Dental Week - 2022

A girl happily shows her new toothbrush and tube of toothpaste

We are SO thankful that we are able to provide this most amazing  event for our Dekpor Basic School students for the third time!  The dentists first visited in 2019 and then, for a second time, during February of 2021.


From May 23 - 25, a team of 4 dentists from Sogakope came to screen, educate and treat our students right at Dekpor Basic School! They put in long, long days, but what a difference they've made...again! As part of the educational component, we purchased and then distributed toothbrushes and toothpaste to each student who was incredible 816 students! A thanks to our previously-sponsored grads, Benja, Wonder, Moses, and Patrick for assisting Linda and Abraham all three days.


We are happy to share that the majority of students who required treatments and extractions were ones who are new to our school.  What's that mean? Well, simply put, it means that the previous two visits and the ongoing distributions of toothbrushes and paste are making a difference!


Since it is beyond the means of any Dekpor resident to travel to Sogakope for dental work, the dentists also made themselves available after school hours to screen and treat any adult who paid the nominal fee. 


We are grateful that the cost of the dentists, treatments, medications, and dental supplies were covered with funds raised at the Pink Tie Affair, a gala that was generously hosted by Emajjin Children's Foundation.

See the video:



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