Drinking Water Improvements on Campus - 2022

4 students stand in front of polytank #4


It was time for a whole revamp of the water situation at school and we are so very pleased that we were able to do this!


We can't run a water distribution pipe to the school from one of our boreholes, because the school would never be able to generate enough money to pay for the meters and upkeep of the system, so, we have done our best to work within the constraints. 


We started, years ago, by building water reservoirs to collect the rain that landed on the roofs of the school buildings--the cleanest water the students had ever had.


Back in 2013, we discovered in Ontario, but purchased in Ghana, our first Sawyer water filters to ensure that the drinking water being provided to our students was as clean as possible.

The water was pulled by bucket from the reservoirs and it required a whole lot of hours every day. Again...cleaner than water the children had previously had.


Now, thanks to a beautifully generous donation from long-time supporter, Joyce Wilson, we have upgraded the system. We still have 5 rain harvesting set-ups with huge reservoirs  at the school, but now, thanks to Joyce, there are 5 new polytanks, stands that were constructed for each, 4 pumps, and 4 pump houses. Joyce's donation also covered all the labour, and the electrical and plumbing work involved! 


For those of you who like details, here are the locations:

#1 is between the kindergarten pod and JHS B

#2 is between Primary B  4 & 5

#3 is in front of the admin building

#4 is between the library and primary A and the cooking area -- it is connected to two reservoirs!


This whole revamp was done in conjunction with another job that you'll find in our Projects section--installing new, manufactured eavestroughs! Yes, another piece of the drinking water component!


Such impact! Every student and educator for years to come will be appreciative of the clean water on Dekpor Basic School campus, thanks to Joyce!

Last updated on November 21, 2022 8:06pm