November 6, 2022

Ian Marshall dedicated his New York Marathon to the kids in Dekpor. See the fundraising album!

November 5, 2022

Thanks to Barbie Harris, Brenda Coulter, and Debbie Halinaty for the donations of suitcases. They will travel with Linda via air.

October 31, 2022

Some of our recent JHS 3 graduates are starting their apprenticeships today! Best of luck to all of them as they begin! A special thanks to all the wonderful people who are sponsoring them!

October 31, 2022

Thanks to the following people who donated goods for shipping during the months of September and October for the shipment that left on October 21st:

Anon - suitcase

Alexandra Noel French - ipad, bras, suitcases

Alison Mol - towels

Andrea Fuller Wolanski - soccer goods, clothing, assorted sports balls

Amira Hannah - clothing and shoes

Barbara Bulloch - purses/bags

Bonnie Devine - bras

Brenda Coulter - picked up goods from donors and delivered to Carol

Brenna Wiedrick - large amount of clothing and shoes

Cheryl Bacon - clothing

Dale Hickey - linens, clothing, office supplies, toothpaste

Dani Kangas - loads of clothing, and assorted other goods

Daphne Lee - sewing machine case

Diana Dancy - sewing machine

Dianne Lotto - loads of  assorted goods, clothing, shoes, ipads, cell phones and more!

Dianne Varga - sheets

Jenny Jen - metal containers

Jill Readman -  tablet and phone

JH - medical supplies

Kelly Brown - suitcase

Kristy Chantelle - suitcase and laptop bags

Laura Mateyak -  hockey bag, lego, clothing, learning materials, and more

Lisa Wilson - shoes

Lourita Lue-Shing, Mom, and friends - loads of clothing, hard hat, reusable bags, and more

M - chart paper

Marina Moir - suitcase, clothing

Margaret Keenan - many brand new kids' clothing items, shoes, clothes 

Marta McConnell - sand toys

Mary Varone - suitcase

Meghann Anderson - 20 brand new pairs of khaki shorts for our JHS boys

Narah and Cory Shiner - huge, huge amount of recreational and crafting items = van to the roof!

Rachel Cohen - hockey bag, computer keyboard, clothing and other items

Rose-Anne Morier - purchased khaki, shoes, hockey bag

Sandra Hartman - sewing machine

Shannon Jonas - suitcases and linens

Sharon and Gerry Drover - clothing 

Shiner Family - loads of crafts and recreational goods...we're talking a whole van full!

Stephanie Valiquette - suitcase, sheets, clothing

Vicky Xekominos, Juliana Hall, and friends - suitcase; clothing and shoes

October 25, 2022

We are heartbroken to share the news that one of our sponsored students has succumbed to his illness. John will be forever in our hearts.

October 22, 2022

A huge shout out to Stephanie Valiquette for organizing and hosting the 2022 Ghana Nourish Minds Fun Run! There were six kids aged 4 - 7 who all did a full 1k run today! See the album for more info. These kids literally knocked it outta the park!

  • 6 kids ready at the Start line
  • Mark and Stephanie Valiquette
  • The six runners seated on a bench, raising their hands in a cheer.

October 21, 2022

Take a look at the list of names at the end of the month...they are the people who managed to fill Carol's van and her friend's truck! Yes, 29 items, mainly big shipping bags, were delivered to the shipper today. Special thanks to Phil Sawula for volunteering his time, muscles, and truck to help Carol get things to the shipper in one go!

  • Rear view of Carol's van full of shipping bags
  • Phil stands beside his truck that is loaded with shipping bags
  • Phil and Carol stand in front of the pile of items unloaded at the shipper's location

October 18, 2022

Abraham picked up the July 26th shipment.  The chairs were given to the school to be put into use immediately, but the rest of the items will wait for distribution until Linda's return.

  • 19 chairs lined up outside the library with 3 school representatives sitting on them

October 15, 2022

We are looking for people who love what we do and who want to help us make a difference!  Contact Carol to find out just how easy it is to participate in Ghana Nourish Minds--a run/walk/roll event that will help us raise funds for the next school year! Here is the link if you would like to sponsor one of our wonderful participants:…


Watch the video to find out some of the back story as to how DSDO was started and why fundraising is so important!


  • Two young runners are ready to complete their 1 k
  • JD, Scott and Patrick at the finish line
  • The Longe family out on one of their walks/runs

October 14, 2022

Carol got to meet Christine Owen, who graciously donated the pads/liners/bags for another 24 hygiene kits for our young ladies! (see the album)

  • 24 reusable pad kit contents