Eavestroughs - 2022

Close up of the eavestroughs and downspouts on a classroom block

Honest to gosh, this has been a long time coming and we are extremely thankful that we were finally in the position to install manufactured eaves troughs on the school campus!

Up until this point, we have had to make do with flimsy, handmade metal eaves that, unfortunately, required fixing after every single rainy season, i.e. twice a year.

Thanks to our long-time friends who prefer to remain anonymous, we have given the essential interior-campus-facing sides of the buildings new, manufactured eavestroughs and sturdy downspouts.  Before we could get started, there were several fascia boards that needed replacing and roofing sheets that were bent beyond repair. A big job.

Not only is erosion a constant problem on campus, but we absolutely RELY on the water that hits the roofs because that is what feeds our rain harvesting systems. Without functioning eaves, the precious water is lost and our reservoirs do not fill.  The only sources of water on campus are the five water reservoirs, so they are essential for the students and staff!

Thank you to "R" for financing this! Six school buildings now have eavestroughs on the front faces! 

Last updated on July 30, 2022 7:03pm