July 14, 2023

The shipment that left Aurora in April has arrived and cleared at port. It is on its way to Dekpor now! Check the shipping albums!

June 30, 2023

This shipment was not expected, but when someone happens to forget the chalkboard paint that had been specifically purchased...

A big thank you to the following people who contributed to the June 27th shipment (See the Shipment Project Page for photos):

Christine O'Meara (and Cathy Seaborn for delivering) - 10 brand new handmade skirts, 40 dresses, 55 purses, 10 drawstring bags, and 25 dolls

Colleen Trapp-Warner - suitcase 

Doreen Porter - suitcase

Jim and Irene Sheardown - clothing, linens

Laurion Law (Thank you, Julie) - 3 monitors, keyboards, mice

Leanne Christopher - 4 chairs, 2 computer  monitors

Lourita Lue-Shing - clothing

Liz Yu - suitcase

Luisa Lloyd- monitor

Marianne Willcock - suitcase

Shirley and Jamie Hockin - suitcase and delivery of items

Shirley Hockin and friends of Woodroffe United (in Ottawa)  - 9 huge bags of clothing and shoes

Valerie Voo - 2 monitors, mouse

June 27, 2023

Unexpected, but necessary! Carol took a load of 11 items from Aurora to the shipper today. Thanks to those who contributed (see above). 

  • Inside Carol's van, loaded with items

June 25, 2023

Today, Linda and Abraham held a lengthy meeting with all the shopkeepers at Dekpor Central Shops.

June 20, 2023

With so much work and valuable equipment and goods inside, both the school campus and Dekpor Central Shops needed improved security. Improvements completed!

  • man installing security system

June 16, 2023

We have 4 new entrepreneurs who are starting beekeeping! Yes, up in trees!  Thanks to Paul Morris for supporting this initiative! 

  • photo taken from the ground, looking up into a massive tree. Can see a man and a box.

June 14, 2023

We are extremely excited to announce that we have installed our very first solar panels! They are providing the energy to work the submersible pump at this borehole location! Read about it!

  • borehole with solar panels installed above it

June 9, 2023

Broke the record on this one! 4 loads to the shipper and over 100 people who contributed!  A grateful thank you to all donors from May and June for the June shipment:


Allie Green – clothing

Anon – luggage with infant clothing

Andrea Hallick – 3 suitcases

Angie Rose – clothing, shoes, bags, and more

Annaleah Balabat Franco – gloves, gauze, swabs, clothes, keyboard, clothing 

Anne-Marie Schlodder –school items, sewing notions, bandaids

Barbara Arriagada – dental goods, linens, purses, footwear

Barbara Bulloch and friends – iPhone 8, hockey bags, stationery, linens, and more!

Beth Hixson –  clothing, belts, bags, groundsheets, inflating mats

Brenda Coulter – suitcases, linens

Brenda Hillaby – suitcase and clothes

Caitlin Hope – infant and women’s clothing

Candace Kays – fabric, towels, footwear

Carol McCreesh – Laptop, clothing, suitcase, footwear, and muscle power and wheels!

Cathy Mansour – water bottles, 4 iPhones, keyboards, head phones, footwear, clothing and more

Cheryl Wilson and GW Williams Music Department - 5 trombones with cases

Chris Adams and Maricel Lacsa   - 2 tool boxes full of tools and hardware

Christine Montgomery – dental goods, markers and pens, USBs, loads of tools – everything brand new!

Christine Salama – luggage, shoes, clothing

Cory Coley – suitcases

Cristina Fabrizi  - clothing, shoes

Cynthia Marques – clothing

Dale Hickey – sheets 

Dana Szasz – girls’ clothing, shoes 

Daisy Kwan –clothing for infants and adults, toothbrushes and paste, duffel bags

Dennis Xenos – clothing

Diana Low and  Sophia, Amy and Emily – clothing, shoes, school goods, water bottles, suitcase and more 

Dianne Lotto – suitcases, tools, kitchen utensils, clothing

Donna and Ron Jamieson – linens and 4 ipads

Effie Baziotopoulos – baby clothes and blankets

Erin Leonard –  sheets, clothes, shoes, more

Gillian McCreesh – iPhone XR

Haley Scott – large suitcase

Helen GM – golf travel bag

Irene V. – lots of clothing, USB keys, water bottles, and more

Ivadell Rose Esch – infant clothing

Janice Anderson – linens, backpack, luggage, clothing, trumpet, school goods, and loads more!  

