Thank you.

Thank you for making a difference. Since the opening of our library in July of 2010, we have continued to work hard to make positive changes to improve education at Dekpor Basic School and better the living conditions for the people of Dekpor.

We couldn’t do it without you! We are a small group of highly dedicated volunteers, but we can only do our work because of the ongoing support we receive from generous people like you.

We value your trust. We are grateful for your support. We are committed to making every dollar count.

Thank you for giving.

Thank you for visiting our website, liking our Facebook page, and telling others about the work we do. Together, we are creating hopeful futures.

Sonya McFarlane

Sonya McFarlane, a Toronto District School Board teacher, collected, purchased and brought several hundred children's books for the Dekpor Library. Her school class also purchased and sent books, and included personal dedications in them for the children of the village.

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Spoke O'Motion logo

We are very fortunate to have bicycles donated to us, but often they are in need of repairs, new parts, and basic tune-ups. This is where Spoke O'Motion of Newmarket stepped up to help us! They took 8 bicycles that were in need of TLC and made them ready to roll!

We are so grateful!

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Exterior view of St. Julia Billiart Catholic School

Under the direction of Mr. Adam Sanderson, the student council of St. Julia Billiart Catholic School in Markham, Ontario held a coin drive that they called "Dimes for Dekpor" and they managed to raise just over $1500!

Thank you to all of the staff, students and parents who helped make it happen. Absolutely amazing work!

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Standard Chartered Bank logo

The Standard Chartered Bank in Accra accepted a proposal submitted by Linda in Ghana and they just delivered 100 desks for our older students! With the enrollment nearing the 800 mark, this furniture is desperately needed!

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Shrimp Club members

A group of Toronto-based teachers, affectionately known as The Shrimp Club, donated a large sum of money to make the library a reality.

A few of these women are also sponsoring Dekpor students, a few have done some additional fundraising, and several have donated supplies and books for the library.

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Exterior view of front of Windfields Middle School

Windfields Middle School is full of students who are determined to make a difference both locally and globally! We are grateful to principal, Ms Heather Lanning, for introducing her staff and students to Dekpor School Development Organisation.

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