Textbooks - 2022

Three primary children looking at new textbooks

The curriculum has changed.  With that change comes the need for new corresponding textbooks.  But gosh, what a huge number of books that is!  There are eight or nine different subjects in every grade, from the first year of kindergarten right up to JHS 3!  There are usually 800 - 1000 students in any given school year. How on earth do we give the Dekpor Basic School students a fighting chance at passing their exams if the teachers do not even have one copy of each text?

Well, let's call in the magic of amazing supporters!  The word was put out via Facebook and Instagram in the fall, and WOW, just look at the response!  It is nothing short of jaw-dropping!

A phenomenal $35,000 was raised!

Fair enough, photos of thousands of textbooks may not be all that exciting for a photo album, but we've got some mighty happy educators and students peppered into the mix. This is going to affect students for years to come!

What an incredibly successful campaign! We thank the following:

Becky Longe (for Tony), Stephanie Valiquette (for Sayeda and Anita), Julie Roberston, DGF Group, Ana Vegega, Diane Young and Robert Pecile, Tony Gariepy, Kim Nelson (in honour of Claire, Grace, Auntie Ev, and Mom), Sandra Hartman and Murray (in honour of Jim's 80th), Peggy and Bob Belcher (for Mabel Anne and Allan), Jo-Anne Brady, Raven Elliot (for Kimberley and Deborah)  , Pat O'Connell  (for Tyler, Millie, Justine, Kaitlyn, Brianna), Jean and Laura Bondi (for Roxanne, Dale, and Grandma), Ross McKitrick, The Sprott Foundation, Donna and Ron Jamieson (for Carl  and Ken), Nat Jedda, The Avondale grade 5/6 class for Mrs. Cline, Jeanette Angelidis Hasanoski (for Mrs. DaCosta and Mr. Reyes), Barb Bulloch, Becky and Sophie Longe (for Jenne and Mme Couture), Lange Bowen, Lucy Romyn, Gillian Anderson (for the Bartlett family), Dania Chacaltana (in honour of Mrs. Koopmans), Cindy Chapman, Amanda Burns and Jonathan Kaptyn (for Liz), Amanda Burns and Nolan Kaptyn (for Mrs. Rogers, Mrs. Huntley, and the students of Room 101), Maristella Salvi, Natalia Kostiw (in honour of Yana, Claire, and Emmett, Maelle and Isla), Shari and David van de Pol, Judy Ignatowitz (for Donna and Ron), Anonymous (for Mme Farstad  and Mr. Geurin), Kris Baird and the Grade 6 class from Mount Royal Public School, Donna and Ron Jamieson (for Judy Ignatowitz and for Carol Sheardown), Ines Howe (in honour of Margaret and Allen, Anthony and Christophe, and Jessica, Kiana, and Sydney), David and Michelle Forster, The Burke Family (in honour of Mom), Jonathon Keith (in honour of Donna and Ron, Monica, Kathryn, and  Anne and Andrew), Phil, Cynthia and Malaika Macoun (in honour of Sophie and Alex), Lydia and John Ridd, Corinne and Malcolm (in honour of the Takagai Family), Tom Mase (in honour of Lauren Goodell), Bill Croker and Quality Integrators Corporation, Fiona Birkness, Lauren Pettinger, Jeremy Burke, Carol McCreesh, Majid and Matin Alimohammadian, Josh Burke, Kathy Rana (in honour of Anas), and Busch Systems.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Last updated on March 30, 2022 5:15pm