Basics Kits - 2022

A group of young students happily holding their new clothing

This is the 4th time that we have run this campaign and it was another beautiful success! Many of the kids you see in our photos don't actually have anything under their outer layer of clothing.

Basics are a matter of hygiene and pride.


An incredible $9657 was raised in March and April of this year and we were able to outfit 410 students! The most ever!

  • 221 girls received: 3 pairs of underwear, 2 camisoles/undershirts, 2 pairs of knickers, 2 pairs of socks
  • 189 boys received: 3 singlets, 3 pairs of underwear, 3 pairs of socks


The distribution was a tad chaotic, but beautiful!  There was so much gratitude expressed by every single student who was lucky enough to receive!  One of the male teachers got very emotional as he helped with the distribution, because he knows what an important gift this is.


With a tremendous thank you to the following people for their generosity:

Matthew, Brenelle, and Layla (in honour of Joan Ross), Judy Ignatowitz, Jennifer Chiarcossi, Andrew Sanderson, Nicole Huang, Dagmara Kwiecinski, Peter Skillen, Salvatore Maltese, Thomas Niederstrasser, Viki van Erp, Leslee Alfano, Becky Longe, David and Shari van de Pol, Jackie and Dave Montgomery, Stephanie Valiquette, Leora Rissin and Mark Rosenfeld, Sandra Hartman, Raven Elliot, Lucy Troisi, Karen Burke, Helmi Fingernagel, Edna Michael, Ana Vegega, Margaret Keenan, Heather Lanning, Kim Hensley, Margaret Hedden, Jo-Anne Brady, Kathe Brown, Diane Bourke, EveLyn Dunn, Natalie Sinan, Nancy Newman, Natalie Longe, Mary Beth Kelly, Sara Prince, Kyla Laforest, Lyn Laforest, Julie Robertson, Constanze Posautz, Edi and Monika Schmickl, Sonya Grundy, Amanda Burns, Jean Anderson, Petra Schmickl, David Schmickl, Joan Ross, Brenna Wiedrick, Stephanie Valiquette (yes, a second time), Susan Mikulecky, MaryLynn Greer, Val Bartlett, Gillian Anderson, Shannon and Jeff Clark, Karen Beardsley, Corrine Saint (in honour of Donna and Ron Jamieson), Gwen Farrow, Bob Tyler, Ramya Raghavan, Lauren Pettinger, and Kim, Steve, Claire and Grace Nelson for mom/grandma.


See the video:


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