Vacation School - 2022

Smiling students stand around their math teacher

For 4 weeks, our elementary school students are getting an opportunity that hasn't been available the last couple of years due to the pandemic ... it's vacation school time!

Now, granted, most kids around the world aren't thrilled with the idea of more school when they are supposed to be on holiday, but you have to look at the whole bigger picture.

If Dekpor kids aren't in school, they are expected to be in the fields working.  So, being in class IS a treat!  And, in comparison to the typical ratio during the regular school year, these vacation classes are capped at 25 students maximum.  It means there is a whole lot more learning going on! The classes run from 8 a.m. until noon every week day. Students from P4 - JHS 3 are benefitting. 

The financing to cover the costs of vacation school is part of the student sponsorship fee / food program.  This year, it was decided, in consultation with the teachers and headmasters, that we would focus on math and ICT.  Math, through all the grades at Dekpor Basic, has always been a challenge, so every extra lesson is a gift.  And as for computer technology? Well, there is no such thing as ever getting enough time to have your hands on a keyboard!


We are really glad that we are able to offer this again! 

Last updated on August 26, 2022 10:50am