Ghana Nourish Minds 2022

six kids sitting on a bench raising their arms in victory


The first year going out on our own (not participating as part of the Toronto Waterfront Marathon), year #3 of the pandemic, and you truly made the almost-impossible, possible!

Thank you to everyone who helped us raise a jaw-dropping $38,486.25!

Online: $31,562.80

Offline: $6923.45 

Total:  $38,486.25




This year, there were 13 active fundraising pages made for our Ghana Nourish Minds campaign.


Fun Facts


Where in the world?  Ontario, British Columbia, Florida, and Dekpor

First timers: Addyson, Charlotte, Heather, Mia, Mike, Stefano

Returning champs:

2nd year: Evy, Ian, JD, Meg, Miles, Val

3rd year: Nolan and Amanda, Longe Family (Becky, Jon, Alex, Sophia, Milo)

5th year: Linda

10th year: Carol

Under 8 years old, completed the 1 k Fun Run: Addyson, Charlotte, Evy, JD, Miles, Nolan, Stefano

Wheels: Heather cycled 25 k

Actually RAN a marathon: Ian (New York Marathon)

Generous Corporate Sponsors:  Swatch Out Painting and Decor, DGF Group, and Great Food

5 teams: KellAir, Team Bartletts, Rock this Race with Nolan, Longe Family, and the Cool, Fast Pokemon Kids

Has actually been to Dekpor: Ian, Mike, Linda

Travelled the greatest distance: Linda, followed by Ian, then Addyson

Costumes: Nolan, Carol

Intriguing participation: the students at Dekpor Basic moved fill to a construction site

Publicity champ: JD (he was in the local paper)

The most rapid succession of donations: Ian (Jennifer is a marketing guru!) 23 in one day!


To the parents of our under 8 crew, we KNOW that you were the marketing team/head fundraisers and we thank you for creating a beautiful example of kids helping kids!

The funds raised at Ghana Nourish Minds are used to refill our emergency medical fund, to run the food program at Dekpor Basic School for the entire school year, to pay the wages of our DSDO librarian, kindergarten assistant, and student caretakers at the school...and we will be able to fund Health Week 2023!

As always, we make sure to stretch every dollar to the fullest!

If you were someone who donated or participated, please just take a moment to really think about the incredible difference you made. The child who finally gets a meal? SHE thanks you! The child with malaria who was saved by the meds purchased with our emergency funds? HE thanks you! Every single person, child and adult, who uses the library? THEY thank you! Every person in Dekpor is somehow affected by these initiatives funded by Ghana Nourish Minds!

Stop and ponder this…the impact is immeasurable. 

The success of Ghana Nourish Minds 2022 is nothing short of miraculous! Thank you!

Our participants raised:

Carol $13,365

Team Bartletts (Val, Mia, Meg)  $5200

Ian Marshall (with Jenn McLaren) $3102.80

Cool, Fast Pokemon Kids (Miles and Evy)  $3090

Stefano $3015

JD  $2315

Longe Family $1210

Rock This Race With Nolan (Nolan and Amanda) $1095

Charlotte  $1015

Heather $1000

Addyson $880

Linda $875

KellAir (Mike and family) $300