Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon - October 2018

Five DSDO marathon participants in their costumes with Fall trees in the background.

This year was our 6th in a row at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon!

We had 18 participants sign up with us, with 13 active fundraising pages. Our goal each year, is to be able to replenish our emergency medical fund, pay the wages of our librarians/educators, and to maintain our food programme.

We did it!

  • $19,063 raised online
  • $1945 raised offline
  • $21,008 total

We are extremely grateful to each and every single person who signed up and pulled their family and friends into the DSDO circle by asking them to donate. Raising this much money at one event is truly a team effort!

Fun facts:

  • First timers with DSDO: Tiffany, Amy, Claire, AJ, Heather, Chloe, Milla, Cathy, Holly, Glen, Daniel, and Leena
  • Returning DSDO supporters: Michele and Carol (6th time), Sonya (4th time), Alan (2nd time)
  • Marathon: Milla
  • Half Marathon Walk: Alan (who also donated his time, talent, and energy IN Dekpor during the summer of 2016)
  • 4 university students took time from midterm madness & traveled from Western/Waterloo: Claire, Chloe, Leena, Daniel
  • Innovative fundraising: Heather (bake sales), Claire (corporate fund-matching)
  • Creative costume: A Drop in the Bucket worn by Carol (who is still hoping to win the contest)
  • MacGyver skills: AJ (he rigged the bucket handle in the starting corral)
  • Not-so-fun: There were freakin' snowflakes in the air during the 5 k!

Great news!

With the funds raised, not only are we able to top up our medical emergency fund, pay for our librarians, and offer summer school again, but we can also maintain every student who was on the food programme from last year, plus ADD 18 more students to the programme!

Thank you, thank you , thank you to each and every person who helped make this possible!

Top fundraisers:

  • Carol - $7050
  • Claire - $2075
  • Sonya & AJ - $1245
  • Tiffany - $775
  • Cathy - $670
  • Chloe - $610
  • Milla - $600
  • Glen - $310
  • Michele - $310
  • Heather - $250
  • Alan - $200
  • Amy - $155
  • Leena & Daniel - $100