Jenn Russ  - loads of clothing and assorted goods!

Jennifer Collins Williamson – easel

Jennifer Silvera and the 20th Aurora Guides – shoes, water bottles

Jordanna Britt – 3 suitcases

Judy Hoffman – suitcase, sheets

Julie Cooper Ferris – shin pads, balls C, keyboards, reusable bags

Julie Robertson – suitcase, footwear

June Sim – shoes, hotwheels track, bag/purse, toothpaste, clothing 

Kathy Petroff – suitcases, sheets, school items

Katie Rose – sheets, towels, clothing, keyboard, toys

Kim Nelson – suitcases

Kimberley Nelson – baby clothes and linens   dropped to steph on tues

Laura Fedirchuk Brecht – iPhone, sheets, clothes, footwear, school goods and more!

Laura Mateyak – 3 big bags of boys’ clothing

Leslie Hobson – onesies, variety of school items

Lillie Kwok – luggage

Lynda Carleton Linderman – 3 big suitcases

Livia CB – children’s clothing

Long Tran and Joyce Ni – clothing

Lourita Lue-Shing, family and friends – clothing, footwear, sewing machine, many tech items, toys/games, 2 suitcases, and she wins the sorting and labeling award!

Luisa Lloyd and friends – water bottles, soccer clothing

Lyla Khan – keyboards, suitcases, cables and wires, clothing

Maggie Yao – loads of clothing, water bottles

Mallory Cunnington – PPE clothes

Margaret Keenan – shoes and clothing C

Maria Lianos-Carbone – 2 floral suitcases, clothing, shoes   

Maricella Sauceda – assortment of goods, shoes, school supplies

Marisol Deres Ramirez – luggage, women’s clothing, more suitcases

Mary Beth Kelly – sheets, ipad mini, clothing

Mary Varone – clothing

Melanie McAlister – toddler clothing

Melinda Truong – pencils, Lego, school items

Michelle Helene Lo Nigro – clothing, footwear, ipad cases

Michelle Furtado – shoes and clothes

Nana Li – easel

Nathalie Gren – clothes, shoes, purses

Nicole Leblanc Culligan – sheets and fabric

Norma McClinton – laptop, school items and other goodies

Patricia Beard - shoes

Rafah Sinan –– adult clothing, running shoes, infant clothing, linens, toothpaste

Rebecca Foertig – drop off location

Rena Giountsis – suitcases

Rhianydd Penley – 2 laptops, keyboard

Ringo Ip – suitcase and luggage bags

Rita Forte - shoes

Roberta Molinelli-Macri – baby clothes, women’s clothing, sheets

Rose-Anne Moirier – water bottles and footwear

Sabrina Lang – clothing, educational toys, dental goods

Samantha Brenchley – 2 iPhones, headphones, batteries, mouse, and more

Sandy Porter & AYSC friends – duffel bags,  drawstring bags, soccer clothes

Sera Weiss – medical supplies

Shameela Shakeel – water bottles, footwear, clothing and more, drop off location

Sharon Quyn – loads of clothing, footwear, educational toys, balls

Sonya Grundy – medical items, markers, water bottles, sheets, tech items

Steph Lynn – infant clothes

Stephanie Valiquette – water bottle, clothing, khaki, drop off location

Stephanie Morrison – toothbrushes and paste, children’s clothing

Tracy Smith – clothing, shoes

Vicky Xek and Assal combo – suitcase

Victoria LaRocque - suitcase

Wendy Browne – 2 suitcases, 300  facecloths, 200  soap, 50 pairs of underwear, clothing

Wendy Wright Duncan – 2 suitcases

Yoges Pillai – shoes , girl clothes

  • countless suitcases, bags, boxes, and piles of goods for donation

June 7, 2023

Today Carol took Load #3 to the shipper! Wowie, wow what a collection!

  • carol's van

June 6, 2023

Huge shout of gratitude to Carol McCreesh for helping take a load to the shipper! The Carol Convoy left Aurora with Shipment loads #1 & 2. Go to the Shipping Project Page to see just what a whopper of a collection this was! Record-breaker.  70 items. More than 100 people gave!

  • Carol McCreesh stands beside the 2 vans filled with items