February 28, 2023

Thanks to the following who donated items in Ontario to be shipped next month:

Aurora FC - 9 bags of soccer clothes

Alison Gaia - box of clothes, shoes, assorted items

Brenda Coulter and friends - towels and sheets

Kim Morris - educational toys

Paul Morris - sheets

Ping Tam - children's bowls and plates, water bottles

Sharon Quyn - clothing

Susan Heagy - sheets

February 20, 2023

Our Austrian friend, Edi Schmickl, arrived in Ghana on the 17th for a visit and today he delivered some medical supplies to the local clinic! Thanks also to Eva Strotzka for collecting the goods!

  • the clinic nurse stands with Abraham and Edi and all the donated items

February 20, 2023

Wow! What a gift to have Dr. Karin Haas and Dr. Robert Haas visiting for a couple of days! They donated goods to the kindergarten class and they educated and screened the Junior High School year 2 students! Read more!

  • Dr. Karin and Dr. Robert Haas

February 18, 2023

Major buzz...because the local Dekpor Central Shops hair salon is about to open! So many products and supplies were purchased and today Linda spent hours with Obed, Mavis and Doris going through the inventory!

  • salon supplies strewn all over Linda's house

February 17, 2023

Measuring for uniforms took place today. Stay tuned for more info and the album! Thanks again to Aurora Preparatory Academy for this most wonderful donation!


  • A seamstress uses a measuring tape on a student's shoulders

February 16, 2023

Although Linda just arrived back in town, they managed to distribute some of the goods from the July shipment to the school!  More shipment photos will follow in the next while!

  • One of the headmasters stands behind a table looking at all the donated goods

February 15, 2023

Carol picked up 9 bags of jerseys, shorts, and socks from Aurora FC! Thanks for your continued support! 

  • 3 Aurora FC representatives show off the bags of donated soccer clothes

February 13, 2023

Linda and her daughter, Kara, left for Ghana with 8 DSDO suitcases in tow.  A special thanks to Natalia Kostiw who picked up 5 suitcases from Carol to take to the airport.  Another thanks to Susan Heagy who transported Linda and her luggage to Pearson Airport from London. Susan had donated 3 suitcases full of fabric in the load she delivered to the airport.  Teamwork!

  • Linda and Kara at the airport with 2 trolleys piled high with suitcases

February 2, 2023

Read about how Date Night at Aurora Preparatory Academy is a special thing! Carol was thrilled to pick up a cheque today for $3300! Stay tuned, as this generous gift will be put towards uniforms for our most needy students at Dekpor Basic School!

  • the headmasters of Aurora Prep Academy hold the cheque for $3300

January 31, 2023

Busch Systems has done it again! For ten years now, this wonderful corporate sponsor has been supporting us in the most generous manner! We just received $20,000!

  • Busch Systems logo