Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon - October 2016

Six DSDO marathon participants in their costumes

This was our fourth year in the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon and we blew the top off our goal! We had 13 participants signed up, and of that, nine were actively raising funds. Online $15,240 added to $2,945 direct made a grand total of $18,185! Wow!

Always doing her best to get her friends to sponsor until the magical $6000 is reached, Carol may have stooped to new lows by going dressed as ‘Captain Crapper’. The butt end of many jokes and comments, it didn’t matter one bit--the whole motive was ‘to get our name noticed’ ... and it worked!

Absolutely all of the funds raised go to maintaining our food programme (125 students right now) and to pay the wages of our three DSDO-hired educators. Without this event, we wouldn’t be able to proceed with either vital initiative.

Marty (of Busch Systems) and Jenny took on the marathon; Giovanna, Danielle, Valerie and Rebecca were signed up for the half. The rest participated in the 5 k event. We were pleased that a couple of our most recent outreach volunteer teachers, Ziya and Craig, joined us. Carol and Linda enjoyed their time with Michele (4th year) and Sonya (2nd year). Krista, was unable to attend, but she had trained and raised funds for us.

We are very grateful to all of our participants and each and every person who sponsored someone! STWM 2016 was a huge success!

Our top fundraisers were:

  • Carol Sheardown: $6250
  • Marty Pepper: $2500
  • Ziya Shah: $2395
  • Linda Kordze: $1100
  • Giovanna Panzera: $750
  • Craig Moore: $740
  • Sonya McFarlane: $645
  • Michele Ernst: $445
  • Krista Scaldwell: $100