Dry Erase Markers - 2022

Three boxes of dry erase markers

Of all the hundreds of choices, we are SO grateful that Hans Kang had Dekpor School Development Organisation at the top of his list to support!

After becoming an insurance broker, Hans signed up for a policy with Canada Protection Plan...and by gosh, they offered a $200 grant to go toward a charitable cause!

Early January, Hans contacted Carol and asked if there was any item that could be purchased here in Ontario that would help at the school in Ghana. YES! Dry erase markers are always needed!

Just a bit of further info: the school board in Ghana does supply chalk--really terrible quality chalk. Years ago, DSDO placed a white board in every single classroom because without lighting, proper chalkboards, or good quality chalk, it is nigh on impossible for about 2/3 of a class of kids to read anything their teacher writes. The white boards are a wonderful asset, but, with them come the need to supply dry erase markers.

Hans, all of the teachers and students at Dekpor Basic thank you for your generosity!

Last updated on May 24, 2022 5:14pm