Ghana Nourish Minds 2023

three children in race starting position


Every fall for 11 years now, we sit in complete gratitude, but 2023 takes the cake! It's our second year to have set our own fundraiser and we are thrilled with the results!

Actually, we are BEYOND thrilled!

This year, we had 14 active fundraising pages. Pretend you hear the drum roll as we announce that an astonishing $43,426.44  ($35,363.39 online + $8063.05 offline) was raised!!!

First time participating: Scott and Becky, Livi, Max, Jeremy, M

Returning champs:

2nd year: Mia, Charlotte, Heather, Elle

3rd year: Evy, JD, Meg, Miles, Val, Jessy, Cathy

4th year: Nolan, Longe family (aka the Galloping Geese), Jenn

6th year: Linda

11th year: Carol

8 and Under:  JD, Charlotte, Evy, Livi, Miles, Max, Nolan

Pogo Stick Jumping: Jenn

Wheels: Heather (25 km), Scott and Becky (56 km)

Most incredible hike: Elle - Grand Canyon, rim to rim!

Craziest Group Name: The Galloping Geese

Whole Family Affair: The Bartletts, The Longe Family

Has been to Dekpor: Jenn, Jessy, Elle, Linda 

Costume: Carol 

Corporate Sponsor: Swatch Out Painting and Decor

First to finish: Cathy

Accompanied by a marching band: Linda

Completed with some Whiskey: The Bartletts

Dog participation/encouragement: Milo (55km!), Gryphon, Whiskey...and Monty, Miss May and Charley stayed home!

Where in the World: Ghana, Arizona, Colorado, Virginia, British Columbia, and Ontario


To the participants who got active...thanks for moving to make a difference.

To the parents of the kids who participated...thanks for encouraging philanthropy starting at a young age.

To all of the families and friends, acquaintances and even strangers who chose to give generously...we KNOW that you have changed lives!


You've just ensured that:

1) the food programme can look after the most vulnerable Dekpor Basic School students for the entire year, 

2) the essential school staff hired by DSDO will be financially compensated, 

3) the emergency medical fund will be refilled, and

4)  the team of dentists can be brought back in the spring of 2024!


A sincere thank you to absolutely every person who helped! 

Watch the video:

Top fundraisers:

Carol  $13555

Elle $6554.39

The Bartletts $3881

Cool, Fast Pokemon Kids (Evy, Livi, Max, Miles) $2475

JD $2100

Scott and Becky  $1880

Jenn $1760

Linda $1490

Heather $1415

Galloping Geese $1130

Cathy $1025

Nolan $965

Charlotte $620

Jessy $170