August 1, 2023

We have solar power happening at school! Yahoo and cartwheels! Read more!

  • 2 men are installing a solar panel on a roof of a building

July 31, 2023

Our sound system is back up and ready for weddings and funerals! See the info!

  • Happy people surround the massive speakers

July 23, 2023

Wow! The 700 farming tools have now all be distributed! What an incredible difference this makes to the residents of Dekpor! Thanks to all the lovely donors for making this possible!

  • woman stands in front of a thatch hut happily holding an adze

July 21, 2023

The clothing distribution from the April shipment was done today! Utter chaos...and fun!  There are loads of photos to see from this shipment! Go to Projects, find Shipping, and enjoy!

  • several people hunting through clothing that is laid out on tables

July 17, 2023

Carol sent out the student update letters. Be sure to check your email! Such fun letting all our wonderful sponsors know about how their students are progressing!

July 16, 2023

 Dekpor Yia's water gutter is completed. What an undertaking! 

  • A view of the gutter

July 16, 2023

Such anticipation! The library hall was set up by our apprentices, and as a thanks for their help, they had first crack at choosing a pair of shoes, and a backpack or water bottle.  These are mainly from the April shipment, however, some of the shoes were shipped over in March.

  • Shoes sorted in pairs cover the floor

July 15, 2023

The solar-powered water pumps at borehole sites 2,3, and 4 are now set up and working beautifully!

  • Solar panels are surrounded by a fence

July 14, 2023

The shipment that left Aurora in April has arrived and cleared at port. It is on its way to Dekpor now! Check the shipping albums!

June 30, 2023

This shipment was not expected, but when someone happens to forget the chalkboard paint that had been specifically purchased...

A big thank you to the following people who contributed to the June 27th shipment (See the Shipment Project Page for photos):

Christine O'Meara (and Cathy Seaborn for delivering) - 10 brand new handmade skirts, 40 dresses, 55 purses, 10 drawstring bags, and 25 dolls

Colleen Trapp-Warner - suitcase 

Doreen Porter - suitcase

Jim and Irene Sheardown - clothing, linens

Laurion Law (Thank you, Julie) - 3 monitors, keyboards, mice

Leanne Christopher - 4 chairs, 2 computer  monitors

Lourita Lue-Shing - clothing

Liz Yu - suitcase

Luisa Lloyd- monitor

Marianne Willcock - suitcase

Shirley and Jamie Hockin - suitcase and delivery of items

Shirley Hockin and friends of Woodroffe United (in Ottawa)  - 9 huge bags of clothing and shoes

Valerie Voo - 2 monitors, mouse