Fire Rebuild - 2022

The distraught couple stands in the ashes where their mud hut used to be

Mid-June, Abraham and Linda received the terrible news that a family experienced a devastating fire. Basically, their mud hut and all their belongings--with the exception of one little cooking pot--were completely destroyed. Mom, Dad, and 4 children were left to tackle the rainy season with no shelter.

Immediately a Facebook campaign was started and within mere hours, so many lovely people jumped to the rescue!




fresh vegetables, rice,  food storage bins, spices , 2 big containers of dried fish, bag of maize, 3 reed sleeping mats, 2 big multipurpose bowls, case of tomato paste, canned fish, large cooking pot, cooking utensils, bowls, spoons, pepper grinder, 4 adzes, 4 machetes, 6 large pieces of fabric/cloth used as sheets, toothbrushes, toothpaste, hand soap, washing soap, laundry soap, 3 mosquito nets, 3 stools, 2 benches, 4 window frames with bars and shutters, 2 door frames, brooms, roofing sheets, rice, benches, clothing, cement, and labour and materials for a carpenter and his assistant to construct the roof and doing the framing

Added bonus: due to the replacement of the drinking water system at Dekpor Basic School and the eaves troughs, we were able to salvage and reuse pipes and one of the water cubes so that this family now has a rain harvesting system of their own!


Kwadzo (the dad), Aku (the mom), Agbe, Prince, Fatimor, and Kemu are all so grateful for your help! Thanks to the following people who collectively donated $1610:


Heidi Martin, Becky Longe, Jackie Montgomery, Riaz Mohammed, Stephanie Valiquette, Laura Bondi, Ellie Greenwood, Jennifer Barbour, Lange Bowen, Margaret Keenan, Giovanna Panzera, Heidi Rudyk, Jennifer Bell, Gerard Baribeau, Carol McCreesh, Jessy de Haan, Christian Mayer, Fiona MacNicol, Kim Gabriel, Marina Moir and Shari and  David van de Pol.

Last updated on September 24, 2022 4:54pm