Fundraiser - April 2017

Linda stands behind table of Ghanaian goods

On April 29, 2017, Sherry BagnatoNatalia KostiwAlan LawrenceLinda EdwardsCraig MooreTom Edwards, and Ziya Shah hosted a fundraiser at the Tranzac Club in Toronto to help us get our students educated beyond the junior high school level. They raised just over $4800!!!

We were thrilled that Larry Graves, the Juno-nominated, multi-percussionist, drummer, and composer performed Ghanaian music with his group, Orkestra Gotigo. It was great to see so many people come out to join us! The night included drummers, dancers, musicians, authentic Ghanaian food, hair braiding, the sales of Ghanaian goods made by talented craftsmen, and plenty of smiles.

We are so very grateful for the time, effort, and determination that was put into making sure the evening was a success.

Thanks to everyone who supported this event--we appreciate you!