Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon - October 2020

Carol inside giant silver water bucket costume labelled "A drop in the bucket..."

Wow, just WOW!

Truly, this year has thrown some curveballs, but when our one annual fundraiser, the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, became a virtual race, we didn't know what to expect. While prepping for the interview with the Canada Running Series, it crossed Carol's mind that turning this into a global event could actually work for us, but by golly, this certainly busted all dreams!

  • The most global event EVER!
  • The smallest team EVER!
  • The most passion EVER!
  • The most funds raised EVER!

DSDO, meaning the 7 of us who signed up for the 2020 STWM, managed to raise a total of $26,892.24 thanks to our families and friends!

Online: $25,776.39
Offline: $1115.85
Total: $26,892.24


Fun facts

  • 7 were signed up and all 7 chose to fundraise
  • Ontario, Canada: Nolan and Amanda, Jennifer, Carol
  • British Columbia, Canada: Becky, Jon, Sophie and Alex
  • Michigan, USA: Elle
  • Colorado, USA: Jessy
  • Victoria, Australia: Tessa and Sara
  • First time participating: Elle * Jessy * Sara & Tessa * Nolan & Amanda * Becky, Jon, Sophie & Alex
  • Returning supporters: Jennifer (2nd year), Carol (8th year)
  • Have been to Dekpor in person: Elle, Jessy, Jennifer
  • Youngest runner: Nolan, he's 5
  • Hardest working teammate-encourager - Amanda (She had to coach a 5-year-old to finish a 5 k run!)
  • Youngest participant: Tessa @ 6 months
  • Required the most prep pre-event: Sara (Hey, getting ready for an outing with a baby takes thought and work!)
  • Wearing crazy costumes: Jennifer, Carol
  • Did a marathon: the Longe family
  • Congrats for his first 5 k: Nolan
  • For the first time ever, the students at Dekpor Basic School also did the run!

Thank you to all the people who gave so generously! There were plenty of our usual supporters, but then, due to the global nature this year, there were so many new people who chipped in to give us the highest fundraising total ever! The proceeds are used to refill our emergency medical fund, run the food programme at Dekpor Basic School, and pay the wages of our DSDO-hires at school.

Our 7 participants raised:

  • Carol Sheardown $11,240
  • Elle Bowman $3667.39
  • Sara Fasano and Tessa Fasano Vaisnys $3005
  • Becky, Jon, Sophie and Alex Longe $2184
  • Nolan Kaptyn and Amanda Burns $1500
  • Jessy de Haan $1055
  • Jennifer McLaren $1000