Toilet Clean Out 2022

The pumper truck is at work!

We have 5 town toilet facilities and also toilets at the school campus.  They require daily maintenance, but also, every couple of years, they must be pumped out.

There are neighbouring Ghanaian towns, villages, and cities that have similar community facilities, but one huge difference is that ours are regularly maintained.   Other towns are dealing with rather unsavoury conditions (we'll let you do the imaging as to what happens when things aren't cleaned).  In Dekpor, however, we are grateful that we have a couple of special donors who understand the necessity of daily cleaning and regular pumping out of the holding tanks.

In October, the school student toilets, Yia #2 facility, and the Horme facility were all looked after.  In the new year, we will tackle Yia #1, Yia #3, and Dome.

If you look at the photos, you'll notice a lot of women walking with containers on their heads. Those bowls are filled with stream water (can anyone say, "Ouch" ... they weigh approximately 50 pounds when full) and are used to add more liquid to the holding tank to make pumping out easier. 


Last updated on October 5, 2022 7:07pm