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Ghana Nourish Minds Participant

Three children getting ready to start their fundraising run.Each year, we look for people who are willing to participate in a self-directed walk/run/ride to raise money.  There are no registration fees and you are free to choose your own location, date, and distance. The proceeds are used to maintain the food program, replenish the emergency medical fund, pay the wages of our essential school staff, and to provide dental week at Dekpor Basic School.

Will YOU be a hero?  For further information contact:  


Fundraising Coordinator / Event Planner

Fundraising coin containers

This is an opportunity for the creative mind!

Ultimate Frisbee? Zumba? Benefit hockey game? Silent auction? Coin drive? You name it…turn a fun event into a fundraiser.

You could be responsible for building a water reservoir at the school, or putting hungry kids onto our food programme, or sponsoring teachers… YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Ways to Fundraise