Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon - October 2019

Six DSDO marathon participants in their costumes

This was our 7th year participating in the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon Charity Challenge.

We had 17 people sign up with us, with 11 active fundraising pages. Each year we try to raise the funds required to maintain 3 important things: wages for our librarians/educators, to replenish our emergency medical fund, and to run our food programme.

Despite several of our key participants not being able to take part this year, and thinking that there was no possibility of reaching our team goal, there was an incredible outpouring of support from DSDO friends right at our fundraising finish line!


  • Online: $18,695
  • Offline: $3,260
  • Total: $21,955

We are completely blown away by this total. It was unexpected. It is awesome. Thank you to every single person who helped make it happen, from the people who signed up for the STWM, to their friends and family who helped them grow their goal thermometers, to the steadfast DSDO-supporters who always help us out at this time of year. What an incredible team effort!

Fun facts:

  • 17 people signed up through us
  • 11 had active fundraising pages
  • First time participating with us: Jennifer, Ian, Donna, Dom, Sakeena, Kevin, Ryan
  • Returning supporters: Marty, Jenny, Cam, Glen, Chloe, Milla, Sonya, Alan, Michele, Carol
  • Youngest participant: Cam
  • Congrats on her first half marathon: Chloe
  • 7 years in a row: Michele, Carol
  • Couldn't be there, but still gave with their hearts: Sonya, Alan
  • Crazy costumes: Jennifer, Carol
  • Marathon: Marty, Ryan, Kevin
  • Half: Ian, Sakeena, Chloe
  • Badge of Admiration: Donna (she had a chemo treatment the next day)
  • Best supporter: Dom (Donna's husband who provided the push power so Donna could participate)

Thank you, THANK YOU, for allowing us to fill up the medical fund, to keep our DSDO-educators, and to feed the children! We are grateful to every single person who helped this stellar result a reality!

Top fundraisers:

  • Carol $8530
  • Jennifer $1775
  • Marty $500
  • Chloe $480
  • Ian $475
  • Michele $465
  • Donna $275
  • Glen $275
  • Alan $200
  • Sakeena $45
  • Dom $35