May 5, 2023

Linda and Abraham purchased toothbrushes and paste for the dental week at the end of the month!  Enough for 780 students!

  • piles of boxes holding toothbrushes and toothpaste

April 30, 2023

Thanks to the following for contributing to the  April 26th/27th shipment:

Anonymous friend - new water bottles

Anonymous friends - science books

Anonymous friend - goods for the school

Afshan Sasha Abbas - shoes

Aleisha Pannozzo - linens, clothing, buttons

Alison Irons Backer - footwear, clothing

Andi LeBlanc - dictionaries, thesauruses

Anne-Marie Schlodder - sewing notions, fabric

Assal Dolatshahi - suitcase

Aurora FC via Sandy Porter - water bottles

Brenda Coulter and friends - sheets, towels

Brenda Waite - fabric, hard hats, workboots, safety vest, and other assorted items

Cathy Mansour - suitcase, sandals

Celine Rivera-Roslyn - sewing notions

Clair Yang - shoes, hardshell suitcase

Cheryl Bacon - clothing, sheets

Chris Castriota - clothing

Clarinda Luiz - pillowcases

Cristina Fabrizi - shoes

Connie Di Placido  - soccer clothing, bags

Cerys Roberts - cleats

Dianne Lotto - drill, clothing, footwear, wide variety of useful items

Farishteh Eriksen - shoes
Gabrielle Bartelmes - suitcase, clothing

Grace Marsh - suitcase

Hel Chan - sheets, water bottles

Hutson/Mackintosh Family - suitcase, water bottles, shoes

June Sim - shoes, clothing, flashcards

Kalina Scott - suitcase

Karen Gustavel - toys

Katie Rose - suitcase, shoes, markers

Kay Cee - fabric

Kelly Marie - clothing

Kristy Chantelle - clothing, fabric, cups, laptop bag, and more

Kumagawa Family - suitcase, shoes, water bottles

Laura Mateyak - clothing

LesLey - shoes, water bottles

Lesley Williamson - sheets, sandals

Leslie Hobson - linens, shoes

Lindsay D'Andrade-Phillip - shoes

Lorely Sace-Oviedo - shoes, water bottles, clothing

Lue-Shing Family - footwear, clothing, belts, and more

Mallory Cunnington - sheets, towels

Mariam Sh - suitcase, clothing

Maricella Sauceda - shoes

Mariela Peralta McComb - water bottles, colouring books

Marisol Deres Ramirez - suitcase

Mary Beth Kelly - sheets

Marylou Kumagawa - shoes, suitcases

Melanie McAlister - shoes

Murray Cheng - MegaBlocks

Newmarket Soccer Club - soccer clothing

Nicola Dalton - sheets, towels, shoes

Queenie K-Ho - loads of running shoes, water bottles

Robin Fuller - cleats, shoes

Rose-Anne Morier - new footwear, clothing

Sabrina Samson Augurusa - clothes, shoes, soccer goods

Sera Weiss - sheets

Sheryl Thomas - suitcases, sheets

Stacey Nicole - shoes, water bottles

Steven Laslo - shoes, suitcases, assorted office items

Susan and Laura Gaston - sheets, shoes, suitcases, travel bags, water bottles, linens and loads more!

Svetlana Fedorovykh - shoes and clothing

Studio 95 in Aurora - hosted a shoe and water bottle drive

Tammy Durbano - soccer clothes, water bottles

Tina Liscio - suitcase

Tom and Linda Edwards - 4 industrial sewing machines purchased

Valerie Labo - sheets

Warren Lobo - sheets, shoes


Extra big thanks to:

Aurora Preparatory Academy - for holding a shoe/water bottle/ backpack drive

Barb Bulloch - for collecting shoes and water bottles 

Studio 95, especially Yehya Chehade, for hosting and supporting Barb's collection

Stephanie Valiquette and Shameela Shakeel for allowing their porches to be  two extra drop off locations to accommodate those further away from Carol's porch.

  • boxes, suitcase, and shipping bags ready for shipment

April 29, 2023

The tailoring of brand new school uniforms continues.  The last couple of grades' worth are being finished up now.  Stay tuned for more photos. Thanks to Aurora Preparatory Academy, there are a lot of happy students in Dekpor!

April 28, 2023

Knock our socks off...and give 'em to the kids!  Yep, the Basics Kits were distributed this week and we are just blown away by the outpouring of support. Read about and take a look at so many happy faces! THANK YOU!

  • young boy happily holds a pile of clothing in front of him

April 27, 2023

A big thanks to Trevor Martin for his second trip to the shipper with his vehicle filled!

  • Trevor's vehicle filled with the items for the second day of delivery

April 26, 2023

Oh, what a day! The shipment this month is a doozy. Today both Carol and Trevor Martin did deliveries to the shipper! Take a look at the album--44 items will be on their way shortly! 

  • A view of Carol's garage and the 44 suitcases, shipping bags, and boxes
  • Rear view of Trevor's vehicle, trip #1
  • Side view of Carol's full van

April 25, 2023

Painting at the school and now the town toilet facilities is done! Whew, what a BIG job! Things just look so much nicer around town!

  • Outside view of the freshly painted block of jhs classrooms

April 23, 2023

Our friend, Barb Bulloch, held a very successful shoe and water bottle drive at Studio 95 in Aurora--with a big thanks to Yehya Chehade--and netted TWO extra-large shipping bags full of running shoes and two over-flowing boxes of water bottles!

  • Barb and Yehya stand in front of Studio 95 in Aurora

April 14, 2023

A huge thanks to Aurora Preparatory Academy for an incredible 5 days of collections! Look!

  • 13 boxes overflowing with donated running shoes, water bottles, and backpacks

April 11, 2023

Can you believe that 14+ hours were spent between yesterday and today purchasing the goods for the Basics Kits?  Long days for Linda and Abraham in the markets of Accra!

  • Linda in the forefront, other women are sorting through bags of undergarments in a market shop