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From the club organizers to the team managers, coaches, parents and players-- a genuine thank you for donating your new and used equipment and uniforms.

Aurora FC/AYSC has been giving to DSDO since 2010! Carol hears from Aurora FC at least once a year, sometimes even more, and each time results in a huge assortment of donations!

We started using the uniforms to outfit our school teams, and now that we've fulfilled that requirement, the donations are often given to children who don't have any clothes to wear, to children and adults who help us with odd jobs, and also at school as incentive prizes. Hundreds of pounds of goods have been sent to Dekpor.

We are so grateful for the jerseys, shorts, socks, cleats, t-shirts, back packs, trophies, hats, soccer balls and other items that have been donated. These are treasured beyond measure by the people of Dekpor.

Just take a look at our photos… you're bound to see someone wearing a jersey from the Aurora Youth Soccer Club!