Basics Kits 2023 Project page

Sponsored tailor apprentice, Kwasi, smiles as he holds his undershirts, boxers, and socks

This is the 5th time that we have run this campaign and it was a record-breaking success! What you may not realise is that many of the kids you see in our photos don't actually have anything under their outer layer of clothing. Sad truth.

Basics are a matter of hygiene and pride.


Almost $25,000 was raised in March! We will be able to give a kit to every single student from grades 1 right up to and including JHS 3!!  Annnnd, the sponsored high school and apprentices will receive, too! The most ever raised, by a long shot! THANK YOU!


What a huge undertaking it was for Linda and Abraham to deal with the markets! It took 14.5 hours over a two-day-span in order to purchase everything for 704 students!


Girls received: 5 pairs of underwear, 3 camisoles (both are more expensive than for boys, for some reason), and 3 pairs of socks

Boys received: 5 boxers, 4 undershirts, 4 pairs of socks


The distribution is going to be wild, so visit back for photos. 


With a tremendous thank you to the following people for their generosity:

Andrew Sanderson, Barbara Christ, I Ping Wong, Salvatore Maltese, Judy Ignatowitz, Lucy Troisi, Sandy Stone, Ian Sortwell, Chris Bennet, Peter Skillen, Nat Jedda, Kathe Brown, Mike Kelly, Ellie Greenwood, Brenna Wiedrick, Ana Vegega, Jennifer Chiarcossi, Anthony Burch, Thomas Niederstrasser, Natalie Sinanan, Stephanie Valiquette, Paul Jenkins, Sandy Taylor, Jo-Anne Brady, Heather Lanning, Sonya Mcfarlane, Gerard Baribeau, Moira Visoio, Cathy Secord, Bobbi Redpath, Becky Longe, Lynn Laforest, Pat Matheson, Austrian friends - Markus Gruber et. al., Anon foundation, Anon friends, Joan Ross, Jonathan Mayer, Barb Bulloch, Natalie Longe, Jackie Montgomery, Jane Carstairs, Karen Beardsley, Greg and Allison Mikulecky, Elisabeth Lindauer, Laura Brown-Bowers, John and Shauna R., Sheila Blinoff, Jessy de Haan, Susan Mikulecky, Leslee Alfano, EveLyn Dunn, Petra Schmickl, Carol McCreesh, David and Shari van de Pol, Jack Colonnetta, Amanda Burns, Tony and Susan Anderson, Busch Systems, and Kim Nelson (in loving memory of Auntie Ev).


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