Busch Systems

Shannon Busch holding Dragon Boat trophy and Craig Busch; Busch Systems logo on right.

Busch Systems of Barrie, Ontario has chosen to support Dekpor School Development Organisation in a big way!

Carol did a series of slide show presentations at their office, so that everyone could learn more about us and the work we do. Since that time, fundraising activities have been happening to benefit DSDO.

Craig Busch talked two other Barrie companies into 'The Dekpor Cup Challenge' and the Busch Buccaneers dragon boat team managed to raise $5624 to go toward our water initiatives!

Thanks to Marty Pepper, the Busch It to the Limit half marathon team raised $2960 to support our food programme and sponsored teachers. We are thrilled to have the ongoing support of Busch Systems!

Busch Systems made a donation of $11,932, enabling us to: support 3 brothers, paint the inside and outside of the JHS and Administration buildings, build 18 cabinets for the teachers, get health insurance for the remainder of the students enrolled at Dekpor Basic, set up a medical kit and have a reserve to pay for any emergencies, get whiteboards for every classroom, start curriculum kits for tech, science, math, music and phys ed. Please see the photo albums in Our Projects to see what Busch Systems has done to help Dekpor -- it's nothing short of amazing!

A special thanks to boat captain, Shannon Taylor, Busch Systems raised $3905 in the Barrie Dragon Boat Festival. The funds will be going towards our borehole project!

Busch Systems collected 30 lbs of gently used shoes for us!

Thanks again to team captain Marty Pepper who lead the 12 Busch It to the Limit runners in the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. They raised a total of $3264.10 which will go towards our food programme.

Thanks for the donation that is allocated as follows:

  • $900 to supporting three brothers in need
  • $675 to top up the medical emergency fund
  • $2000 to renew national health cards. This is a life-saving donation!

We are truly blown away by the team spirit and giving nature of the people at Busch Systems!

Busch Systems donated $1200 to make sure that the three brothers can concentrate on school and have enough food, hygiene items and clothing. This is a sad situation where there is no adult family member to assist and we are very thankful that these boys will be properly taken care of.

Busch Systems has given funds to set up 10 children with hens and is now sponsoring three very lucky children so that they can attend school. Also in August their dragon boat team gave $2875 to go towards our water initiatives (we purchased a spare pump and parts for our reverse osmosis unit).

The Busch It to the Limit team raised $1967 in the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. We allocate all proceeds from this event to our food programme and sponsoring our educators.

Wow, does Craig Busch ever know how to give! $15,000 for us to use to: renew health cards for the Dekpor Basic students, support the three brothers who are on their own, extend distribution pipes from the water tower to the clinic, replenish our medical emergency fund and help with the Dekpor Horme Town Toilet #1 repairs and renovation! Yahoo!

When the fees for National Health Insurance cards skyrocketed to 5 times the original cost and we were in the awful situation of not being able to cover all of the students at Dekpor Basic, Craig stepped in to save the day with a donation of $5000. We are thrilled that all of the 800 students will receive their health cards again this year! What a gift! We happen to know that one of the children sponsored by Busch Systems was saved from malaria because she had her health card and could receive the necessary treatment! Busch Systems is saving lives! We are SO grateful!

The Barrie Dragon Boat Festival was held on August 27, 2016 and for the fourth year running, the Busch Buccaneers have chosen to support us in their fundraising efforts! They are a force to be reckoned with on the water and came home with the Moore Packaging Corporate Challenge Cup. Thanks to Busch Systems International, Sal, Elaine, Joe, and Mike for raising $1175 to go towards water projects this year!

Busch Systems is also sponsoring 6 children--what lucky students they are!

Thanks to Marty and Jenny Pepper for participating in the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon--they raised $2500 to go toward our food programme!

A whopping $21,800 is going to make a huge difference as we replenish the emergency medical fund; purchase 6 desks, 6 chairs and 6 cabinets for our new rooms; build our last rain harvesting system; purchase reserve pumps and filters for our boreholes and reverse osmosis system; and continue work on the water distribution pipes.

$2000 donated so we could replace our spare pump. Thank goodness for having back-up parts and equipment! It allows us to keep the water flowing!

Six lucky students are being supported for another school year!

We thank Joe and Elaine for their contributions due to their participation in the Barrie Dragon Boat Festival

The Busch It to the Limit team -- Marty, Joe, and Alicia – raised $2795 at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon! Funds raised at the STWM are used to maintain our food programme and also to pay the wages for our Dekpor educators.

Again, Busch Systems makes a huge donation to the tune of $20,420 so that we can continue to help where help is most needed! Of that, $3500 is for the emergency medical fund, $4020 for brand new desks, and the balance has been used to purchase equipment, supplies, and reserve parts so that we can keep clean water flowing throughout Dekpor Yia, Dekpor Dome, and Dekpor Horme.

In the summer, Busch Systems renewed its sponsorships of SIX students!

We are thrilled about the $10,000 donated to cover water system equipment and supplies! This boost allows us to continue to sell water at a discounted price! Increased water sales have made an important health impact-- local nurses are verifying decreased incidents of abdominal ailments at the CHPS clinic!

A January donation of $17,500 will be used to make a difference! Of this, $500 will go toward the purchase of two industrial-sized fuel-efficient stoves for the cooking pavilion at Dekpor Basic School. The rest will finance: much needed street lights at Dekpor Central Shops, help cover our proactive approach to keeping COVID 19 at bay, and the majority will go toward the interior furniture, materials, equipment and supplies needed for some of our new shops!

What a gift!

Six students are sponsored again this school year!

Wowsers! This year, the Busch Family Trust has made an incredible $25,000 donation! We are thrilled!

  • 5 older students will be able to do their final job attachments out of town (expenses include: food, room and board, transportation, and a host of other costs)
  • The same 5 students will have all of their exam fees covered, both written and practicals
  • 2 sets of Basics Kits will be provided for the 6 students who have been sponsored by Busch Systems
  • The emergency medical fund will be replenished = Whew!
  • Now that the exterior shells for all the Dekpor Shops are completed, the interiors need to be done. For some businesses, certain tools and equipment are a must. The bulk of the donation will be used to help our young entrepreneurs set up their shops!

Please see the shops albums because Dekpor Central Shops hold so much potential and we are both proud and excited by the possibilities!

Well, this is great news! We are bubbling over with excitement with the latest $10,000 donation that allowed us to drill a new borehole to hit a new aquifer! Read about it in the album, Borehole 2021. Craig, this outpouring of generosity is immeasurable!

Oh, and yes, Busch Systems is continuing to maintain the number and sponsor 6 students, even as previous ones graduate!

We have received a wonderful $15,000 donation!  Due to the urgent and desperate need to provide educational materials at Dekpor Basic, we allocated a third to our text book campaign.  The balance will be used at Dekpor Central Shops. Be certain to check the album to see for yourself!

We are thrilled to share that Busch Systems has made a $20,000 donation! We purchased the required furniture, storage units, equipment, inventory, and materials needed to open up our final Dekpor Central Shop -- a barber/hairdressing salon! Street lighting was put in at the Dekpor Central Shops, thanks to this donation.  There were also contributions to our first solar installation and the basics kits campaign! What a gift!