Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon - October 2015

Linda holding sign reading "Imaging walking 6 hours a day to get water" sign; Carol in "Raising Awareness" toilet costume; Andrew in back.

We were 'Raising Awareness' in our third year participating in this wonderful event and with 11 mighty fundraising participants, we raised a whopping $15,872!!! The funds are used for maintaining our food programme and for paying the wages of the four librarian/educators we've hired this year.

Carol was dressed as a toilet, and the jokes were flowing--ANYTHING to get some attention for DSDO. (One of these years, we're going to win the costume prize.) Just like last year, it was great for the three directors to get to do this event together.

With threats of snow, it was a cold morning, but 8 people did the 5 km and 3 took on the full marathon! A big shout out to Marty, Jenny and Carl of Busch Systems for their fundraising and commitment to training for the full marathon. This is the third year that the 3 of them have joined us at the STWM.

We thank Pat, Sonya, Lucy and Ken for joining us for their first time this year and for their determination to help us meet our goal. A big thank you again to Michele, who, in her third year with us, celebrated her birthday by walking 5k beside a toilet!

We're grateful to all of our friends and family for helping us beat our 2015 goal!!!

Our top fundraisers were:

  • Carol Sheardown
  • Pat O'Connell
  • Andrew Sanderson
  • Linda Kordze
  • Sonya McFarlane
  • Marty & Jenny Pepper
  • Lucy Troisi
  • Carl Wright
  • Ken Glance
  • Michele Ernst