April 10, 2023

Carol started the collection for the next shipment!  Grateful to have the porches of Shameela and Stephanie also available to use as drop off points.

April 9, 2023

More info is coming, but we just made a buzz.  A local beekeeper has just been set up to advance his business!

  • Man climbs tree to place the hive high up in the limbs.

April 5, 2023

Linda had a long list in hand as she traveled from class to class at Dekpor Basic, determining what size underclothing each student would need for their very own Basics Kit! The shopping will happen soon.

April 5, 2023

The Basics Kit campaign this year was a success! We are pleased to announce that YOU donated a whopping $25,000 ...stay tuned for the album and info later this month! More than 700 students helped! Record-breaking success!



April 4, 2023

Painting on school campus continues--it's a huge job! Be sure to check the album over this next month or so.

  • Benjamin is cleaning the half wall outside the school kitchen area

March 31, 2023

Shipped in March, there were donations from:

Aurora FC - loads of soccer clothing

Aislign Ashley Gilbert - shoes

Alexandra Noel French and dad - dolls, work boots

Alison Gaia - clothes and footwear

Amira Hanna - shoes

Ana SK - shoes

Anna MacLeod - shoes

Annaleah Franco - shoes

Annamaria Arbid - shoes

Annie Quash - shoes

Barbara Bulloch - shoes

Brenda Coulter and friends - linens

Christine Fullerton - shoes

Dianne Lotto - clothing and shoes

Dianne Varga - shoes

Gini Gini - shoes

Julianna Hall - clothing

Kelly & Crosby Schad - shoes 

Kim Morris - toys

Laura Mateyak - clothing

Livia CB - shoes

Lourita Lue-Shing - clothing and shoes

Lyla Khan - shoes

Maria Tsi - shoes

Marina Alyoshina - shoes

Marisol Deres Ramirez - shoes

Marquee Theatrical Productions - shoes and trophies

Marta McConnell - shoes

MaryBeth Kelly - shoes 

Melissa Blakely - shoes

Nadell Hawkins - shoes

Nathalie Gren - shoes

Paul Morris - sheets

Paula Bee - shoes

Ping Tam - assorted bowls, plates, water bottles

Rose-Anne Morier - new footwear and new backpacks

Sarah Hodges - shoes

Shameela Shakeel - shoes, plus was a drop off location

Sharon Quyn - clothing

Sheryl Thomas - suitcase, clothing

Sissy Aggelidi - shoes

SR - 2 suitcases

Susan Heagy - sheets

TS - shoes

Tina Liscio  - 2 suitcases

Tracey Martin - shoes

Ximena Villate - shoes

March 24, 2023

Thanks to Finlock Property we were able to order, purchase, and distribute 189 machetes and 190 adzes! Take a LOOK!  Thanks again to Kalina and Ed Scott for this incredible gift!

  • three women stand in front of a mud hut, happily showing their new farming tools

March 19, 2023

Multipurpose! Take a look at the album for many smiles and all the info. Thanks to everyone who made this $8000 distribution possible! 

  • two women happily hold their massive new bowls

March 18, 2023

Today marked the start of the distribution of the multipurpose bowls and farming tools!  Such excitement and gratitude!

March 13, 2023

Carol loaded up her van and sent off a shipment of 15 shipping bags/suitcases--mainly filled with sheets and shoes. See the collection album for photos!

  • A view of the back hatch of Carol's van, with Carol peeking in the right corner