Sports Courts - 2022

Students playing soccer on new courts

Sports are an important way to keep people occupied in a fun and healthy manner.  Truth be told, the people of Dekpor do not have much time to relax when there is constantly work to be done in the fields, but having the option is wonderful.  Being able to introduce students to sports other than soccer is a big bonus, too.

Dekpor Basic School had a volleyball court that was built back in 2014 and considering it was constructed without the assistance of a trained mason, it lasted fairly well. But, there we were in 2021, and it was in extremely rough shape.  Thanks to an amazing donation from our friends, Tony and Susan Anderson, the middle of campus has undergone a massive facelift!  A rather incredible, exciting one at that!

As you can see, there were loads of students who helped with the work: current students from Dekpor Basic and older graduates. Yes, we hired as many as we could!  Our DSDO contractor, Ben, was the one to oversee this entire project.  This job required pulling in experts to help with the planning, design, and painting.   Pandemic challenges, weather, and material shortages all tossed wee bumps in the flow, but despite the extended time it took to complete, we are thrilled with the results and every sports enthusiast in the area is excited!  Not only are the people of Dekpor entirely stoked, but players from all over the district came to welcome the new courts.

Volunteers will be coming to train the staff and students alike.

We now have a volleyball court, a basketball court, a handball court, and a beach volleyball court and all the required equipment! Fantastic!  

Thank you Susan and Tony, for making this happen!

Last updated on March 6, 2022 8:58pm