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Children's Forest and Ridley Orchard School decided to make DSDO part of their holiday giving tradition. We provided a list of items specifically chosen to complement the needs of our four kindergarten classrooms that will open in the new year. What an incredible outpouring of support! We are blown away by the sheer number of items purchased! And not shown: $100 in gift cards, and $100 in cash to help cover the shipping. Wow!

Big selection of donated goods


They've done it again! Just take a look at all that was collected! Yippee! There were also donations totalling $205. In addition, Setter, a local company, decided to hold a Santa's Workshop in conjunction with Children's Forest and Ridley Orchard and we were presented with a cheque for $680 at the event. We're very grateful to every single person who has made all of this happen!

Donated goods for 2018