Cell Phones Change Lives - 2022

Deborah stands at the front of her high school class in front of the white board, proudly holding her new cell phone

The gift of a cell phone is, quite frankly, life-changing.

There is no high school in all of  Dekpor, so our high school students are stationed in different towns. Their teachers share course materials and assignments using WhatsApp, but, there is a big snag if one doesn't own a smartphone.   Sadly, there aren't just computer labs or loads of text books in the high schools.  

Some of our sponsored students go for an apprenticeship, instead of attending an academic high school.  They end up stationed all over the place and  also require a phone to be in touch with their instructors and clients.

A phone gives a student a chance to get an education which gives them hope for a better future--some sort of employment that is more lucrative than the life of a subsistence farmer. Upon graduation, since Ghana doesn't have landlines, a cell also allows someone the opportunity to have a business of some sort.

In the past, out of desperation, we've had to spend donated dollars to purchase cell phones (instead of feeding hungry kids), so the donation of a phone is a big deal. 

We are grateful to those who have given. Each photo lets you know who donated the phone and who the lucky recipient is!


Note: If YOU have a cell phone to donate, please ensure that the Apple ID has been properly removed, that the phone is unlocked from the service provider, and that you have wiped it back to factory-settings.

Last updated on June 24, 2022 3:12pm