shoes

57 water bottles

40 backpacks

This was all picked up on the 18th and was off to the shipper the following week. We have two-month wait before distribution photos will be available.



Another goods collection, and let it be said that it is simply incredible how generous the APA family is!

This time: 

130 pairs of shoes

87 water bottles

51 backpacks

This was picked up October 2nd and was immediately on its 2 month journey to Dekpor. Thanks again to all of the wonderful people who gave!