Shipping - 2022

Six girls stand behind table of delivered fabric

We are so lucky that there are many people who like to donate goods for us to ship! 

Yes, it is a lot of work, but goodness, just look in any distribution album to see the happy faces of the recipients!   

Actually, you may notice that some seem rather straight-faced, right?  Well, that is due to being entirely overwhelmed and also, culturally-speaking, it is considered rude to smile for such a serious event.  It takes some prompting to get most to smile!   

When the timing is right (meaning we have the funds, the space, and the time), a collection starts.  Countless hours are put into getting things ready before goods can leave Ontario.  Then, there is the 2 month voyage, before the distribution can take place. And, yes, it is a busy occasion on the receiving end, also!


  • Cell phones and laptops remain the absolute most NEEDED items.  
  • Always contact Carol first before dropping off anything, please.
  • Financial allocations to the shipping fund are always appreciated!


July 2021 Shipment

August 2021 Shipment

October 2021 Shipment

January 17, 2022 Shipment (via air)

May 12, 2022 Shipment (via air)  

Via Air, both the collection and distributions


May 16, 2022 Shipment - 26 items

Collection, Shipped May 16th

Distributed - July 2022, Album #1

Distributed - July 2022, Album #2

Distributed - July 2022, Album #3


June 28, 2022 Shipment - 11 items

Collection, Shipped June 28th

Distributed - September 2, 2022, Album #1

Distributed - September 2, 2022, Album #2


July 26, 2022 Shipment - 9 items and 19 chairs

Collection, Shipped July 26th

Arrived - October 18, 2022

(Only the chairs have been distributed in 2022--the rest is waiting for Linda's return)

August 24, 2022 - Two loads, 48 items

Collection, Shipped August 24th

Arrived November 16, 2022 and stored

(Being stored until Linda returns)


September 3, 2022 Shipment - 20 items

Collection from Newmarket Soccer Club, Shipped September 3rd


October 21, 2022 Shipment - 29 items

Collection, Shipped October 21, 2022



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