Shipping 2023

view of the back of Carol's van full to the roof with suitcases and shipping bags

We are so lucky that there are many people who like to donate goods for us to ship! 

Yes, it is a lot of work, but goodness, just look in any distribution album to see the happy faces of the recipients!   

Actually, you may notice that some seem rather straight-faced.  Well, that is due to being entirely overwhelmed and also, culturally-speaking, it is considered rude to smile for such a serious event.  It takes some prompting to get most to smile!   

When the timing is right (meaning we have the funds, the space, and the time), a collection starts.  Countless hours are put into getting things ready before goods can leave Ontario.  Then, there is the 2 month voyage, before the distribution can take place. And, yes, it is a busy occasion on the receiving end, also!


  • Cell phones, tablets, and laptops remain the absolute most NEEDED items.  
  • Always contact Carol first before dropping off anything, please.
  • Financial allocations to the shipping fund are always appreciated!



July 26, 2022 shipment of 9 items and 19 chairs. Stored.

Collection photos in Ontario

Arrived October 18th, 2022. Stored until Linda returned. Distributed February 2023.

Album #1 Distribution in February 2023

Album #2  Distribution

Note: if you do not see your items, you may need to look in either the August 24th or October 21 distribution photos.  All four of the shipments done mid-year in 2022 had to be stored to wait for Linda's return.  As you can imagine, it is an absolutely overwhelming amount of goods!


August 24, 2022 shipment of 48 items, 2 trips for Carol  

Collection photos before leaving Ontario.

Stored until Linda returned. Distributed March 5, 2023 

Distribution Album #1

Distribution Album #2


September 3, 2022, shipment of 20 items from Newmarket Soccer Club

 Newmarket Soccer Club photos from Ontario. 

Stored. Distributed March 2023

Distribution Album


October 21, 2022 shipment of 29 items, 2 full vehicles: Carol & Phil Sawula

Collection in Ontario.

Stored. Arrived late January and early February --delay from shipper. Distributed in March 2023.

Distribution March 11th, Album #1

Distribution March 11th, Album #2

Distribution March 11th, Album #3

Shiner Family donation of craft and outdoor sporting goods Album #4

Note: if you donated sheets, they are being stored until the spring when the seamstresses will be starting to sew the boxer shorts for girls.



February 13th on the flight with Linda (8 suitcases)

Collection photos before leaving Ontario

Distributed February 

Note: The fabric photos will also appear in a new album called Boxers for Girls that will be available likely in June or July. 

The Kits4Girls has its own album.

The tech items (phones and laptops) will end up in one album.


Some of the suitcases were distributed in February, so check the July 2022 shipment distribution photos above.  Yes, this IS confusing for you to find things, but just imagine Linda and Abraham trying to distribute 4 shipments' worth of items that have been stored plus the 8 suitcases on the flight!


Tech Items donated between July '22 - January '23

Distribution of so many great donations! THANK YOU especially to the generous people who gave laptops, cell phones, and tablets!

March 2023 distributed



Shipment March 13, 2023, 15 shipping bags/suitcases, 1 Carol trip

Collection in Aurora

Distribution late May, Album #1

Distribution late May, Album #2

Note that the sheets were held and given to the seamstresses in June and July.

The shoes are being kept until the April shipment arrives so that one MASSIVE distribution can happen at the school. So, see the distribution albums for the April 26th shipment below to find your shoes! There are 3 photo albums. There really is a good chance that you will see them!


Shipment April 26 & 27th, 2023, 44 shipping bags/suitcases/boxes, 3 trips  (Carol, Trevor Martin x 2)

Collection and packed vehicles in Aurora

Distribution July 16th of shoes, water bottles, and backpacks, Album #1

Distribution on July 16th of shoes, water bottles, and backpacks, Album #2

Distribution on July 16th of shoes, water bottles, and backpacks, Album #3

Distribution July 17th+, school items, clothing, and more, Album #4 for this shipment!

Distribution, more clothing



Shipment June 6, 7, 8, 2023,    70 items, 4 trips (Carol + Carol McCreesh, and Carol x 2 more times...yes, FOUR loads!)

This is the largest shipment we've ever done!

Collection in Aurora, Album 1

Collection in Aurora and loaded vehicles, Album 2

Wow, this was a record-breaker! There are loads of photos and more will be added as the nurses distribute infant clothing! Due to the overwhelming number of people who contributed, some not-so-great photos are inculded with the hope that you will get to see what you gave!

Distribution in August, Album #1

Distribution in August, Album #2

Distribution in August, Album #3

Distribution in August, Album #4

Distribution in August, Album #5


Shipment June 27, 2023,  11 items, 1 trip by Carol

An unexpected shipment that was out the door as quickly as possible!

Goods collected in Aurora and Sent on June 27th, Album

Distribution on August 29 - 31, Album#1

Distribution August 31, Album #2


Shipment on August 30th, 28 items, transported by Carol and Angela McCart

Many tools from Tracy Choy, clinic items from  Kelly Brown, computer monitors, keyboards, and mice from XE via Leanne Christopher, and other items from other friends!

Sent August 30th, Album

Distribution November 7th


Shipment October 2 & 3rd, 24 items plus 36 chairs, 3 trips to the shipper (Carol x 2 and Trevor Martin)

Sent October 2 & 3, 2023-- Album  Mainly from Aurora Prep, Aurora FC, and Sigma Promotions, with additions from a few other friends.

Distribution began December 13th, 2023.

Album #1

Album #2, backpacks

Album #3


Shipment, spur of the moment! December 8, 2023  (31 chairs, 3 suitcases, 1 box) Taken by Carol

 Sent December 8, 2023 - Album Thanks to CUPE Newmarket (Osaka and Marta), Luisa, LuAnn, Ruth, Barb, Lynn

Distribution happened in February 2024.




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