June 5, 2022

Gift ideas!  Dads, grads, and educators!  Personalized e-cards. 

  • dads, grads, and teachers

June 3, 2022

This year's Basics Kit Campaign was nothing short of amazing with over $9600 raised and 410 kits distributed to needy students. A big thanks to every single person who contributed to make this the most successful, ever!

  • Happy girls gratefully clutch their new items of clothing

June 3, 2022

If you made a donation in March, April, or May, your charitable donation receipt was emailed to you today.  Thanks for your support!

May 31, 2022

Oh, what a long day!  Linda and Abraham took the trip to Accra via trotro and got a whole lot of shopping accomplished!  Abraham negotiated the best prices possible for the goods that make up our Basics Kits (the album is coming very soon) and they also got loads of bins to store and protect all the text books we purchased!

  • Piles of underclothes
  • Getting out of the market with a dolly pulling all the purchased clothing

May 23, 2022

Dental Week happened for a third time at Dekpor Basic School! We are so grateful to have been able to provide this essential service for the students, all thanks to Emajjin Children's Foundation!

  • One of the dentists treats a young student, right at the school

May 16, 2022

Shipping day, thanks to the many people (listed below) who had been holding items for us for several months! These donations will truly make a difference in Dekpor!  Thank you to each person who literally went the extra mile and delivered right to Carol's porch!  A special shout out to Carol McCreesh who helped with the transportation to the shipper, with a thanks to Gillian McCreesh for helping load Carol's vehicle, and Dave for helping load the other Carol's van!  Take a peek at all the items in our Shipping Album!

Thanks to the awesome people who gave these goodies:

Anonymous J - brand new clothing

Anonymous A - medical supplies

Alison Backer - clothing and footwear

Anne West - suitcase

Annie Quash - hygiene items, school supplies

Bob Brogan and  ATS - 30+ cell phones

Bonnie Devine - suitcase, scales

Brenda and Dave Coulter - bicycle

Brian Bodley - tools

Chris Hyland - suitcase

Christine Salama - suitcases

Daniela Monika Kay - bras

Deb Uden - backpacks, assortment of balls, clothes, khaki, belts

Dena Levant - water bottles, laptop cases, backpacks, reusable bags and assorted other goods

Dianne Lotto - clothing, shoes, blankets, teaching goods, and more!

Disha Raychura  - tech items, keyboards and mics

Hans Kang - $200 donation worth of dry erase markers

Hawkeye - assorted book organizers, containers, school goods

Irene Sheardown - loads of clothing

Ivana Todds and Christine Owen and friends - 58 DoG kits

Jim Sheardown - tools

Jo Kangas - clothing

Jorien Berg - white board

Juliana Hall - lots of clothing, shoes

Kelly Marie - lots of clothing, women's and men's

Kristy Chantelle, mice, keyboards, soccer cleats

Laura Fedirchuk Br - 2 large suitcases, footwear

Lauri Foss - suitcase

Lea Comission - girl's clothing and shoes

Lourita Lue-Shing - huge amount of clothing and footwear, school educational items

Luisa Lloyd - footwear, clothing

Lydia Ridd - totes, bags, shoes, clothing

Marina Moir - clothing

Marianne Willcock - suitcase, children's pajamas

Marisol Deres Ramirez - footwear

Marta McConnell - suitcase, clothing, masks

Melanie Eberlin and family - bicycle, lots of clothing, soccer balls

Michelle Bodley - clothing, footwear

Michelle Long - suitcase

Mystery donor - suitcase, clothing

Nic Whitla and family - towels, sheet sets, clothing

Peggy  Sallows - clothing

Regan Scott - 2 large suitcases

Rose-Anne Morier - backpacks, clothes, red pens, khaki

SG - suitcase

Sandy and Jeff Porter and moms - 2 sewing machines

Sara Price - sports bags, blanket, safety vest

Sarita Lakra - keyboard, clothing

Stephanie Valiquette - suitcases, backpacks, clothes, khaki, and coordinated pick ups

Tara Scott - reusable bags

Vicky X and friends - suitcases, fabric, clothing, shoes, and more

Warren Lobo - towels and sheets

  • Carol and Gillian McCreesh stand beside their loaded vehicle
    Carol and Gillian McCreesh save the day!
  • Carol's van is loaded with shipping bags and suitcases
    Carol's van

May 12, 2022

Linda arrived back in Ghana with several extra suitcases (thanks British Air) full of donations. The photos will be included in the Shipping Albums. A grateful  thank you to the following people for their donations:

Alison Backer - cell phone

Jennifer Barbour - 2 iPhones

Jennifer Douma - laptop

Jennifer McLaren - laptop for parts

Lange, Heather, Glen Bowen - 3 iPhones, cases, and plugs

Michelle Bodley - phone cases

Paul Morris - fabric

Susan Heagy - suitcases, clothing, fabric

Sue Haveman - cell phones

Bob Brogan and ATS - 30+ cell phones

April 30, 2022

A HUGE thanks to everyone who embraced out Basics Kit campaign! Be sure to check back to see the album in May.  We have $9657 to spend on underwear, camisoles, undershirts, and socks for our students!

April 20, 2022

Six of our sponsored high school students did their NTVI exams! Congratulations to Olivia, Evelyn, Mawufemor, Elikplim, Mary, and Obed!

April 1, 2022

Although our Basics Kit campaign was set to end yesterday, we are extending the deadline with the hope that we can outfit even more students with underwear, socks, and camisoles/undershirts!  For just $30, a student will be given a collection of items to boost their self-esteem and comfort! 

In Canada,  etransfer to

Outside Canada, use the website's Donate button.

Last year we were able to help 220 students! We are hoping to beat that number this year!

  • Graphic with the information about basics kits.