Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon - October 2021

Carol inside giant silver water bucket costume labelled "A drop in the bucket..."


Year #2 of the pandemic, and despite the obvious challenges, our circle of wonderful supporters just keeps on surprising us! We are happy dancing at the beautiful results!

Thanks to your friends and family, an incredible $34,233 was raised!








Yes, this is the most ever! It is shocking; it is amazing; it is going to make such a difference!

This year, there were 15 active fundraising pages made on our behalf, with two additional participants who signed up through us.

Fun Facts

Where in the world? Ontario, British Columbia, Florida, and the kids ran in Dekpor

First timers: Miles, Evy, Meghan, Valerie, James, Scott, Patrick, and Denise, Mathieu, Kaya, and Lilia

Veterans: Carol (9th year), Jennifer (3rd year), second year for: Jessy, Cathy, Nolan & Amanda, Milla, and the Longe family

1 km Kid Fun Run: Evy, James, Miles, Nolan

Mother/daughter duo: Val and Meghan

Uncle/nephew duo: Scott and James, plus the bonus of Patrick and their families joining (They also had the most four-legged participants!)

Left the dog at home: Cathy

Whole family affair: the Longe family, the Lee family

Best team name: SloMo Ninjas (Denise, Lilia, Kaya, Mathieu, Ziya)

Have been to Dekpor in-person: Jessy, Jennifer

Costumes: Milla (water fairy), Carol (A Drop in the Bucket)

Craziest idea: Three-legged participation by Jennifer and her friend, Teresa (both were teacher outreach volunteers in Dekpor)

Creative fundraising: Jessy (Hey, when is Canada going to start using Venmo?)

In-person event: Milla

Genuinely took up running: Patrick

Did a marathon distance over a few outings: the Longe family

First to reach their fundraising goal: Meghan

Youngest runners: Evy, Miles, and JD are all in kindergarten

Oldest youngest runner: Nolan, 'cause he's the ripe ole age of 6!

Biggest sigh of relief: Amanda, because Nolan had 4 fewer kilometers to cover than last year!

So many people gave generously and we are beyond grateful for your support! The funds are used to refill our emergency medical fund, to run the food program at Dekpor Basic School for the entire school year, and to pay the wages of our DSDO librarian and kindergarten assistant at the school. We will use every single cent to its fullest!

Our participants raised:

  • Carol - $11,627
  • Miles - $3025
  • Denise, Mathieu, Kaya, Lilia, Ziya - $2145
  • Meghan - $2025
  • Valerie - $2025
  • Jessy - $2020
  • James - $1730
  • Becky, Jon, Sophie, and Alex - $1650
  • Nolan - $1350
  • Evy - $1280
  • Milla - $1175
  • Cathy - $1068
  • Scott - $565
  • Patrick - $350
  • Jennifer - $300

To the parents of our under 18 crowd, we KNOW that you were the marketing team/head fundraisers and we thank you for creating a beautiful example of kids helping kids. To those who sponsored them, thank you for encouraging this thoughtfulness!

If you were someone who donated or participated, please just take a moment to really think about the impact you made. The child who finally gets a meal? SHE thanks you! The child with malaria who was saved by the meds purchased with our emergency funds? HE thanks you! Every single person, child and adult, who uses the library? THEY thank you! Stop and ponder this… the trickle-down is immeasurable. YOUR impact is real.

The success of this teamwork is nothing short of miraculous!

The Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon 2021 virtual and in-person event edition is in the books as the most wonderful in 9 years of participation… THANK YOU!