Windfields Middle School

Exterior view of front of Windfields Middle School

Windfields Middle School is full of students who are determined to make a difference both locally and globally! We are grateful to principal, Ms Heather Lanning, for introducing her staff and students to Dekpor School Development Organisation.

The Windfields CARES group, under the leadership of Ms Stamoulis and Ms Seow, decided to participate in our Ghana Gift Bag initiative and they far exceeded their goal! Students wrote to companies such as Hilroy and Johnson & Johnson and were greeted with fantastic support. Lee Valley Tools was contacted and they offered a deep discount on their hand crank flashlights --a much-needed item in Dekpor. Fundraising was most successful! In the end, 60 absolutely stuffed-to-the max Ghana Gift Bags were filled, each with a flashlight! The students had done such an extraordinary job collecting goods that many boxes of extra school and hygiene supplies were also sent to Dekpor and a surplus of $1580.37 was raised! (The funds are being used to help our grade 9 graduates continue their education for the 2017-18 school year!)

The Mustangs jumped on board to sell Ghanaian recycled glass bead bracelets and sold $656 worth!

Thanks to fundraising initiatives held throughout the year, Windfields gave us an additional $1754.37! This was used to help Esegbe and Wonder pay the expenses for their first year of high school!

The Windfields Middle School shoe drive was a success--6 huge shipping bags of running shoes and soccer cleats! They also collected tech items. Thanks for the 2 laptops, 2 Samsung minis, and 3 iPads! Carol was very happy to have the opportunity to present her slideshow for the Grade 8 students on November 1st. A huge thanks to the Mustangs for their continued support!

Pizza sales, candy cane sales, and other assorted fundraising allowed Windfields to send us a cheque for $1800!!! A portion of this was used to help pay for shipping the shoes they collected in the fall, and the rest is going to help cover the expenses of the two high school students they will support again for the 2018-2019 school year! Talk about being proactive!

They heard our plea for help and jumped to it yet again! This time the Mustangs have raised $800 to go into our bicycle repair fund! We are so grateful that we can fix the bikes we have in Dekpor and keep them up and rollin'!

Yet another wildly successful shoe drive was held by the Mustangs! This time there were 14 big garbage bags filled with shoes! A special thank you to the Windfields Takes Action group, Mrs. Harvey-Raymond, and Mrs. Woods for their leadership. The shoes are expected to arrive in Ghana in December. Be watching the Shoe album for photos!

Carol was invited to come to do three talks -- one to each grade level. What a pleasure--great questions, undivided attention, and promises of further help! What a lovely surprise to be presented with a cheque for $920! Part of the donation will be used to cover the shipping of the shoes collect last month, and the balance is allocated to a variety of our health-related initiatives.

Windfields Takes Action has done it again! This time they sold $1000.55 worth of Ghanaian-made bracelets to the staff and students!

A pizza lunch was held and the loaded slice of proceeds, a whopping $904.83, was directed our way! Windfields has been co-sponsoring two high school students, and so this amount will be used to go toward the funds required for the 2019 - 2020 school year!

The dynamic Young Women on the Move group gave the proceeds of their cookie sales to us! They raised a sweet $787.25! Their hard work is going to help us in two ways: $300 will finish covering the funds required for the two sponsored high school students, and $487 is allocated to Dental Care.

By golly, another sweet (and sour) initiative took place! The Windfields Takes Action group got creative and sold sour keys to raise $270 to go toward our much-needed toothbrush fund! Wow, what a school year full of compassion, creativity, and generosity from the wonderful students, staff, and parents of Windfields Middle School!

For the third year in a row, Windfields Middle School held an incredibly successful backpack and shoe drive, which included a bonus 3 suitcases! Wow! Carol's van was filled! The Mustangs always have such a giving spirit and plenty of enthusiasm, and we are grateful for their continued support. Check the Shoe Drive 2019 album late December to see the goods in Dekpor with their new owners. A very special thank you to Mrs. Harvey-Raymond and the team of students who helped do a fantastic job sorting and prepping!