August 31, 2022

Thanks to the following people who donated for us to ship:

Aleisha Pannozzo - lots of sheets

Brenda Coulter - picked up suitcase, linens, plus!

Barb Porter - clothing, reusable bags, masks

Carol McCreesh - water bottles, medical goods, assortment of goodies

Claire Gerrell-Virdo - medical supplies

Dale Hickey - linens

Florianne Uwera - shoes

Jen Rose - dresses

Karen Kramer - clothing

Kelly Brown - medical supplies

Kinjal Dagli-Shah - clothing

Kristy Chantelle - suitcases, duffle bags, laptops cases, backpacks

Lindsay D'Andrade-Phillip - shoes, plastic dishes, back packs, reusable cups and more

Luisa Llyod and friend - office goodies and books

Maija-Liisa Paivio - suitcase 

Mary Beth Kelly - brand new belts

Michelle Helene - sandals

Pauline Scott - clothing

Ramya Raghavan - loads of clothing

Ringo Ip - suitcase

Shelley Bertini - clothing and shoes

Vicky Xekominos and friends - clothing and shoes

Sigma Promotions - 2 van-loads of donations (apparel, notepads, and more!)

August 31, 2022

Sponsorships are in place for the coming school year! Thanks to all student sponsors who have continued with us and to the wonderful people with a graduate choosing to help another new student! 

August 24, 2022

Linda and Abraham spent the day in Accra purchasing items for the shops/shopkeepers at Dekpor Central.  Thanks to Busch Systems for financing this! Photos will be shared soon!


  • A view of the hatch up at the back of the DSDO van. It is stuffed full of items.

August 24, 2022

Shipping extravaganza! Two vans-full of items picked up early morning at Sigma Promotions, followed by a Carol-frenzy of prepping.  Adding the Sigma goodies to all the donations from the people listed above meant TWO very FULL trips for Carol to the shipper! Thank you to everyone who donated!

  • Carol stands in from of her full van

August 22, 2022

The school campus building walls, both inside and out, are being washed by teams of students. Dekpor is a very dusty place! See the Step by Step album.

  • Three students are scrubbing a wall

August 18, 2022

Major repairs to 2 of the 5 school reservoirs.  Re-plastering of the walls in both, and redoing the floor of one of them.  See the Step By Step album.

  • Repairs in progress to the reservoir

August 15, 2022

Vacation classes begin. Students from P5 right up to JHS 3 are benefiting from extra classes in math and ICT! See the album!

  • Several students are busy working on math questions
  • Instructor is helping students with computer use

August 14, 2022

Today we were able to wrap up a wee project that has been just waiting for the 'right' time!  See Chicken Coops! A big thanks to Ulrike Sprosec who made her retirement celebrations extremely EGGScellent!

  • Two women are seated behind the bags of feed while each holding one of their hens

August 8, 2022

We are SO excited about the new and improved water situation on Dekpor Basic School campus! A huge shout out to Joyce Wilson!  This is something we have wanted to further upgrade for a long time!

  • A cute kindergarten student uses his index finger to indicate #1 as he stands in front of the #1 polytank

August 4, 2022

We have REAL EAVESTROUGHS! After years  of countless repairs to the handmade flimsy things that we did our best with, we are overflowing with joy to know that the precious rainwater will go where we want it ... into the reservoirs! Be sure to read more about the eavestroughs and their importance!

  • The new eavestroughs can be seen on the front face of one of the classroom blocks