Andrew Sanderson donor page

How on earth do we ever remember all the contributions made over the years?

Andrew Sanderson belongs all over our website, but to honour his wishes, we have limited it. Back in 2010, when Carol and Linda were trying to figure out how to navigate becoming a registered charity, a certain special someone stepped into the picture.

Andrew took on our accounting challenge without hesitation and spent 7 years dealing with several bank accounts, two countries, three currencies, and two challenging ladies! As a matter of fact, at our initial meeting, he promptly chose to sponsor a child!  From there, the story unfolds.  Andrew graciously became part of our teeny tiny Board of Directors and was instrumental in helping DSDO achieve registered charity status--no small feat.

Andrew has been sponsoring students right from the start, funding a variety of projects, business start-ups, and participated in several Toronto Waterfront Marathon Charity Challenge fundraisers, and has pitched in to help Carol with shipments on more than one occasion. Andrew actually started one of our very most important initiatives.  It was an initial donation by Andrew that allowed us to start what was originally called the breakfast program. It quickly became apparent that providing nutritious meals at school was so important that we needed to expand. Our current food program provides both breakfast and lunch for 150 students at Dekpor Basic School.

Andrew, we can never thank you enough for your heart, time, smarts, energy, generosity, and commitment!