Accomplishments 2022

little girl smiles at camera as she pauses before taking another handful of food

Another incredible year, despite the continuing challenges through the pandemic. 

Please do watch our 2022 Accomplishment video! 

We thank you for your generous support as we make a difference in rural Ghana!

At School Campus:

Sports courts completed--handball, volleyball, basketball

$35,000 of text books purchased and in use

Storage containers purchased to protect the texts

Generous donation of French books by the distributor

Server purchased and installed in the computer lab

ICT after-school classes taught by 2 of our graduates

$200 of dry erase markers

$400 of pencils and pens purchased for teachers to lend as necessary

3 white boards

2 projectors

Installed computer lab secure windows, increased security sensors

Roofs of campus buildings reinforced with screws

Repairs to windows and walls as required

Drinking water overhaul:  5 polytanks, 4 pumps and pump houses, filters

Manufactured eaves troughs installed on campus buildings

Extensive campus-wide drainage/gutter improvements

2 water reservoirs repaired


Repairs and maintenance of furniture, campus, and buildings

Students and Educators:

151 students on food programme

27 elementary students sponsored

47 high school students/apprentices sponsored

12 students graduated this year

2 electricians attain full professional certification

3 grads continue with upper level education 

162 junior high uniforms made and distributed

Vacation school, 4 weeks, for grades 4 to JHS 3

1 librarian and 1 kindergarten assistant hired by DSDO

Students hired for school maintenance, caretaking, construction


Dekpor Central Shops continue to evolve:

                Welding shop addition

                Fitness centre enclosure and equipment

                New beverage shop

                Extension of electronics shop for storage

                Extension of sewing shop for workroom

                Covered porch for café, plus the addition of outdoor cooking area

                Advertising posters

                Repairs and maintenance

                $10,000 spent on inventory and shop needs


Fire rebuild of a family’s home, $1610 raised

Toilet facility clean-outs (School, Horme, Yia #2)

Integral part of water and sanitation committees


Reusable pads, hygiene pilot project (58 kits distributed in July)

…and $4088 raised to further the Kits4Girls project in 2023

Dental Week #3 included: dental screening, education, and treatment for all students and staff

     Including distribution of toothbrushes and paste for every student      

     Dental week =  4 dentists , 3 days, 816 students, the staff, and several villagers

National health insurance for all sponsored students

Emergency medical fund

Soap and bleach purchased for school requirements

Items Distributed:

Town tools purchased from 2021 campaign: 96 machetes, 16 pick axes

221 girls and 189 boys received Basics Kits ($9657 raised)

Cell phones … more than 40 donated this year!

$8000 Funding for multipurpose bowls

$5000 Funding for farming tools


2 business set ups:  Chicken coops, feed, and hens

Collections of goods

11 shipments and distributions

10th year, Ghana Nourish Minds, 13 fundraising pages, $38,486.25 raised

Ongoing advising and counselling of students 

Meetings, meetings, and more meetings


Thanks to all donors and sponsors, we received $260,127 in revenue and thousands $$$$ in donated items for us to ship

Admin fees are extremely low:  a mere 0.76% of revenue.

A big thank you to the volunteers who help!


                                                         We get things done! Thanks for your ongoing support!

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