Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon - October 2017

Seven DSDO participants (some in costumes) in front of Scotiabank banner

The STWM is the one fundraiser that DSDO does every year. In fact, this is our 5th year in a row!

We had 14 people sign up to participate with us and raise money. Our goal is to be able to put money into the emergency medical fund, pay the wages of our librarians, and to maintain the students who are on our food programme. This year, we blew the top off our fundraising goal with $17,950 raised online, and an additional $3,245 raised offline. What's that? $21,195!!! Wahoooo!

  • Marty, Michele, and Carol - 5th time participating.
  • Marty = superhero for bouncing back from surgery when it seemed like there was no way he would be able to participate, and ran the full marathon! (Nice that his wife, Jenny, ran again, and that their son, Cam, joined for his first time at the STWM.)
  • Alan - walked the half with two knees that his doc said NO WAY should have done such a journey! Trooper!
  • Joe, Katie, Alicia, Nancy, Alan, Cathy, Michael, Wally, Maureen - joined us for the first time--we hope they'll be back.
  • Nancy - made the drive from Ohio and arrived sometime after 1 a.m. Sunday morning, slept precious little, and still ran the half!
  • Linda - she wins the furthest travel distance, because HOW do any of us beat Ghana?

Thanks also to Maureen and Katie for signing up with us, and AJ for joining us on the 5 k.

Carol, Sonya, and Michele got dressed up for the event and went as a hen and eggs...very, very good eggs. We had fun yolking around with all the eggscellent puns and had a great time posing our way into every photo possible! And, just in case you were wondering what came first, the chicken or the was determined at the STWM when Carol, in a smarty-feather move, picked up the waddle with about 2 m to go when she heard the emcee asking that very question, and she yelled, 'Me! The chicken, the chicken!'

We thank absolutely everyone who sponsored our participants! What a team effort!

Here's how the fundraising went down:

Carol $6,865
Linda $3,455
General online page $1,335
Team Etobicoke Taekwondo and Deh Camp

Cathy $390
Michael $150
Wally $50
Team Contributions $655
Marty $1,000
Joe $905
Alicia $890
Sonya $870
Alan $865
Nancy $670
Michele $325
Offline general donations $2,770
Total $21,195