August 1, 2022

In Ghana, Abraham and Linda picked up the shipment that left Ontario in July! Stay tuned...there will be photos!

July 31, 2022

There have been THREE big jobs happening simultaneously at Dekpor Basic School's campus.  We've got major upgrades to the water harvesting system, proper eaves troughs being installed on the buildings, and the erosion challenges are being solved with a huge gutter/drainage system!  Stay tuned for the albums that will be shared next month!

July 26, 2022

Carol went to the shipper with 19 chairs, a tool box, and 8 suitcases! See the shipping album for pics and a big thanks to all who contributed!

Ali Afshari - tech goods, projector, head phones

ATS and Bob Brogan - 3 cell phones

Aurora FC's friend - assorted soccer clothing

Bonnie Devine - educational items

Brenda Hillaby - tote, clothing, suitcase

Brian Bodley - toolbox full of tools

Dena Levant - sheets

Hawkeye - chairs

Jenny Jen - sewing machine

Jo Kangas - clothing

Kelly Marie - women's clothing

Kelly Olive-Schad - clothing

Luisa Lloyd - backpack full of boys' clothing

Mary Beth Kelly - belts, toothbrushes

Sandra Singh - tote, shoes, 3 suitcases, linens, clothing, sunglasses, and more!

Sara Prince - many phone cases

Sigma  - gloves, stress balls, hats

Sharon Quyn - loads of school supplies, children's clothing

  • Carol stands in front of the loading dock at the shipper
  • The back hatch of Carol's van is up, showing all the suitcases and goods inside
  • Carol gives the thumbs up while seated in her EMPTY van! All done!

July 17, 2022

Distribution started of the shipment sent from Ontario in May. Be sure to check out all of the photos! This was 2 full vans that left Aurora, thanks to the Carol Convoy (shout out to Carol McCreesh for stepping up to help Carol Sheardown at the drop of a hat!) and we have lots of photos to see!

  • A young child shows off their new red shirt

July 15, 2022

The student sponsor update and renewal letters are being emailed now!  Lots of great news to share!

June 30, 2022

Thanks to the following for items for shipping:

Alexandra Noel French - suitcases, women's clothing

Alison Gaia - shoes, clothing, fabric, stationery, linens, toys 

Amira Hanna - big bag of clothing

Chrissy Barbe - a backpack full of assorted clothing

Deb Uden - backpacks, luggage, computer bags

Dianne Lotto - assorted items, kitchen goods, school goods, towels

Jacklyn DeCiccio - huge, huge amount of children's clothing (7 totes full!)

Jenn Dutschek-Bone - learning items for the school

Jennifer - children's clothing and running shoes

Juliana Hall - clothing, shoes, learning materials

Kelly Marie - clothing, footwear, learning materials

Kristy Chantelle - goggles, clothes, shoes, and other great items

Leanne Gold Bolton - running shoes

Lisa Wilson - shoes, clothing

Lourita Lue-Shing - khaki shorts, loads of assorted clothing and footwear 

Maricel and Chris - laptop

Mary Beth Kelly - bolt of khaki fabric, suitcase

Maureen Mah-Doucette - brand new children's clothing

Michelle Helene - loads of assorted clothing

Shameela Shakeel - clothing, soccer and volleyball items

Vicky Xekominos - suitcase, and collected goods

June 28, 2022

 Trevor Martin filled up his vehicle with 11 suitcases and shipping bags and took a load to the shipper for us! See the Shipping album for photos!

  • View of the suitcases crammed into the back of Trevor's vehicle

June 23, 2022

The work on renovating and revamping the drainage and water situation has started at Dekpor Basic School campus!  Today Ruben is on the roof replacing roofing sheets and fascia boards. Stay tuned for the albums!

  • Ruben is on the roof of the library, replacing the metal roofing sheets

June 17, 2022

One of our first outreach volunteer teachers, Rebecca Howes, picked up bracelets to sell at her family reunion. Good luck with the sales!

  • Rebecca reads to three intrigued students

June 14, 2022

Fire!  Devastation...and then, triumph! We are so grateful to the lovely people who donated so quickly to help this family!  Album coming soon.

  • A couple stand in front of the ruins of their burnt down home.