December 16, 2023

The grade 7/8 class at Avondale Alternative Elementary School just honoured Mrs. Teresa Cline in a lovely way! Take a look at the project page for School Supplies!

  • little girl happily holds up a pencil and a notebook

December 13, 2023

The shipment from October (three loads' worth) arrived in Ghana and was picked up by Patrick on the 10th. The distribution started today!

  • a mass of kindergarten students each hold an inverted primary chair on their heads

December 8, 2023

A spur of the moment shipment happened today!  Go to the project page to see the pics!

A big thanks to the following people whose things ended up in this load:

CUPE in Newmarket (Special thanks to Osaka Harrison and Marta McConnell)

Barb Bulloch - clothing, sheets, towels

LuAnn - 2 bolts of fabric

Luisa Lloyd - assorted tools and paint supplies

Lynn Douglin - instructional pointers

Newmarket Soccer Club (thanks to James and Shameela for making this happen) - 1 huge box of new soccer clothing

Ruth Tindall - buttons and lots of sewing notions

  • Side view of van with open door, full of chairs
  • Carol gives a thumbs up, with chairs shown in the back of van

December 8, 2023

We've had stacking chairs on our wish list for quite some time.  What a beauty surprise to receive a message from Marta McConnell today, letting Carol know that there were 31 chairs from CUPE in Newmarket, ready for pick up! Thanks to Osaka Harrison for making this happen and helping cram every last chair into Carol's van! Off to the shipper, same day!

  • Man stands in front of van full of stacking chairs

December 1, 2023

We are thrilled that the BDT (Basic Design and Technology) classes have new equipment! This is one cool initiative! Read about it!

  • a crowd of students stand and sit behind a table that has 2 sewing machines on it

November 23, 2023

Over the moon! We have solar power running the entire water system now! Susan and Tony Anderson have done it again!

  • solar panels on metal roof

November 7, 2023

The shipment that was sent August 30th was picked up from the shipper's warehouse yesterday and distributed today! Take a look at the fun pics on the Shipping Project Page! 

  • a man with big smile crouches behind his new saw
  • a nurse stands behind a variety of goods for the clinic
  • boxes filled with computer monitors and keyboards

November 4, 2023

We are sitting in awe! Ghana Nourish Minds 2023 was a massive success with 14 fundraisers absolutely knocking this outta the park by surpassing our goal! Please take the time to watch the video (it's fun to see the Dekpor kids participating) and visit the fundraising page!

  • three children posed ready to start a race
  • woman stands in the foreground with the Grand Canyon behind
  • woman on sidewalk jumping on a pogo stick

November 1, 2023

Yippee!  We now have solar energy to provide electricity at the Dekpor Central Shops, thanks to Susan and Tony Anderson! Take a look!

  • two mena taking a solar panel from a truck and lifting it to two men up on a roof

October 31, 2023

Work at the school entrance has been ongoing. First we had to make sure the pooled water wasn't creating a mud bath at the entrance to the school, and then the gates required repairs!

  • two men working at leveling cement at the school entrance