May 20, 2024

Dental Week started today! We are happy that we are able to provide this most essential initiative again this year! Album coming soon!

  • dentists treating students in the library

May 18, 2024

A quick collection of goods is happening in Aurora to be shipped next week.

  • 2 open bags showing running shoes

May 17, 2024

Basics Kits were distributed at the school today! The older apprentices will be receiving their goodies over the next week!

  • a group of students stand outside the school, happily holding onto their new underwear and socks

May 1, 2024

Wow!  Our wonderful Austrian friends at Klosterneuburg BG have done it again! This time they raised an incredible $2400 for the Basics Kit Campaign by holding a very successful plant sale! Thanks to all who made this possible! See their info:

  • people stand behind a table that has many potted plants displayed
  • Many people surrounding tables holding plants

April 7, 2024

Thank you to the following people who donated in March and the first week April. Most of these items left either on March 4, April 3, or April 6th:

Aislinn Shirley - large amount of medical supplies (this was given previously, but left in April)

Alexandra Noel French - laptop (leaving in the next shipment)

Allie Green - shoes

Aurora Prep  Academy - shoes, water bottles, backpacks

Bahar Saffar - shoes

Balpreet Grewal - shoes

Brenda Waite - clothing and water bottles via "friends"

Cheryl Wilson - shoes and ran the Dr. GW Williams drive

Christine Salama - shoes

Corby Saltzman  - shoes (given previously, but went in April)

Cristina Fabrizi - shoes

Deirdre Cappelli - shoes

Diane Lee - shoes

Dianne Lotto - assorted items

Dr. GW Williams Music - 2 shipping bags of shoes

Eileen Merkley - shoes

Flor Elduayen - shoes

Heather Blanchard - shoes

Heather Brookes - shoes

Hel Chan - shoes

Highview Public School - 6 shipping bags full of shoes

Jean Anderson and friends - shoes

Jennifer Silvera  - assorted clothing

Jessica Giordano - shoes

Joy Nguyen - shoes

Judy Hoffmann - shoes and extra laces

Julia Murray - shoes

Julia Walkley-Sherman - shoes

Julie Lee - shoes

June and Bob - stacking chairs, 2 xray lights

Kathie Bishop - shoes

Kelly Adegorite - shoes

Kelly, Crosby, and Reed Schad - shoes

Laura Mateyak - shoes and clothing

Lauren Merklinger - medical supplies (given previously, left April 3rd)

Lauri Foss - 2 suitcases, shoes

Laurie Thomas - shoes

Lillie Kwok - shoes

Lindsay Chaplin - shoes

Lindsay D'Andrade - shoes

Lindsey Costanzo-Ranieri - shoes

Livia CB - suitcase and shoes

Lori Pedersen - use of the company vehicle

Lourita Lue Shing, friends and family - loads of shoes

Lydia Ridd - suitcase

Maggie Kae - shoes

Malak Mos - shoes

Maricella Sauceda - shoes 

Marilyn Peters - shoes

Marisol Deres Ramirez - shoes, luggage, cases

Mary Beth Kelly - bulletin board (will go next time)

Monica Lee - shoes

Narah Shiner - shoes, sewing machine (going next trip)

Natalie Cameron - did the driving for one of the trips to the shipper

Pat McDermid - laptop (going next time)

Rebecca Hatzitolios - water bottles and shoes

Ringo Ip - shoes

Rita Kara - shoes

Sandy Porter - loads of water bottles

Sara Chan - shoes

Sera Weiss - shoes

Shameela Shakeel - clothing

Sissy Aggedlidi - shoes

Sonia Negulescu - shoes

Stacey Nicole - shoes

Tracey Rumble - shoes

Vivi Joy Wei - shoes

Wendy Gerecht - shoes

Wendy Lowe - shoes, toothpaste and brushes, school supplies, sunglasses, other needed items. 

Ximena Villate - shoes

Yoges Pillai - shoes, socks

*Special thanks to Shameela Shakeel, Maricella Sauceda, and Stephanie Valiquette for allowing drop offs to happen at their porches.

*Big thanks to those who held collection drives for us:

Aurora Preparatory Academy

Barb Bulloch at Studio 95 with help from Brenda Waite and Yehya

Dr. GW Williams Music

Highview Public School

Shiner Family

*Thanks to Natalie Cameron for driving with Carol to the shipper.

*Thanks to Lori Pedersen of Lori Pedersen Home for lending her massive vehicle for Natalie's use!


*There may be even more contributors, as some gave quietly.

April 6, 2024

Woohooooooo! What an incredible day! Another shipment out the door, with thanks to Natalie Cameron for using the Lori Pedersen Home work van to help get everything to the shipper with fewer trips! Carol's van was loaded to the roof while Natalie had 21 shipping bags all at once!  Please see go to the Shipping project page to see all the photos!

  • Natalie is crouched inside the back of the big van, surrounded by large shipping bags
  • sideview, door open on Carol's van, displaying the items packed inside
  • Lori Pedersen logo

April 5, 2024

The Highview Hawks took Ms Sheardown's "fill one bag" challenge and decided to overachieve!  In the end, an astounding 6 full shipping bags were collected! A special thanks to the Spirit Team for helping with sorting and announcements. Highview Public School is one special place!

  • shipping bags filled with shoes

April 5, 2024

Scattered all over Newmarket and Aurora, there are people who belong to a Facebook group called "Pass It On".  As always, the members are incredibly wonderful, they gave generously and were even willing to drive to one of four locations to drop off. The sheer volume of donations was astounding! Carol thanks the other three porch-owners for getting in on the happy chaos:  Stephanie Valiquette, Shameela Shakeel, Mauricella Sauceda.  So grateful to all of you PIO friends who give!

  • suitcase with zipper open to show that it is filled with shoes
  • bag of footwear

April 5, 2024

Well, when Cheryl Wilson is at the helm, she rocks it! Thanks to Williams Music Leadership for hosting a very successful shoe drive! Carol picked up 4 huge boxes of shoes!

  • Williams Music logo
  • 4 big boxes overflowing with shoes

April 5, 2024

Aurora Preparatory Academy had just held a goods drive for us in September, but they did it AGAIN! The collection boxes were overflowing with many water bottles, backpacks, and shoes.  A big thanks to all who gave!

  • bags and boxes filled with shoes and water bottles
  • front view of the Aurora Prep school